Devil worshiping government working hard to immobilize people who be themselvess
September 3, 2015, 8:48 am
Filed under: Human Potential

So I tried to pay the cell phone bill using the phone n couldn’t get an operator, as many times as I tried. Then I tried to use the automated payment service n they said I tried to make too many payments, so i had to try back in 24 hours. “I don’t know what to do, Marla. We don’t know what to do, we did tell the bill not to pay no matter what, so they’re saying come to the store…,” Kelle said. “Please say this is what we did not,” Kelle said. Bambi keeps pushing on me the vision that my hairs being ripped out. “Oh my god, we have to go… Marla, Please post this not,” Kelle said.



I’m thinking why are they getting–theyre holding the type now–I can go to the store, take the bus or have my sister take me. But this I’d weird. “…We said we wouldn’t let it pay no matter what…,” Bambi said. And it just looks really bad. Of course, there is the added trouble of the government having taken my car n not giving back my car.

I will add here that a woman from social security did say to me this morning that they did knowingly not give pay to some people who were themselves but not on their page, “people like Kristy, Marla… People had to come out on their page n be themself to some degree before we gave them pay n said they could live here, now they’re trying to change things around. So I don’t want to say it not thst this is what we did here not was pay people for thi gs we wished them to do n thid was one thing but thisbidnt eorki g because we won’t be ourselves. We are trapped here to some degree now that the world has ended,” the woman said, adding that she could be called Robin. “I don’t come out on my page because I don’t want to tell what we did n that’s it, that’s the only reason. They dont war on Missy not, her social security pay, it’s pay based on who she is is less than for quitting her job. Thry fired her but she quit by not do I g the work she was supposed to do to hurt people for being themselves. She’s saying she’s cute now, that’s how she feels when you talk about her. Peoplr brlieve you n we have to go, we don’t knoe how. When you do that pray to the tree thing you tell the devil worshipers they’re less than for do I g this,” Robin said. “I’m a new species not, Please be my frirnd on Facebook, I’m not Shaney or anyone like that. Can you tell us we can come out on our pages like you said. They’re trying to say he has brown eyes, he doesn’t n that he’s fat, he plays lacrosse. They’re telling your butt to hurt. They’re sayi g things that I’m untrustworthy they csnt do that. I’m done, Please go pay your bill some way, we did, the way you said, Eric, others, black people, them, too, white people. Okay, I’m done. You said I was okay, that’s good,” Robin said. “I don’t ferl less than for that not, it’s a lie what we are here. I don’t wanna say I worked not here, i didn’t. No there’s more. I hurt people othrr ways, i killed g hem not but did, molesting people, boys I liked, white boys, my soul mates white,” Robin said. I said, that’s the devils deal to trap you in your thi king that uoure the worst person in the world mainly for trying to escape devil world but they’ll use it against you too for staying. Youre damndd if you do or don’t, do just do whst you would. You can take as much space as needed like MySpace to tell whst happened. It’s what people do is understand, you hutt more people n yourself doing what you’re doing now. And I did say you have no deal to respect such as not coming out now because the world ended, they don’t respect deals here. “Am I serafin, Marla,” Robin said. You probably aren’t. “Thats not good. Sh rd s not, it’s Target, i havr to tell you. Please dont post this,” Target said.


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