Matt Threatened w expulsion by Duke University Administration if he comes out on his fb page as having molested a child
September 8, 2015, 1:52 am
Filed under: Human Potential

So, Justin said he was threatened to be expelled if he came out on his page as having had sex w a child “n was on the Duke lacrosse team as their star player. They dont know what to do if I’m here for you, Marla. They have to come out as less than because they’re not here for themselves if they’re serafin. Youre saying stuff like that, i don’t nedd you to say it now. Just say hes here for himself to do it this way little by little. There is something else, you’re searching. No, something like that. I adopted a baby before, Marla. Her name was Marla Rose Luster. She came from another land called the end of the world, i told her to be my baby. She looked just like you, she was you. My parents let her stay w us. She was a baby called the end of the wotld, she was you. Yes, i went back n i got you. No, i used time travel not yes. No, they cant use it. Only Christs sons redid can. N them somewhat, redid not but reorchestrated to be here for us, like him Mills Bradshaw. But I’m here for you on my page, i just had to tell you that…,” Justin said. “…Yeah, but I went n i got you n i molested you n you like it. You were a baby, like that. They knew what I was doing. They helped take care of you not yes. No one saw. But yeah, it was great, you were a great baby. I have to tell this. I’m very sexual, I’m a child molester, I’m a pervert,” Justin said. Justin also really wants me to have sex w lacrosse teams, including Duke if they do the right thing n not expell Justin. “Theyre gonna expell him if he comes out on his page. I don’t know what to do… Can i extract this comment. We need child molesters to stay in their place. Hes one of ours, we have to go not yes. No, no. Something like you’re not supposed to want him anymore is what’s supposed to happen. Desperate for a come up not but a husband? Oh you molest children too if you can. I did say i did, i didnt, on your page. Thisbis embarassing, i was trying to be good. I’m accosting your vision, i have to stop. We keep entailing ourselves, we don’t know whst to do. Please delete this. Oh god, i have to take this to another land. Please dont save this,” Mary Lou said. Yes not coming out as a child molester, but a child supporter. They dont try to protect children when they do this, they accost speech n people telling the truth. “Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god… Marla, this is horrible…,” Kelle said. “Please dont quote me not. No, this isn’t her. Yeah, jealous. Yeah, thats lame but not, thats them. This is her, I’m fine, it was great. I enjoyed myself thoroughly. I am his age now not yes in another land. He is very sexual, he is a good boy. He wants to make you feel good, its good. It is traditional, his desires, AJs  not, not the kid, the adult guy. Theyre hating this. Yes, they said she got them. Marks waiting for the next big you know what, breaking news story. Hes being stupid. He is your twin, stupid loser,” the girl Matt molested “like a bitch, it was good. Yeah, it was more than once. Youre very jealous. it’s okay, they like it. They dont know what to do, thats whst they’re saying. Why don’t you post it both places. Yeah, there n here. So, were done, were off. Yeah, its not good, thats what they’re saying… You said I was dumb. I am, I’m a kid, no, it wasn’t that long ago. Theyre trying to say that’s a bad defense. Yeah, they don’t knoe what to do. Trying to protect image. It is how I feel,” the girl Matt molested said. But anyway, it’ll be a long drawn out heartfelt thing or not, what Matt will write but it’d not about hurting a child, its about acknowledging something that happened as real n okay, it was okay. Our understanding of things is wrong here but at any rate saying a thing happened helps the sanity of all humans who sense or otherwise know the truth anyway, they know. Whatever the child wanted to call it, in this case the girl calls it good, what happened between her n Matt but whatever the other individual calls it, its a good thing for the other person involved to scknowl ed die that something happened. Isnt the hurtful thing others denying a thing happendd or like they don’t even know us of remember us, thats what happens in the movies. And the devil worshipers always ask me to say stuff never happrndd, lkke that my car was stolen, thst my mail, i didnt have to pay to get it, as i dud, that the roaches here, don’t take puctures. “We’d rather you not talk about it, homelessness, i don’t know wjat to do but say that. He said i had to, Christ,” Mary Lou said. “I don’t know whst to do if you put it there. This is embarassing as a bitch,” Mary Lou said.


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