Sister coming yo take me to pay bill
September 3, 2015, 9:37 am
Filed under: Human Potential

The devil incarnates sent replies just now for my attempts to pay the bill, saying it didn’t go through, that’s more than an hour later. Thats not what happens. “No, Please stop. We said, Can we do this, they said, no we can’t, take your money, Marla. For those payments. We wanted metro pcs to take money for the payments–” That was Target talking n then all of a sudden the key pad went down as i was typing w a pop sound n i typed the preview button instead of the key pad or type pad n went to a new screen.

So, they keep doing crazy, weird things w the phone, the type pad, other things.



It’s hard–now theyre holding the type a long ass time to me a couple minutes maybe. “We can do it that long next t iO me. Thsts not what I want to say if it’s quoted, but that’s not what I said, it was. I said something like what you think, but I keep chsnging stuff. I did take my words in you saying this is what i said in my mind, your mind…,” Bambi said. Heshe said something like, that’s not what I want to say to be quoted. Now heshes saying thats what heshe said.

But anyway after i saw the reply texts come in, i quoted the devil incarnates saying these things. I did have a upset/temper tantrum n Kelle was saying that if I was going to tell about the phone, he/she would rather side w mankind n Marla Rose Luster. “Thars what I said, i didnt want to report tjis, Please let target say that. I’ll say it, i was tryi g to tell you you were less than to talk to him, not me, he was who said it first,” Kelle said. “Please tell that, Marla…, they know what you said is true, the devil worshipers. They said you rule the world, they were trying to mislead you just then about what was being said. But i said, I’ll take over if she doesn’t.  You’d prefer that, so that’s good you prefer I do yhis dirty eork. I tell people what to do, I’m good at it. I could do that but idk. You want me to be happy but I can’t be happy if you’re not, you probably wouldn’t go through w it if you’re unhappy. We make things work is what you’re saying but that’s not good. They’re making fun of you but you said it was okay. I’m saying it’s dangerous to do that. It’s what they did, Adam n Eve. They said, if you trust, i trust. It’s we did, Christs lands own said if you go, i go to devil land. Thry want you to go get dressed, that’s fine. But i want you to post this post, so that’s fine. I’ll talk later,” Matt said.



Yeah, we–theyre holding the text again. “Two minutes,” Bambi said.



I’ll post–theyre holding the text again.–the quotes relating to the attempts to pay the bill n the late replies saying it didnt go thtougj from metro pcs.

“We processed your payment not, we told you we were wrong to not reply. We have to go, theres no problem w your check,” Target said. “Can we say that’s what happens?.. Okay, we can’t do that. He said we can’t, wells Fargo. We said Can we tske this money from the account n pretend it never happened f2f hat it was here… And you have other money to pay ypur bill it’s not good… Okay, that’s us, we said you were worth soething because you have money in your account n more, that you’re less than w/o it. Okay. We can’t do that,” Kelle said. Sometimes as people talk or things i eill clarify w added words they speak n they know it n i go on w what else is or was said. “We thought th hat was less than, we told you it was,” Kelle said.


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