A Zen Approach to “Cash Rules Everything Around Me”
May 29, 2013, 11:45 pm
Filed under: Human Potential

Gosh, I suppose I’d like to be even-keeled and not so annoyed by random outside occurrences (like a zen master or a monk), but I really dislike the cheesy ads that pop up on this blog now. I especially dislike the ones that appear (perhaps only when I use this site?) advertising photos of busty Asian women whom I assume are supposedly available to chat with people who click on the ad. The ads seem so sleazy and glaringly manipulative (preying on people who may be lonely, or, I don’t know, otherwise too human to deserve being treated like a moneybag).

Anyway, about a week ago I decided to make this site publicly unavailable because I disliked the ads, but deep down I probably had other reasons to hide. It felt like a cop-out when I told myself I privatized the blog because of the ads. Then today I changed my mind about “hiding”. I don’t want to cover up my actions because I feel ashamed, which is how I sometimes feel about my posts here (posts such as “Bad Meaning Good” or others).

I changed my mind about hiding because I want to be strong and non-reactive (like a zen master or a monk). Plus I have this feeling now and then like I want to start writing again, but recently I saw the blog as off limits because of the ads. And before the ads, I just felt kind of bad about the feel of the blog: the name, the posts, even the appearance, which I thought of as too serious and spooky. Without this blog as an outlet though, I was left with the option of posting on Facebook, but I’d rather people read my writing because they have an interest in it, not just because it’s in their Facebook updates. Maybe I’m too particular. Oh well. At least I’m not hiding anymore.

Besides, I still post some on Facebook. Tonight I wrote a comment about my recent experience with feeling pressured into leasing a car. I felt pretty good after I wrote it. But then, hours later, I had this awful feeling. I know others will think this is crazy and maybe it is, but I often conclude that certain feelings I have tell me what someone else feels. That someone else is usually the person I once believed was my soul mate. I’m not sure how to really see him now. Anyway, after considering other causes for the feeling (perhaps a disgruntled person who disliked the comment, etc.), I guessed that the feeling meant that maybe my soul mate noticed I was hiding my blog and was upset.

So, that’s another reason my blog is… “back.” Not exactly zen-master-like, but it feels right to stand tall, and not run from what seems like a money-is-everything (“C.R.E.A.M.”) world.

P.S.: The new aggressive ad approach on Facebook and WordPress (with ads in places there used to be clear space–breathing space?)  seems new, but the old Wu Tang Clan song (Cash Rules Everything Around Me)  reminds me it’s not. The song offers some comfort perhaps in a world that seems to offer less and less space, and brotherly love: It shows things are not getting worse; just staying the same. All the more reason to transcend.