Bambi Taking Taste Out My Mouth, That’s Not Okay And Disconnected the Internet
September 3, 2015, 12:43 pm
Filed under: Human Potential

“We’re not allowed to do what I’m doing with your burrito, why don’t you tell about that? …I disconnected your intenet as well. I’m messing witht he tast of your sandwich not yes, I don’t want you to enjoy it. I can’t do this. I have to leave I’m not good. Please leave your sandwich out of this, it was good, I took the flavor out of the ham not the bacon and the onion. It was good so I took it out. I can’t do this, I have to leave,” Bambi said. “Can you say that youre doing this, you said it didn’t matter, she said it and this at the same time, we’re trying to say you’re doing something wrong typing one word instead of two, you can’t tell which she said and said it mattered not, we don’t know what to do but what we’re doing, saying the flavor is hot of the burrito. Tell where you are, please, we have to stop. I’m warranting a headache, aren’t I? I’m asking for one, please leave us alone on Facebook and beyond while we murder you, please. This isn’t okay, we don’t know what to do,” Kelle said. “I was trying to sound good, I’m not. They said this isn’t okay, I have to stop. Your page is read, we take away the views so you go away and be scared of who we are here is can do this. We can’t do it not, we’re losing, we have to fight hard, it works, not. Metro PCS said he was here for you to give you a phone, a phone case is what he did, he said it was on the house, he won’t charge, but we said not. You liked the case, that’s fine. We don’t like that,” Kelle said.

I got a breakfast burrito here at Crossroads. “It should taste better, it’s not us. Please leave us alone. We’ll leave you alone not. You have to die for what you did, we don’t know. YOu have zero limit here, we don’t know what to do,” Bambi said. “Please tell them you paid for your phone with Karla’s help, we know not what to do but these things to make you fold,” Bambi said.

I talked to Robin. “That’s my name. I’m here for you on my page, I was saying. We like doing this, it’s fun. I told you I’d come out not, but did when you wrote in your facebook notes that I was okay, I heard you saying that with certainty, this is what people did here to enjoy life to some extent with those we saw as okay and not just that, attractive, you’re saying. This is not good Marla, they’re saying, not me. It is why and other reasons, they were there for me to say I was pretty like you said. YOu said I was okay. You’re pretty, you said. Do you wanna have sex? I’m kidding, I don’t know what to do with women either, not. Bambi’s saying I”m less than because I’m being mushy. No, I don’t want you to do that thing where people say they don’t want to be less than not not, but do things to tell me I’m okay not to be nice. That was what I did, I told people I was nice not. YOu said not traditional pretty. They think I’m beautiful, they see me in another land. You said I look professional, staid, stolid, something like that, I am and I’m isn’t. This is what they said, I was a pervert to look like how I look. I’m a human being, I’m a person, I need love, too. I need love more than you, I cn’t be myself in another land there, like Shukiya. I’m like her not, but I like sex. I like the Duke lacrosse team, too. I do feel less than, but I did it. The more I write the better,” Robin said. You probably see yourself more and just there is more of you out into the world or something than the fear. They are going overboard now with feelings and such. But you put ourself out, not keep yourself in and you give the layers and depth and space, spannish existence you are or life you are room to be and room to see who it is is okay. “I can hear your Christ’s land self saying that. I’m not Afeni, I am, her professional life is not ours not, not one where you have to be yourself not to the same extent as when you are in a professional setting. She said she has to smile a lot, that’s not good. I was helpful that day and you said you liked me in your mind. You said I’m okay. That’s her, she knows who I am is okay. You know who she is, too. She said that’s hot to you that she did a little white boy, twelve not yes. That is hot, he was in heaven, you said. He was, Afeni said. It’s me, Robin talking,” Robin said. “Do you want me to do him, he’s fine with it, he’s iffy, he doesn’t want you to not want him anymore. He does do that and not, he does. Can you like him again, he says, he does stuff,” Afeni said, leaving off from where Robin last spoke. I do like the boy, it seems weird that he would fade into the background without him doing that thing where he is less important now. I would like to know more about who he really is, he looks so white, but he’s more black than I can see without him placing himself or me helping to place him in those gangsta clothes, etc. He’s really hot then, he’s hot too in the white, white, I wish I could see more. He could do that, too, the kind of grunge, alternative thing too and have more black or more I do what I want. I want him to be himself. “You have that, I want to take it away, they said he’s hot as shit in those clothes, the one outfit looks better in long hair,” Bambi said. “That’s who he is, isn’t he, Marla,” Afeni said, even out of the clothes. Yeah, he is hot, he’s saying he’s a boss. I guess he’s not that guy I envisioned so much, or he is, idk. This is a black person, but the guy in my imaginings looks more like he’d be something else, gay is one thing. “He is, please stop, others hear you, they want you to say it, this is Kelle,” Kelle said. “Please don’t say that, yeah,” Kelle said. That’s that  it’s hot that he wants me or chooses me, even though he seems gay or whatever. “alra, this isn’t good we don’t want that,” Kelle said. “They’re all gay to some extent, we don’t want you to know that. You’re saying, do you wanna say that,” Kelle said. I didn’t think I was gay, I had some crushes, well, one still considered myself straight, then with Ruth, I thought I was gay. “This isn’t good, please don’t tell this, this is what they do, Matt has a crush on a man not, but did,” Kelle said. “Is that okay, I’m oppressing the feeling he’s not okay. That’s not good you’re going ot put the quotation mark on there,” Kelle said.

There’s lots of good rap music playing at Crossroads. “We’re for black people, Marla. You said if this is the thing you wish not is to be here for me not don’t come in but do if you do what the guy did today. The other day you wanted them to come in, they said they were here for you to show you you were the truth on your page tht they don’t go in places like this. They treid to take a flavor out of your burrito just then and put sandpaper, that’s what you tasted. They need to be put in their place. You need your magic, you should ask for it back, I have mine. that was one, coming out as a child molester got you the attention of the local media not but that he was here for you the commander and chief of the us army not but the one you inspire or imagine now, they’re messing up my words,” Crossroads Cafe owner said. “Please stop. I said this is making us look stupid that people named Kelle and others thought this couldn’t happen. I don’t likethat you get this right, can I mess you up. That’s not good, can you not ask for your powers back. You already asked. Can you not ask again? You just did, that’s not good, we have to give it back. That is what I said. Can I say you’re a master not, you are, we have to go down hard. I tried to mess up your words just then, it didn’t work. Can I say I didn’t say that, I did. I have to go, I’m losing. We have to give you your powers now, you’re a master, you are with him, too, he doesn’t know what to do that you wag not but bark like a dog for him, isn’t that what you do. They’re taking what we take not, trying to make you feel bad. We have to go, we’re losing, someone’s saying get an orange juice,” Kelle said.

Kay, gonna publish this.


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