A Headache in the Forecast if It’s Up to The Bambi
September 3, 2015, 12:17 pm
Filed under: Human Potential

“I’m saying this isn’t what we can do now. I’m doing what you think. I changed the page from loaded to blank when you logged on to Facebook. This is Facebook now, can we talk about that. I’m steady trying to give you a headache, it’s saying it’s not working for the reason you said, you resolved it within yourself and you pray for a hurricane or whatever to help you here since folks here won’t help so it’s their issue not yours that needs to be resolved with headaches, but yours does reflect they’re not there for you tot he extent you need, he’s one, he won’t come out on his page in support of Marla Rose Luster and Priscilla is pregnant with a not, Marla. Can I talk about this stuff and end up okay for what I’m doing. This is what folks are doing cuz you told em to, her, she said she was here for you. You just now said what was that, that was me telling you to leave her, abandon her, I said both at the same time. I don’t wish this typing, it’s annoying to the other guests not, he said he was fine. That’s what I can do here… I have to stop, I said I can’t do it here. I’m saying something else, I’m losing. That’s why I’m giving you a headache, it’s saying it won’t stick unless she orders one not yes via some other system than this, it said that headache, not yes, one from getting knocked against a bed by your lover, I said headboard not, that’s what I meant, can you not type so fast. Please don’t post this, that’s what I’m saying. Please hide that I’m giving you a headache, I can’t do it,” Bambi said. “This si Bambi, please say that I’m saying this, it helps me look like I think I’m doing nothing wrong, I do know it’s wrong, not anything other than that I wish to tell. I wish to be like Marla Rose Luster in another land not here, it’s hell here for her, I dont’ know what to do buut that. I can’t I look stupid. Please keep typing. I’ll be okay then right,” Bambi said. No, it’s just meant for people to push away stereotypes and labels and those things people hear all the time like on the news, etc. and to give their own explanation of events, describe how they feel if they feel it’s hard to tell, if they feel like they really wish to tell, if they feel ashamed, afraid of what others will think of them now, as opposed to who they were to people before, etc. It’s to help people understand like that this is someone like you, stuff like that and it is also like a claiming of the territory of where they are, their whole experience and including their perception or knowing of how things are here, like that it’s supposed to mean she’s a bad person for what she did, but she doesn’t want that, stuff like that. Like I can say, I know it sounds crazy, but this is really happening. It’s to take into account what the receiver sees and what you see, to cover the ground so there’s no place for them to go and stay away from you. “No, that’s not what it does, Marla, this is Matt. ou’re such an expert on this, coming out on Facebook. She’s trying to say it’s bad. It’s a child molester’s dream to come out on Facebook and see kids there fo you ike the kids she talks to in her mind telling her she’s okay for what she’s doing, Marla, that’s what happened. This is Matt, she was saying, Bambi was that this is bad to cover someone else’s territory, it just tells them they’re okay to say things like people are crazy, something, isn’t that it,” Matt said. Yes, I agreed when you said that, then Bambi tried to change it when you mentioned it again. But, I think it could be other things, too. It does also kind of make people feel like it’s not good to call people crazy, people say that, I have heard someone say that. People don’t want to call someone crazy or whatever, someone who will talk to them. “That’s true, we don’t know what to do,” Bambi said. I didn’t say it that way, but I do insult people for shutting toehrs out, I say well, if you say I’m crazy, you’re wrong, I explained, you’re stupid, not me. This is not okay that things like I talk to people about hurt people here and someone would like not identify themselves in what I’m saying, that they are suffering too not being themselves or whatever, I went away for a sec, so I lost my train of thought here. “That’s good, I don’t know what to do but be mean. Social Security’s gonna give you your pay, Marla, in the thousands for what you told her today, which is that you’d be with the birds and the trees before selling out to be her friend no matter what to help you get your security covered. Can we say things wrong like that, please stop being so full of yourself, isn’t that who you are,” Bambi said. Yeah, well, it’s good to have someone or something to lean on, the trees. They are there for us, animals too, people are aware of this to some degree. Even when you are having a hard day and have no money, you can go out into the world and the world is yours, the tress, etc. They weather storms and are still there, they make a poor woman rich. Kay, gonna post. I did pray to the trees and really just to the truth and nature saying this stuff here doesn’t make sense, I believe in you and I need help, etc. Yeah, I do it a lot when the devil incarnates do things that make sense with a not and when I feel it’s too much to bare or take, I say for them to bring a storm or something. It’s not fair we have to suffer here for being life itself and for no reason other than that. “Taht’s not what we want you to say, it makes sense, weren’t you thinking that. I was doing something, say you weren’t sure, you were, I did it, I have to go,” Bambi said.


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