Natural Power

I didn’t use the header photo for any reason other than that it looked good on the page. But this is what I see in it: The setting feels peaceful, a reminder that we can never mess up too much, or go too far from grace. Even though man’s ways lead to trouble (traffic, human separation and exploitation), the power of his natural, imperfect self is always within reach.

He values material things (like cars) over his natural power, such as his instinct, desires, and dreams, which are sovereign. With them he will always conquer man-made circumstances, such as inequality and injustice.

Also traffic can be a symbol of how we all try to go in the same direction, following the crowd.

I took the photo in December 2004 on a road trip with my family.

When I fixed up my blog in early March 2012, I suddenly remembered I had some landscape photos from when I had a camera, which doesn’t work anymore. I didn’t like any of the “default” headers for the blog theme with my title’s text size and font, and changing the background colors didn’t help.

The photo was the only good landscape photo I had out of several I’d taken on the 2004 trip. I was surprised how purposeful and thoughtful the photo looked. I wrote this to let people know that the nice-looking header photo was luck, not cleverness, or know-how.


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