Devil Oncarnates Moving Me To Pages I Didnt Choose
September 2, 2015, 1:44 pm
Filed under: Human Potential

The devil incarnates are not letting me go to certain pages in wordpress. “…We did take this that you wanted to go to… Okay, this doesn’t make sense. Please stop. We’re losing, we don’t know what to do… We have to go, we don’t wish to, we…,” Heather said. Bambis saying hit yourself in the face. “I didn’t want you to put that so i stopped, but that’s not good,” Bambi saif. I had this feeling that they were being obsessed w me. “…Please stop,” Heathers saying now but a minute ago heshe was saying something thst I needed government protection.

Anyway w my other page I was on they held for a long ass time so that when i hit save draft it was held up n typing words held back. I came back, the text was held up again even though i saw the cursor moving the last time i chevked like text would show up soon but it still was missing n the cursor had stopped by this time I had checked in again. I hit save draft again. “This is not what we wish you yo say, Marla… We don’t want you to do these things,” Heather said. “Can i please say this wasn’t me talking because this wasn’t what I said. It was but… I don’t want it said this way. I’m being less than, idk. I’m sayi. I’m less than, i don’t knoe. We are replacing a period for a n… No, please stop, they know I do this. Bambi was trying to rush in to say who she was was okay to say you were lesd than. We have to go, the said we were doing too many things… Someone’s saying this isn’t what we can do, yes. Publish your post, you didnt wish to. That is what I’m saying, i don’t wish to not, is say you’re crazy. I am telling you you’re less than w a spell, i font know what to do…,” Heather said.

They froze the screen for a long ass time. This phone used to never freeze, now suddenly it freezes now that i use wordpress. But then Bbi was dping something, tryin ghost to say heshe was winning or something. It’s doing too well here, blocking people’s pages as an attack on people for being themselves. This is crszy, people shouldn’t go along, Mark, others. They keep tearing thi gs up to do thid shit yet it’s like stuff is still stsndin like it’s still worth something respectable. This isn’t who people are. We went into yhis not wanting to hurt people, that’s what it does yo not be yourself, esp when some thing is just viciously attacking people n it’s public knowledge n everything still stands. We’re supposed to be better off now having seen what this did here. This is lame as fuck what this so called nation n it’s institutions n such stsnd for now. It’s embarassing n people fix it if they call themselves going to work.

I wanted to report that they froze the page so it wasn’t responding, wanted to make that clear, i mentioned it above. On top of that they were then saying I had tapped these other things like some bar thing that appeared on the screen. “I put that there, you didnt type it,” Bambi said. “I’m saying I’m gonna do something to your pusdy. Can you put that instead of posting,” Heather said. “…Please stop putting these things. I kerp saying Marks okay w being a dictator he’s not. I’m making your throat hurt for screaming earlier… This isn’t whst we can do is keep tormenting people. We’re saying you’re a nigger, we can’t do thst. Yes, they hear you saying it’s not okay,” Bib said. “Please stop saying these yhings, that they’re less than for this,” Heather said. “This is embarassing as fuck to people, please don’t say thus,” Heather said.

Heshe ralking about me thinking that peoplr are like those who stood by n stayed quiet etc for the disgusting yhings in our past to happen. They keep making the TypePad go down out of the blue, they’ve done it twice now. But, as i was saying, people are being attacked using magic, etc. Shit is broke as fuck n some like Mark is stuck in land land land standing by as it happens, pretending they can have comfort in some view that they’re okay here. It’s not okay, they’re not okay to do thst. We don’t look back on our history in race relations n think people are okay to have acted like them. We wonder what was wrong w them n think we are so different now. “Oh my god, this isn’t good, you do,” Heather said. And we think we aren’t racists now but that they were. They were followers of the crowd, the illusory crowd that no one who was human truly stood w in his heart but he was against his true self. He was a pussy n a trader. And a loser. Marks a loser n a pussy n he’s down w the racists as long as it means he’s okay to the crowd. He’s horrible, a horrible person, sacrificing life for an image, a false sense of comfort. I hope he dies.

But earlier the devil incarnates they were doing that thing w the text not showing up like I was trying to tell here before I got sidetracked on explaining how people are losing today like how they lost during slavery n other times n how we don’t look back n see yhem as ordinary citizens who are racists n horrible, kike as how we se ed ourselves today. We don’t see these people as like us, as being okay like us. “You don’t this is not good…,” Heather said. So back to what I said w the shenanigans w the page traveling, etc. I saved draft twice between long intervals to wake the psge when text was shoeing up even though it had had time, it was just weird. The incarnates were holdi g the text n then not letting it appear. Anyway, the second n ladt time I saved draft I left came back n saw the post was published. “This is not good, it didn’t publish. We can’t do it, we don’t know hoe to do it. Can you say–Im stupid. I don’t know, this isn’t good, we can’t survive. Oh god. You cant survive this way, killing people. Yes not surviving, Mark, kill him not us,” Kelle said. “No, i talk like the devil now, I’m less than. We don’t know what to do, we can’t let you go to the page. Oh god. Please. Please let us stay n leave us alone. You already tried, this isn’t good is what you’re saying,” Kelle said.

But anyway, that was one page–in a second traveling page incident where it went to a page i didnt go to, this one– they kept me from the drafts n posts pagr. There i wouldve seen the ladt post didnt post. “We were hoping it wasnt there at all,” Kelle said. “No, th his isnt good, we cant do this,” Kelle said. Just as I was typing this paragraph is where they held the text for a while, n so they also added the space between this paragraph n the previous. “Oh god, we don’t know what to do, we don’t know what to do but that. Please keep us here…,” Kelle said.


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