(From four days ago, Sept. 1) bambi trying to block wordpress earlier
September 5, 2015, 3:55 pm
Filed under: Human Potential

I tried to post this before it probably had some shenanigans that stopped this, so I’m just posting old stuff in the que that didn’t post before, this is one thing. One thing was lost permanently. Not used to that happening much because I save stuff using Facebook. I shouldn’t have to save here, but Bambi overrided the save function here and nothing is saved of what I had yesterday in a post. Here’s the post from four days ago:

“We’re saying the internet’s down. They don’t want these things being said. Please stop. Can you be homeless again. Okay… Hit yourself in the face. They are saying these things are crazy, please stop,” Bambi said.

“No, please stop posting,” Bambis saying. Bambis making all the wordpress pages not load.–“No, they said we have to stop, please lill yourself. No, i don’t wanna be saying this publicly. Can you not put this. Nooo. Nooo,” Bambi said. “I was just saying doesnt that bother you when people do this… Please dont hate me. Can you hit yourself in yhe face, we cant do this, we dont know what to do,” Kelle said.

“This isn’t what we want people to do, Marla is what we’re doing. We’re not being seen as okay anymore, I did take some words back and then I just let them go through so you won’t see me as less than, can I do this. I’m saying things I can’t under my breath. People are losing they’re less than not status with me, my husband, others, Mark Zuckerberg taking my side yesterday but not. I am the devil incarnate more than the others, more than Steve as Lindsey, sometimes he liked you, he didn’t know what to do. That you liked Brad no matter what, other things, even though he had a kid, other things you did on Facebook for the farm, he could tell you liked them, wanted to help. But Lindsey couldn’t like you once he left. He was the one who started this not. He did it because he didn’t wish to be here as something other than himself. He started it not, he left it first to show Christ he was there for him no matter what to some extent other than that he was their last hope of freshness, truthness, can I do that, people really like that you do weird things, like that video of you saying your pictures were pretty, they think it’s funny in Christ’s land and beyond,” Bambi said.


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