I’ll justvpublish this since I can’t go back n look at drafts I have saved, that link won’t work
September 3, 2015, 8:01 am
Filed under: Human Potential

So the devil incarnates reloaded the page when i came to this, something was on the page, some text, but then they reloaded it when i came to the page n the text was missing once the page settled. “Can you say i said this? I was just saying no Amway n shit n please don’t say this,” Kelle said. It was more like, We don’t want you to say this. “Yeah, we don’t get it, people don’t want to listen to us. No, were trying to make you a slave. Can you be w us, that’s what we’re saying n be against being yourself n being w your soul mate. That was what he said before he came but not when he took the offer, Marla, to take Twitter’s idea… It’s Twitter talking. We can’t take his thoughts not, his ideas,” Kelle said.

but yeah I had this underlying feeling that I just wanted mark and my true blue to not be the same I wanted to know that it took something for someone to do what night true blue did and not sell out to be something other than himself and so I said well did Mark where does mark need Sanaa Lathan in order to be himself and it turns out that it is not about that it was about something else and that was that mark fault that he could do this and win. He thought he could lose and win. He thought he could take tutors ideas and still win. So this is interesting that someone came here and change directions from what they said they would do in Christ land but then the devil incarnate or so picky about people having to fulfil their agreement a certain way and here it was was Mark and others not so doing you know their agreement and it worked for them in so it was okay. Targets saying and I quote, “This is true Marla, this is what he did we told people they had to be something other than themselves to win but that’s not what we did we were sticklers for people winning not,” Target said. “We have to verify what you’re saying, he did, but didn’t,” Bambi said. I thought of, for example that Mark couldn’t come get me, idk, other things, but this im not sure if he made these deals, byt zero limit shouldve gone through w then taking the car n the world should’ve ended w me still thinking I was okay through homelessness, booing the Kid, just lots of other stuff n i imagine there were others who made deals to help me n devil lsnd wouldn’t go through w them or allow them, like i wasn’t supposed to be homeless, something, idk. “We don’t know, Please dont say these things. It’s not good were not confirming or helping. We can help more, were not. I’m trying to do things in my mind like I’m better, it’s not helping. I’m saying long hair…, it’s not working. It’s not my hair, i don’t want you to put that,” Bambi said. “No, it wants to correct things, i wont let it,” Kelle said. “Can you not publish this. We’re not supposed to do this,” Kelle said. “Your aunt betty wanted to help, others wanted to help, we wouldn’t let them,” Bambi said.

So yeah or but yeah theres the breaking news there’s the breaking news that Twitter’s idea was really the social media idea and Mark stole the idea for Facebook its he said that he said is Mark take the Facebook then he will do Twitter and that’s what happened.


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