I started this blog when I got temporarily laid off from a private school for children with disabilities in the summer of 2010. I just wanted to give some time to something I always enjoyed: discovering my own ideas and thoughts on things and expressing them. It’s something that seemed an unimportant part of every “job” I did in order to survive, which is what I thought I had to do.

I’ve gone back and forth to this blog since I first started it. Now it’s just a place to share ideas, tell about my experiences (which include my experiences with what’s called “schizophrenia”) on my journey to find freedom, peace and joy outside the traditional ideas of how life should be.

I consider this a journey to enlightenment or awakening. I started this blog thinking I already had “enlightened” ideas, so I called it “Enlustered” as a play on the word “enlightened” and my last name, which is “Luster.”

— Marla Luster


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Hi Enlustered, I’m not particularly ‘savvy’ about how to fix up my blog either, and I think many others are the same. I think the contents are far more important anyway! 🙂
Thanks for following my blog. 🙂

Comment by Gabrielle

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