Something I’ve written about before
November 3, 2012, 2:49 pm
Filed under: Human Potential

“It will be hard James but you come from sturdy peasant stock men who picked cotton and dammed rivers and built railroads and in the teeth of the most terrifying odds achieved an unassailable and monumental dignity. You come from a long line of great poets some of the greatest poets since Homer. One of them said “The very time I thought I was lost My dungeon shook and my chains fell off.” You know and I know that the country is celebrating one hundred years of freedom one hundred years too soon. We cannot be free until they are free. God bless you James and Godspeed.”

― James BaldwinThe Fire Next Time

I had the idea, too, when writing another post (Going Nowhere) that blacks probably looked to whites, instead of within themselves, in defining the kind of freedom they wanted historically. But I don’t think whites were ever really free because they were segregated from blacks, not free to intermingle with them during slavery or segregation and I think people seem to restrict themselves similarly today, certainly not to the extent of the past, but all you have to do is look around the next time you go anywhere and see people “existing” (certainly not really living) separately along racial lines.