‘It’s not how your photos looked, I changed them, I can’t have you looking pretty. I’m less than, please leave me alone, so I can mess up your photos, this is Bambi, I’m less than, you’re saying they look different, they do, we messed up your face, we made one side bigger, they can tell I did, I’m trying to say I didn’t in your mind so you can hear yourself as less than for thinking I did, I’m losing, I’m saying you won’t publish this with this long headline. I’m losing…’
September 3, 2015, 1:57 pm
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“It’s not how your photos looked, we altered them quite a bit, that’s not how they looked when you took them. Please stop typing, we don’t know wht to do but that. It’s not willing to die for not. I’m willing to die for mine, I am. Lynching’s fine, please, thank you. I’m losing, I don’t know what to do,” Bambi said. Well, ha, I’m not gonna die nigga. “We don’t die, we multiply,” Master P said. What about you, nigga? “Marla, this can’t post. I said that, I changed the words, I’m losing,” Bambi said. You is, nigga. “Marla, this is rude, please stop,” Bambi said. YOu wann dance? “No, I don’t want to dance… I made you pee your pants. I did, you were laughing too hard at me dancing on my way to the lynching platform. I can make you pee again. Someone just went into the bathroom, so you can’t pee again. I said that. This is hard youre typing so fast. Fart, I said fard. That’s good, stop laughing at me,” Bambi said. We’ll probably take pics with your body, dead nigga. “Marla, this isn’t good, please stop. This is rude,” Bambi said. Not quite too rude for you though. “Not quite, I”m losing,” Bambi said. YOu’s a dumb nigga. “Marla, this is not proper, neither is lynching niggers who wre themselves or any number of things I did. I feel less than, so I have to stop,” Bambi said. Gonna go pee now. I don’t often pee when I laugh. “I said could this happen, it said it could, your body. YOur body is against you, it’s not. I said it, it said not to say it. It had to let you know I was less than, I don’t like that you just did that. You were trying to feel sorry gor me not, I blocked your sanity. They’re with me live or die, so they have to die,” Bambi said. That’s not how I feel fatso. “I won’t tell what I did, that’s what you do, you don’t, you don’t taunt people. Please stop, Kell said, you don’t listen. But I said, you said you mind your business. That’s fine that you typed you said, you could’ve put it in brackets,” Bambi said. “I said I was gonna take this comment, so you said you were gonna save it. I can’t go down like this not, I have to go. I said I gotta go, but not,” Bambi said.

Comment by Marla Luster

“I have to repeat what I said, I was saying something, I changed the screen. Um, probably something like not wanting things to post. They said this is crazy. I was trying to say it was normal, you said no way. I was saying it with a spell on your mind. I’m not a dead nigger, I’m saying. I’m messing with your pussy now… Say what you did. I’m stupid, I don’t know what to do. I did a lot, so I’m less than. I’m losing. I thought I knew, I didn’t. I was losing to say I knew not. I was less than, I was tricking you. You could do that but it’s not gonna work,” Bambi said. “People’s screens don’t change when they go away and come back,” Kelle said. “It didn’t even reload. I gotta go, I’m less than, I lose hard, I don’t know what to do. I thought I could win here, all this losing not, I thought I could strong arm people. That is why and not. It is why, we thought people would never believe a schizophrenic that this was happening. We’d lose when we died off and old and ugly, we don’t know. Now it seems we lose hard. Hard is what he said. Marla, why aren’t you saying that. It is me. I’m less than, I’m less than as a bitch. Not a minute ago though, I was trying. I’m reading your mind, can I do that. I’m crazy, less than–said at the same time.

Anyway, I opened this comment to clarify something Bambi said above, Bambi and the others, well the others said they’d be with her no matter what, wehther heshe lived or died, that is what heshe is saying above. I opened a new comment to write it because heshe wasn’t allowing me to click the edit link and the screen went no where, nothing happened at all. I stayed and started writing but then heard my milkshake was done. “Can you say–this is less than,” Kelle said. “Can you see that window opening up, this is Miss Sims. We don’t want to live not,” Miss Sims said. “I’m saying this is less than, so I’m saying not what I did, this is Miss Sims, I’m less than. I hung nigger I am, MIss Luster, I’m less than, I don’t know what to do,” Miss Sims said. “This is Kelle, we don’t know how to live, we losed hard here. Please don’t post this, people read whatever you put up, it’s the best thing they ever read, that, too. They liked that. Ian liked, he wanted us to tell you that,” Kelle said.

Comment by Marla Luster

They said that if she died, they’d die, too. “That wasn’t what we said Miss Luster, it was, this is Miss sims, I don’t wanna die, I’m less than here, I have to go. I don’t know, I didn’t hurt you then, did I? I lied about that, I was jealous of you in those shorts. Everyone said they wanted you in them, even Miss Trotter. I said you weren’t as hot now, you are to some. Hotter to others, he said you’re on your page hot as shit, it wasn’t that long ago, oh well. Please don’t post this, we can’t change people computers to work how we want. We can’t make people… We can’t change the page when people didn’t change the page,” Miss Sims said. “That’s not what we did. It is, I don’t know what to do but defend myself. I didn’t want this to post. We’re getting batshit crazy, doing things we can’t,” Kelle said. Bambi’s making my butt hole hurt now. “I don’t wish to comment, I was doing it. I don’t know what to do, I have to make people less than. It’s disgusting, people have to go not but do. And I’m giving you a headache, can you not put this,” Bambi said. “Just like Facebook now, I don’t know,” Bambi said. “We’re trying to say the music’s distracting. We did add people here. We told them to come, we told them to take your seat,” Bambi said. “Oh god, we’re so crazy,” Kelle said. “We’re giving you period cramps now. Okay, I’m less than,” Bambi said.

Comment by Marla Luster

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