Ooooooh La La (Not sure how to spell ou, hehe, like deja vou)
September 3, 2015, 4:00 pm
Filed under: Human Potential

Her hair’s so pretty, I’m not sure how to just show her video here, I was gonna load some videos, though, I have a bunch. I just made like two or three, so fun. It’s just me moving around and playing with my hair and talking a bit, but I don’t know if you can hear me, I’m whispering so as not to disturb others around and there’s music playing, idk, it’s still fun. “Can we make them not hear you [on the video]. I don’t know what to do, I have to lose. No one agreed to this, I have to go. I said something that made sense not, I said I was here for you and you didn’t listen, you said why did you say these things to make sense not. I don’t know, I gotta go. Please don’t publish this,” Bambi said.

Watch this video to see some pretty blonde blondie, ooohh la la. “Eh, please don’t publish this. I don’t know. This is less than, strange, why so obsessed with your page. We didn’t know this not, that people couldn’t do this and we win, be themselves, have fun, do menial things not but things they wish, passing time, passing time not is all it is. He’s playing music you like so you stay, tell him that,” Kelle said. I was dancing, it’s fine, the music’s fine, I’m fine. “Tell him it’s loud,” Kelle said. No, that’s okay, it’s not bad, it’s really not. “You mean it not, do you not, are you lying, I”m less than. I’m saying something else now,” Kelle said. “We’re making your heart hurt again,” Bambi said. “Tell them what you said earlier,” Kelle said. I was just dancing to the music, about to post a video and saw this and decided to share it here. But they were making my heart hurt. This is so stupid, I’m just minding my own business like a bird or a dog or a owl and then someone wants to come along and do something to hurt it. This is disgusting. We don’t allow this here as if it’s okay, it happens and if we don’t know, I guess no one says anything, but this isn’t okay, no one thinks this is okay to just molest and torture and interrupt something at every turn all the time, not wanting it to have a moment of peace or enjoyment just sitting around doing nothing or something, whatever, this is dumb. “We hate dogs do that, please don’t say it’s dumb. Trees said they’re the same, didn’t they,” Kelle said. Yeah, they just stand there and people wanna come and cut them down. “Yeah, we don’t need them for paper,” Kelle said. “Please don’t tell Kelle that not, you knew, didn’t you,” Bambi said. “We know you knew, we don’t know what to do, I was trying to say you didn’t,” Bambi said. I knew that stuff is made up that it has to be so bad, I had an inkling, also for animals, too, it’s silly that it has to be so bad. “It is, it’s not real,” Bambi said. “Veganism isn’t okay, I’m not a vegan, I fool others into being vegan,” Bambi said. Why do you guys keep interrupting. “We don’t know, this is less than,” Bambi said. “Then we don’t want things to post, yeah,” Bambi said. “We are leaving, just not yet, please don’t call Kent. He said wait but did,” Bambi said. “I was saying we were gonna kill you some how, we can’t do that…,” Bambi said.

Okay, so here’s the video, ooooh, pretty girl with pretty hair. Something worthwhile to see and investigate and do big thangs. Yeah. See pretty, ha ha yeah. “You act like a baby, but this isn’t what I want you to see not is that we look pretty with blonde hair, I said something like that, that’s okay, we understand, we hear it, too. You’re honest enough, that’s fine. You’re pretty honest. You’re one hundred, about that, that, that masturbating thing, okay, here’s my video. I wanted people to see I was pretty with blonde hair, it is relaxed not but is. I have it long, it doesn’t hurt the hair. You have ot get something that works, that blonde you have will work some, it’ll work enough, you’ll be fine, dye it and dye it some more if you have to. You can perm it later, it’s fine. Mine is permed twice or more, it’s fine…,” the girl in the video said in my mind.:


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