(From Four Days Ago, Sept. 1, I guess) Not Sure If The Last Post Posted After I Hit Publish
September 5, 2015, 3:56 pm
Filed under: Human Potential

Another old post, I’m just posting stuff I had in the saved drafts que:

They’re making it say “Page Cannot Be Displayed” when I posted something, some pics just a sec ago, it should’ve still posted, the internet connection is down. “I am upset, I didn’t want that thing I said to post, Marla, I can’t do this, I’m less than, this is Bambi,” Bambi said. But I had some pics and Bambi said, “Can we please say people should do something other than this, post to Facebook or Wordpess.” They already blocked me from Facebook, the devil incarnates did, as if Facebook is their company. “It is, isn’t it? We can’t say that. Can you stop posting on this, being put off WordPress, not but Facebook, we couldn’t do it, we did on false pretenses, they are not aware not. They know somethin’g wrong if you don’t post. Please stop pposting there, I was trying to hide what I said so I said the page won’t load, I can’t do that, that’s not okay. A draft is saved, you should still have your title and the post posted, should’ve anyway. I’m saying hit yourself in the face, I don’t know what else to do but to attack people fro behind, through themselves, whatever if directly not, I do. I’m less than, I need to leave, I don’t want to. I am the devil, the main one like you keep saying. It’s Bambi, I seem innocent, I’m not. I’m less than as a bitch. I taunt people, I’m horrible. I rejected my soul mate a black man, I said he was less than, his name is Antoine, you knew him. He’s less than here, not, but we don’t know. Please don’t put this, I’m less than,” Bambi said. “Can you not post these things, this is Kelle. We put you off Facebook, please stop. He said it’s not good people think this that he’s serafin. He’s not, we don’t know, please stop. Do you believe that,” Kelle said. He’s probably like most people, just not doing what they could to change the world, to have a better world, a new world that is more humane and better for people. “Don’t say that, please, he wants to be good, so does yours, not he is. What about Mark, is he Serafin,” Kelle said. Usually you guys don’t want me to out serafin. “He’s not, this isn’t working. People aren’t doing what they could, it’s true, he is and isn’t, we don’t want to tell, he’s less than not, we don’t know,” Kelle said of Matt/Justin Guterding. “Could you stop putting his name, he finds it like that, doesn’t he, he does, he reads it here like a bitch. He loves you, we don’t know. Could you stop smiling,” Kelle said. “No, it’s her, she said it for me, I’m a master here. Mark’s trailing behind. We don’t know, some people just don’t get it. I responded, it was really good. I said I loved you, too. Isn’t that forward, we don’t know. People really like your blog, they said it’s really good, as good as your Facebook page not, but good,” Justin/Matt said. “I want Matt, I want Matt to be my name, Marla and Matt, isn’t that better. Mark’s mad, can you tell him he’s okay,” Bambi said. “I don’t think that’s what he said. He needed to be outed as not stepping up to the plate,” Bambi said. Maybe it would help if Mark found his plus one, I wonder who she is. Hmmmm. Maybe, some famous black girl. Is it her, Kerry Washington. “No, please stop, it’s Bambi. That’s not who he wants, please stop, it is her, isn’t it?” Bambi said. Or maybe a black man will do, perhaps that will be better for Mark. “It’s her, it’s Kerry Washington. That’s my boo, don’t you care, it’s not her, Marla. This is Bambi pretending to be Mark. She’s saying she’s here as something other than herself. She has a white woman soul mate in another land. I was gonna take Jennifer Connelly if you wanted, that’s okay though, I’m okay now, you like me. You liked me before but not. I did do that, people like it. It’s okay, I gotta go, it’s not me, but it is,” someone’s saying, I think it’s–“It’s not her, it’s Kelle pretending to be her,” Kelle said.

Well, we gotta find Mark’s true choice mate. Hmmmm. But for now, why not I don’t know reach for a star and you’ll go far in finding the one. That’s how I found Matt. I said, what if I did the Duke Lacrosse team, well, I was thinking about that girl that was raped. “And I said you should do the Duke Lacrosse team, I’m hot for you, I think you should do it, I’m your boo, what’s wrong with that, didn’t he do a good job,” Matt said. I think it’s fine. Can you read what my mind says, it says something like I’m okay no matter what and that it’s attractive that I want you to do the team. “We’re making your elbow hurt, it’s Bambi, we can’t do this. Mark’s saying don’t come back to Facebook, but that’s not what he’s doing, he said it needs to change,” Bambi said.


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