i was writing this n they wont let me put the cursor in that right place
September 2, 2015, 5:06 pm
Filed under: Human Potential

“Can we please say things go wrong w your computer… I don’t want you to do that… Okay, I don’t know what to do,” Kelle said. “Okay, it was Keele n then Heather came in… Okay, I was doing that. Okay, i don’t know what to, leave me alone… Okay, i don’t know, I’m stupid,” Heather said. Kelle was talking to me when I was about to do another message. Then when I started to type, heshe held the text on the page so I couldn’t wuote what heshe said to me, so i went to type in a text message. “I don’t know who I am right now as to not be able to stop it, what’s happening. I don’t wanna be less than. I’m losing. I’m saying blow you’re brains out, Heather not, it’s Bambi. Would you say–its not what I want you to put. This isn’t good… This isn’t okay w people. Can you say we’re trying to get you to say you’re saying stuff wrong but you’re not,” Bambi said. “They’re saying for us to leave you alone n them alone. I tried to replace…We don’t know what to do, were less than. Please stop saying we’re less than, well let you leave not,” Bambi said.

Anyway, earlier i was saying to Kelle that this is a phone, not a computer when heshe was saying sometimes weird things happened w this phone so the devil worshipers could keep doing weird things. Anyway, n then heshe said this was a computer. “Yeah, they’re saying this doesn’t make sense,” Kelle said.

“Oh god, we have to get really ugly,” Kelle said.

Anyway, now the neighbors tv is really loud n i can hear it. It was never was like that before. “I hate you, this is Bambi, we don’t know what to do. I was smiling. I was trying to torture you. We don’t know wgat to do, i don’t want you to post this,” Bambi said.

I can hear the person next door like walking around, just it’s not loud but it was never like that before n it’s not fair–“…This isn’t okay, Marla. We can’t openly attack oeople. We have to go, we have to go, Marla,” Kelle said. “We don’t wish you to have a radio to turn on,” Bambi said. Okay, this isn’t okay that things are allowed to do all ghis stuff to somebody. “We have to go n she’s saying she wishes to stop, Marla, next door. Your friendly neighbor is here for you, she said n does not wish to do what she’s doing now,” i think this was Kelle who said this. “People need to leave devil world n stop allowing this, Marla,” someone’s saying, i don’t know who, sounds like John. But just now I thought the screen wasn’t scrolling down. N they keep holding


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