HAD THIS FROM THE OTHER DAY I THINK YESTERDAY: Started Quoting Bambi Being invasive and…
September 5, 2015, 3:51 pm
Filed under: Human Potential

I cant find the old version of WordPress where I can look at the draft history, so I just have the newer version now suddenly and I don’t like it, but here is a post I couldn’t see yesterday when I was on the phone because Bambi blocks the page with the old drafts on my phone, the link doesn’t work. I think this is it. It’s confusing. I try to post things and, like yesterday. “IT’s gone, the one from yesterday is gone. We posted it not. We saved it not. It saved not. It makes sense not that none of it saved. Does it save without a title. They said yes. WE don’t know what to do. WE lost your draft. He’s killing himself, he knows, there was some stuff Mark said. It’s lost now. YOu can’t even use the features of wordpress now that you’re off Facebook. We need to be stopped. People don’t know what to do not. We’re trying to get you upset. We have to go, Marla. The truth said to leave you alone. It said it would kill us. Kelle’snow saying she’s putting knife to your throat,” BAmbi said.

But this isn’t the recording I did yesterday, they took it. It was pretty good. I thought it addressed some stuff I was wondering about. Mark meandered about why I got put off Facebook, he didn’t say clearly what happened, but it was on a recording, they deleted off my page yesterday on WordPress. “She’s humming because I told her to–,” Kelle said. The devil incarnates are doing stupid stuff in the café where I am so I don’t talk or say aloud what they’re saying. They are trying to say fucked up stuff so I can get mad, spells, etc., so I thought I’d talk aloud. “Now, we’re hurting your neck, that’s not good, Marla, this is Bambi. Please stop acting accosted, we don’t like it. This isn’t good. This is Twitter now if you post it here and there,” Bambi said. Anyway, this is a old post that was in saved drafts, one Bambi didn’t post on purpose, so I’ll post it here. Like I said, I did do one yesterday, it was so slow when I did talk and types that I couldn’t wait long enough for the text to load to the page, I left and came back and the draft was gone from the page completely after the page automatically reloaded when I came back to the computer. It was several minutes, l came back at least five minutes and the text was still loading, I came back again later, and the page automatically reloaded when I just went back to it already opened and when it reloaded the page was blank where there was text. Now there’s no saved draft. “Maybe, I don’t know, there should be a draft. We lose not but do here when people be themselves like Marla Rose Luster. Brooke said stop saying her name. She can’t be herself, not. She doesn’t wanna be gay. Please tell her what you said now, she looks gay, but her soul mate was a man and you guessed that. She did say she liked white men years ago. This is odd, I have to go, I don’t make sense when people do things such as end the earth as something other than themselves,” Bambi said. “I have to go. They said they have to investigate if you write them,” BAmbi said. “I have to make sure you don’t contact them,” Bami said.

“Please say something that makes sense not on your page, it’s not good,” Bambi said. “I didn’t want you to put this,” Bambi said. Why? “We don’t know this isn’t less than is it? We don’t make sense. Why are we attacking people who are themselves. I made you think of others reading your page and liking it not not but saying is this what schizophrenics go through. It’s not good, Marla. We attack people here. That’s me putting the thought in your mind that this is good news not but new news you didn’t hear already a thougsand times in your mind thinking you were explaining things such as that people understood as your first request on Facebook. It made sense to us, we didn’t like it,” Bambi said. “I don’t want you to tell those other things,” Bambi said. Why? I know, you’re saying them to me and I think it’s less than, so why say them to me and then think, idk, that it’s okay for me to think it less than. “You’re one person, the others are three and four and more and it’s many more than we’d wish to care about as less than in  way as such as to get rid of them. Wanna make more videos, we’ll leave you alone. We can’t bother you all the time. We do, we don’t know what to do,” Bambi said. “That’s not good, people are saying that, why stay if all y9ou want to do is harass Marla Rose Luster and others, like Kristy. This isn’t good, you’ll get back on soon and tell them you’re here with post after post to read, they’ll read them, they missed a couple because of things I did, that’s not okay, they don’t like that, they really like them, it’s makes them feel good, and it’s interesting like you said. You type fast, we don’t like that,” Bambi said.

But I was looking through my junk mail and I saw some stuff like, wanna fuck buddy and stuff like that from fake email addresses and Bambi said, isn’t that you, as in, isn’t that me who messages those Duke Lacrosse Players I was asking if I could come visit them to have sex with them, you know and offer moral support. It’s a thing a lot of people, women think about, men, too, I s’pose. You see it arise in the news here and there, idk, how did I come up with it. “You’re less than,” Bambi said. I only thought of the Duke Lacrosse team because of the story of that girl being raped years ago and she was a black girl and from my alma mater, a graduate from there. “Marla, please don’t say this, this is what we did. They said we had to lift the headache, that’s why it’s better,” Bambi said. “You have to call the post office soon, we can’t hold your mail anymore, they said we’re doing too much to kill people, we’re disgusting, don’t you wanna go there where you can’t type,” Bambi said.

But anyway, as I was seeing the mail, Bambi kept asking about it and then like saying for me not to contact the Duke Lacrosse players. Like why is someone, some third party so involved and interested. This is strange. “It is, Marl, please stop, I’m trying to take that from your mind,” Bambi said. “I’m trying to help you, I don’t want you to be less than. I’m like a church member who knows not what you’re saying,” Bambi said. Is that who can censor your Facebook posts. “That’s not good. Can we say that was who I was, who wanted segregation not, which we did want, me and Miss Sims and others. She said can you tell about htat not,” Babmi said. I’ll tell if it fits somewhere, there’s a lot,r eally a lot of stuff I have to tell and I get around to what I get around to. “She said that’s good,” Bambi said. I get interrupted a lot. But I was like, why can’t I just go on about my life. “They said this isn’t good, Marla, this isn’t okay, that we harass someone around the clock, noises in the apartment, everything. Can’t even let them make a video,” Bambi said. “Do you like that,” Bambi said. “Stalking is supposed to be good, we know they like it. They like that you said that. We have to stop harassing people, Marla. Facebook wants you to come back, not but do,” Bambi said. “To get your car back, you have to get a lawyer, I don’t know… not we,” Bambi said. “We’re getting in trouble now, please stop writing,” Bambi said. Uh, no one ever agreed, I’ve said this before. This is strange. It just is. I do say stuff sometimes that it’s weird that these things are there all the time, when you look at broken off hair, I have some, it’s not just you thinking or wondering about something, it’s a potential attack. It’s crazy. It’s too much, it’s not reasonable. I tell the trees. “Please stop, we dont’ know wha tto do,” Kellle said. “You’re a homosapien, they said they don’t know what to do when you are not safe not not. I don’t know what to do now, I have to go,” Kelle said. Now they’re making my abdomen hurt. Bambi’s making an innocent face. “I don’t know what to do, I have to lose hard. This is what we did in Christs land not yes. People could not enjoy a good time, sex, anything without us being there thinking they were better living with us not but do and be with us more than others not but do something other than that not, but do. We want people to be with us not others. But when they’re with us, we don’t want them to be themselves. Can you stop writing, they said too much writing has gotten out. They said it makes sense that this is what we did,” Bambi said. “This is who you think. The end begins now because I’m saying this is over, they’re doing too much, it’s not okay, they’re taking my words now, slowing you down, doing things they can’t. This is what they did, I remember not yes. I sped you up not, they did. She’s tring to look innocent, it’s disgusting. They used magic against us, everything then. We had it but not theirs not. We used it back, not we didn’t know what to do but come with them not. YOu said not, Marla, we don’t know what to do. Others didn’t know not. They said we don’t leave people do we, we don’t know what to do without people telling us we’re okay to stay. He sided with you, Mark did, but not. He’s here for you now, but not. He needs some awakening that he’s not got yet, people being mean to them. Why not mention it, it’s you saying i’s too much to mention all the things they do, it’s too much to happen. Call Kent not until he’s ready, he said he’s not ready. You have things to do here, like this. You said you could go to the library, too, go there. Someone wants to see you there, not, I’m saying go there not. It’s Bambi, it’s broke there, she wants you to go there to be broke. That song is here to let you know it’s over for them to be less than not at Starbuck’s not. He has zero limit for you there, too. They said you have to make a day out of shopping, that’s not good. People are saying you need your car back. They don’t want that, that’s not good. This is not their say They rule things here too much, it’s not good. People are not here for themselves not, they are and they aren’t. They’re inserting things, I said that not. People are not here for themselves, Marla. They said something else, I didn’t say. They said go by yourself to say kill yourself to go to Christ’s land,” Halfway between the Gutter and the Stars said. “You said you didn’t believe that anymore, that’s not good, That’s Kelle, please stop quoting me, Oh God, Oh god. This isn’t good, I look less than on my page. They said we had to stop giving headaches. She said she didn’t know what to do so she did that and emphasized feelings that weren’t hers. She said she’s Thunder Cat’s, isn’t that you. That’s how you look, we don’t like it, we steal it from your photos. People like it, the Duke lacrosse team. They said please stalk them, it’s us, please don’t say we’re against it. They said that, too. I don’t know. Please mess up. I have to go,” Kelle said.

But I guess this is how it started in Christ’s land, they did not want us to live, would not let us live like a dog searchin the yard for idk, something or laying in the shade or wanting to be pet, etc. “That is what it does, stop making sense that you’re dogs, whatever you’re doing, innocent things hurt is what you’re saying,t hat’s not fair. We have to leave people alone, we know how not. We don’t, we have to bother, people know not, they do, they think we’re jealous of their happiness, so they come here and do it dirty in the night and be less than in the day. It’s what you’re friend did, Matt, with whatever girl he pleased not. YO’re not supposed to like this. Les than, that’s what you are, face it and lose hard. We don’t know, this doesn’t work,” Bambi said. “He wants you to give attention to him not yes,” Bambi said. “That’s not good, he heard you. He doesn’t care aout that,” Bambi said. “That’s not good, they heard you say that, Isn’t that who yo uare, there for the team as nasty, there every night not. They want you there every night, don’t they, so they can fuck your titties,” Bambi said.

But why do you think you have such lord over other people’s lives. “I don’t, I know it’s wrong I don’t know wht to do but this not. I don’t. I don’t know how to live, that’s what I said. I don’t know how to do it anything but dirty. I have to leave, I have to die. I’m giving a sense of comfort now, it’s not good you feel it without me saying it. It makes me want to hurt you that you don’t want me here. No, they knew we were nasty. They thought they could get around it here, that we’d follow rules. They knew not that we would follow not. Mark knew not, he did and he didn’t. He wanted famousness so he took twitter for his papers. Twitter’s missing something, you said, you and Matt to make things hot, I don’t know. We’re blocking something from him, we don’t know,” Bambi said. “Why would you think that, it’s Mark, he doesn’t want him to be better. Isn’t Mark less than, that was me. Leave that titty on the side of the road, he’s a titty. That’s what you did in Christ’s land, people love it for you to be mean nice. You do be mean to him, he likes it. It’s over now for us. We can’t do this,” Bambi said. “No, don’t go on, please. We don’t know what to do, don’t you want to help us,” Bambi said. “Don’t give us a horrible death, just do it easy and clean, make us disappear… I’m making your butthole hurt,” Bambi said. “You said it’s okay not, but it’s not that bad at the moment, that’s not good, we don’ tknow what to do. That’s not fair you’re saying to be…,” Bambi said. I was finishing her sentence with: … to be at someone’s whim this way and they have some lord of your or control of your bodily functions that is not really something that is supposed to have a purpose to help or something. I don’ t want to do this anymore. People can see you’re horrible to some extent and I don’t want this lord of my life by some thing I detest, you are not okay, you are very very horrifying. “that’s not good, I am. Please don’t post this,” Bambi said. “I have to stop, I don’t know how,” Bambi said. I don’t think you can. “I can’t,” Bambi said.

I was gonna say something. I want to tell about my twitter page here, that’s what Twitter’s telling me.


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