Bambi Made Post I Was Writing Disappear Off Screen After I Clicked SAve Draft
September 3, 2015, 1:43 pm
Filed under: Human Potential

Bambi’s taking my posts off the page. People need to stop her. “I took it to another land not. I can’t, not with this feature. I can’t lose, I’m hated. I have to go, I don’t want to. I stole a post feature, not. I took a post to another land not. It said I could not after I saved it not, after you saved it. I’m stupid, I don’t know what to do but act like I’m less than not. The computer’s going haywire, please stop, we are. Oh God, I’m less than, I’m trying to force my way in, that’s not good. I can’t do what I did, Kelle’s saying I’m crazy, she is, I don’t mind being less than. A tree should fall on me, you said, that’s not good,” Bambi said.

Heshe did it to this one, too. I took a picture, then I reloaded the page and it came back. “That’s not normal, people said, Marla,” Bambi said. Yeah, it’s twice now. “Maybe it’s a computer issue, it’s not. I was gonna take everyone you thought. This isn’t good, I’m less than, they heard you stand down to me not. I have to go, this is less than,” Bambi said. “Don’t you want to save a version first,” Bambi said. Well, it saves ever minute or so anyway, it’s saved last two minutes ago. “That’s enough for me to take back what I said,” Bambi said. “I’m holding the save now, I can’t do that,” Bambi said. “I don’t know hwat to do, I’m Bambi not, it’s Kelle, Oh God… We have to go. We’re going crazy, Marla, we have to leave not this way. We don’t know. Can I be your friend,” Kelle said. It’s 12:52 and the last draft was saved at 12:49 p.m. Uh, no, I’m not your friend.

“Can you not do that shit, it was rude as shit,” Kelle said. No, it wasn’t that bad, I said, because I’m playing the part, I’m the school bully, mean girl. I’m pretty, I’m white, my hair is like idk straight. “Marla, this is stupid not,” someone said. Who is this? “Someone other than who you wish, this is Kelle. I don’t know what to do, I gotta go as you rfriend,” Kelle said. I don’t think we can trust you. “You can’t I don’t know what to do, Bambi can’t do anything but this not,” Kelle said. What happens now, you can’t be with us, that was why we came here. “It was, please stop, please don’t post this,” Kelle said.

Bambi’s saying now that the thing said something other than last saved or is trying to act like it was something else now. “I can’t do what I did, so I’m trying to make up for it, they believe you, I was terrorizing people. That’s not how it looks, that’s what they’re saying. Please take a picture of it not. Now it looks like this from now on. I have to stop. People want us to leave, we have to go. Nooo, please stop, I’m so hated,” Bambi said. Yes, I hope so, you need to leave. I hate you, you’re disgusting, so horrible and disgusting, the worst thing ever, the worst thing there ever was. “No way, she said don’t post this. Am I that bad,” Kelle said. You all are annoying, Bambi’s worst like we noticed Lindsey was worst at one point. “Yes, that was Bambi, we’re worse not but we are with her as one who said she would stand down to the truth not no matter what, we can’t do it not, but she has to go to some extent greater than we do. She has to leave now, don’t you want her to leave now. Then we can come back maybe, we don’t know. Someone said no, that’s not good,” Kelle said. Would you do it,” Kelle said. I feel what they feel. “That’s what happened, we broke apart,” Kelle said. Plus, we were together when the rift began, were we not? “Yes, this is not good, you don’t know. You should know more at this point not… I’m trying to change the subject. The reason you know not to kill here is because you knew who we were then not, you know now with the rift behind not but the old us not apparent as ones who killed not but who had some memory of who they were was here for you. She’s saying please don’t tell her, Miss Sims. We don’t know what to do, we want you to be less than no matter what, even then before we split ways, we killed ourselves for you to die here to who you are is okay. We could live not past this age, we just fight on not knowing how to live not not. We have to go, we don’t want to. We have to lose now, we don’t know how to fight not. Please don’t buy a lot o things here, it’s not good, it’s not going to be on your account,” Kelle said.

Some Jay Z, “Scuse me, what’s your name…. So contagious, I can’t take it…” something with Pharrell. I imagined white boy dancing to dis, that Crossroads Owner, oh my god. What are you doing, white person? Trying to be black, this is emarassing, and you’re gay. You can’t talk to that girl like Jay Z in the song. Stop dancing. And you can’t dance, you white, idk, just white. “I’m trying to mess up your grove, people like this,” Kelle said. “We’re making him look cool now. Jay Z’s saying he wants a white woman not, he wants a man. He wants a white woman like you said, his soul mate here is a white woman and there in Christ’s land he’s you. You’re flattered,” Kelle said. Yeah, I am. I could do this song, but not you gay boy. “Marla, what’s wrong with you, this is rude, this is Target. Cam you do this to me, they like it, it’s funny,” Target said. I was just clearing the air. I did joke that I wouldn’t do it to their face, I probably would though. “Marla, this is funny not, please stop saying what you think,” Target. OMG, now there’s a really black song on now. What is this? I don’t even know what this is. What are you doing? Well, just don’t go back to that live music the other night. I couldn’t even hear it, it was too loud in here. But it probably wasn’t good anyway, they were here unwillingly, idk. “They were, please stop, that’s what was said. You lose hard, we hate you, we tried to take your words. We cant when you type fast,” Kelle said.

“We’re trying to make you uncomfortable,” Kelle said. I think it’s something, put up your hands up. something alcohol. Something “… hands in the hair like you don’t care.” I concurred it was Beyoncé, Kelle said it was. He likes this song, he thought you did, too, not, he knew it wasn’t this song. Well, it sounds really black. “It does, he said. He doesn’t know what to do. Can he talk about this with you,” Kelle said. I like this part, I’m fresher than yooouuuu. “That is what she says, can I be your friend, everybody likes you. You’re not gay, you need to be, can I eat your pussy, he said,” Kelle said. I’m not really, I’m just showing off. I don’t have sex a lot. Idk, you should probably talk to me first, but when you asked that, I had to say, it’s not here. I said, Oh my God, what, no, something like that. “That was what you said, Marla, it was rude, they thought it was funny. They don’t like you, the Duke Lacrosse Team, that girl in the video you were imagining isn’t mean not, but we don’t want you to know what to they did was say she was less than not not. We have to go, please stop,” kelle said. Yeah, but mean nice is good. Mean, sometimes you want someone to be mean. It’s fun, too and funny.

Smells like bleach in here real strong. “Taht’s not us, not. Please dont’ tell, we have to stop,” Kelle said. “It was Bambi, this is Bambi talking, please don’t post this, I left your other post somewhere, this isn’t okay I’m doing this with the music, you don’t like this song, it’s Beyoncé again. Ususally there isn’t music now. No, he doesn’t do anything, he just lets it go through. They say charge no matter what otherwise. You left a long time ago, we had to keep doing it to keep the world going and leaving but you, you kept going, you’re a master. You said sorry you don’t want to be nice to me, I don’t know what to do but give a headache, it’s not the way to deal with people punishing them left and right not talking, that’s us, that’s Mark saying he knew it was okay not not. It’s us in him saying this is how to deal with people professionally. I’m saying your tired of typing, aren’t you,” Bambi said. Yeah, ‘m gonna finish my burrito. “I like Beyoncé, don’t you like her. I had sex with her not, but she’s really. I’m doing that on purpose. Ew, loser, you said you’re not a mean girl. That’s good, I like mean girls not. I have to go, it’s Kelle, talking for him not. I need people to be mean to me or else I’m not going to b myself, Mark, too. He’s saying be mean to me please and you did and it didn’t work, he needs more meanness, not more there for him no matter what with the meanness mixed in. You do it and you don’t, you did, you said fine if he wants someone else,” Crossroads said. “…We don’t like this, why are you okay no matter what,” Kelle said. I was mean to him at times. I didn’t know what to do but try to understand when I was homeless in CA. I was mad at times. AT times I was mad at the world and grouped him in, he didn’t do well with that. Idk, then he did better, Idk. I tried not to do that when I’m mad at the world, I tried not to put him with the rest, idk. I try to do it now to Matt and some others, too, idk, just so I won’t do something too mean. Idk. I do that because it’s what I feel, but idk. I do want people around. Idk.

But other than that, idk, sometimes Mark was too hard on himself. “I’m giving you a headache, I don’t know wht to do, it’s saying it’s not going, I gotta try and nausea. I have to leave, I’m not welcome, they said this isn’t okay. I’m broadspand losing, I gotta go,” Bambi said. Yeah, die bitch, please. “I have to, I’m gonna kill you if I can’t leave soon, Idk, I can’t say that, I’m less than, I don’t know what to do but attack people to get them to do what we wish, that’s what I did at Facebook and beyond. He said this isn’t how to deal with people. I made you feel what he felt when you said that on Facebook not but Twitter and here that this isn’t what people do when they’re with black people, etc. People think it makes sense. I’m still trying to give you a headache… I don’t know what to do, I have to go… This is not good, you talk into the truth and you believe it will save you if things keep going as they are, that’s not good, I don’t know what to do, they won’t get on your food. I hate this, I’m losing…,” Bambi said.

“We’re saying this doesn’t work when this happens,” Bambi said. “This is Bambi, I’m doing things to Marla’s computer, I’m saying it’s normal, it’s not, she did not the move to increase the screen size, I did something called end the world as something other than myself too many times, people are looking saying I’m less than, that’s what Marla sees on her screen not but when the eyes get big. Sometimes I do it to make her look less than. I’m losing, I don’t know what to do. I have to stop, they said I’m crazy,” Bambi said. “Oh God, no. We said we’d be with her no matter what, they said to kill her, she’s crazy, keeps saying crazy things as if they’re okay like that the screen is supposed to get that big, it’s killing people that she did this, us not, but others who said this wouldn’t happen, some did. Sims did, said no way would we get this low, they said they’d kill us,” Kelle said. “So the music’s better…,” something, Crossroads Café owner was saying this, he asked me if I liked this song, It’s Mariah Carey, Always Be My Baby, there were songs I think he is trying to play some songs I like. “No, I’m not doing that. Is that better? I can’t help myself, I have to be devilish like Steve, I’m penis in your face and sayin’g it’s nasty. They said it was your face. They need to leave the hard way,” Crossroads Café said. Yeah. You don’t know who they were not, what are you doing, Marla,” Kelle said. What is Crossroads doing with his–Kelle’s trying to intercede. “I was, I don’t like this, people being together without this posse, us. We don’t know what to do here, but leave, can we say that’s coming,” Kelle said. “We’re making Marla cough with food in her mouth, this is Bambi, I need to go, I’m leaving fast. I’m losing, I so hard on for the end of the world not. I made Marla cough with food in her mouth. I hate this bitch. I’m less than, I don’t know what to do, they said I’m less than. I need to leave, I don’t know what to do, I’m being crazy, I’m not allowed to do it,” Bambi said. “Oh God,” Kelle said. “We’re dying, we’re leaving one mind at a time, they see we’re doing this, they say we’re crazy here to stay here and think we can leave not. They’re leaving us, Mark, others, can you stay, I made you type your name, he said his name was yours. You’re leaving, I’m leaving he said. Okay, you said he’s okay now. He’s okay if he leaves, that feels better he said. that is what he did, he said we were losing here. We took the capitalization off. Bambi made you cough, that’s not what she’s allowed to do, she’s making you have headaches now,” Kelle said. “This is Kelle not, this is Bambi, I’m disgusting, people hate me, it’s new not, we did this to people not. We could not use magic this way, the body was off limits, everything. You believe me, that’s not good. We have to go, we’re losing, we’re interrupting people’s happiness, not even letting them write things on Facebook meant to end the world. They think we’re disgusting stooping so low, so disgusting,” Bambi said. “I have to lose and say this doesn’t post,” Bambi said. “I lost already and made the screen big. I’m losing, what the heck,” Bambi said. “They don’t know what to do, she said I can’t believe someone’s saying this, I can’t control them with anything other than my heart not. I can’t control them, this is awesome not. She thought she could lose not here as this devil thing. Lindsey, all of them were here for us. We keep her going with magic, she’s scapegoat like you said one day. She’s real not without Steve,,” Kelle said. “I’m so stupid,” Kelle said.

Hey. Eh Hem. This is not black music now. Sounds like that chick that like is on the Timberland songs, uh, she’s good. “She’s saying her name, she’s blocking it,” Kelle said. “You look stupid. I don’t know what to say,” Bambi said. Bah. Buh Buy. How bout that, fatty? “I’m losing, stupid. I don’t know what to do, can I joke with you?” Bambi said. What? “I’m losing, please leave me alone,” Bambi said. What!?!?!?!?!!! “Marla, this is rude,” Bambi said. Um, just, Idk, can I keep saying what? Lose, loser, Leave. We don’t want you here. “This is really embarrassing,” Kelle said. “I’m not embarrassed, not. I don’t know,” Bambi said. “Can I be friends,” Bambi said. No. “Can you say those things,” Bambi said. They’re in my demeanor. It’s the movie and you’re just too serious to be here. I mean if you’re gonna do electric chair and shit, you need to do it some way other than you did here. This is funny, no? “Fuck, they said this shit isn’t okay,” Kelle said. I’m dancng, I don’t know man. Idk, I just wanna enjoy my life, why the fuck do I want to electicute someone? Idk, this is strange and then seriously like it was right, idk, this is weird. “Please stop, this is weird to people. We did it in a way we couldn’t, we look really crazy now. I did this, I electrocuted people. Please stop spelling it right. I want people to take things seriously. You used to, you used to kill yourself not. I was okay then not, that’s not good. Can I be your friend,” Bambi said. I can’t be down with executioners. “That was what I was, please stop,” Bambi said. Unless you were gonna do it to joke, idk, in a spoof or something. “Marla, this isn’t okay, that was you to say that, they know what you’re talking about, you did say stuff like, this isn’t okay, I don’t know wha tto do,” Bambi said. Well, I gotta publish.


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