devil incarnates planning to put roach under covers on bed

Bambi was saying heshe was going to get a roach under the covers “n into your vagina, i said. People believe it, that’s not good. Thats not good, that’s what I said. Can you please stop doing this. That was what i said, i tried to turn the word stop into not in your mind. Youre too smart, stop being so smart. Marla, peoplr don’t know what to do if this is who we are, it’s over…,” Bambi said. Then heshe was repeating the, its not good, people believe me thing trying to say heshe was saying it to explain something to me but not have just said it somewhat unintentionally if i was gonna put it here. “That is what i did, please stop doing this…,” Bambi said.

It occurs to me at present that there’s an illusion in American that people “can” do what they dream n succeed n that this is the meaning of “American.” As in, A miraj I can. This would fit in w the truth that the author of Halfway Between the Gutter And The Stars talked about on the blog yesterday. She said it’s like, the meaning of her blog title is that it’s like impossible here to go for the gold when you don’t have enough here to pass go, but she seems to relate it, the impossibility of winning to the devil worshipers cheating n attacking people incessantly here. “Thats not good, it is incessantly. I don’t mean to keep repeating but this is true. Thats not what I said, i was trying to cover up what i was doing,” Bambi said. “It is incessantly that we attack people here…,” Bambi said. It occurs to me now, Obama’s 2008 camps in slogan: Yes You Can. It was the mirage that there could be this overcoming of racial barriers between blacks n success, n between each other like we could be there for each other n say to each other in a way that we were okay w each other n at the same time not really be together. And you’d have multitudes of people like John McCain “and Rush Limbaugh,” Bambi said as a image of him at the radio mike appeared to me–n this guy who did a people on the street poll asking people to dig deep n just try, c’mon: What racism, give examples n people were stumped. “Thats not supoosed to be mentioned here This way,” Bambi said. “I dont know how to say it now. I dont want people saying this now… Please stop, this isnt good, i know people connect this w what i did on Facebook… I heard you say it in your mind, so I’m sauing please don’t say this, but you wont listen,” Bambi said. “Yeah, this is embarassing. Yes saying things like, This is gonns happen… and it’s hard for me to understand things not. I can’t believe them. I can’t believe people will be themselves, etc. Please say etcetera. I dont know how to say whst i wish not,” Bambi said because I was thinking in my mind that Christ tells himher stuff they do like th Facebook block will mean a certain thing to people. “…We dont know how to say this, but this is the truth youre saying, i dont brlieve him, yes. I dont believe people will think im a devil worshiper but they do. I took thr last part, i can’t do that… I said something I wished not n i took it bsck. I can’t do that. I can’t steal fro people’s minds. Thats not good. Please stop sayi g this is over this way. I’m losing, i don’t want to,” Bambiil said. It was weird, i had her words in my mind n then suddenly not a trace or word one of what heshe said. Soething, idk. “I’m still taking it, i can’t do that. I’m trying to keep doing that if I can. I don’t want you to keep putting what I’m saying here. I’m trying now n it’s not working. I’m doing it on purpose, yt? His isn’t good. I’m embarassed, i don’t know what to do. Other times I take, i don’t know. I don’t like this. I was trying to sound innocent. Thats who i am here. This round not, the whole time devil world ended not. I’m really not supposed to take words. I do it ither times, you just don’t notice not. I tried really hard that time… It’s what I did, please. I said things i can’t like this will happen no matter what n more… Can we say you’re photoshopping things w the roaches. Well try to blurry the pictures I said if we put one in the bed. This isn’t good. I don’t wish this to be quoted… We have to stop doing that, giving you the wrong word… using words I can’t… I still try to take words left n right… Sometimes I try harder than others because i can’t believe this is happening not yes… I said that, i tried to take that back. I’m trying to make your butt itch now. I can’t believe people believe you. I can’t believe you’re quoting all this, this is [supposed to be] embarassing. you’re schizophrenic. I keep trying to highlight your text w/o your doing it to take all this down. I can’t do it. I’ll explain, i don’t want you to that the highlight text arrow things keep coming up that come up when you hold your finger down on the screen. Okay, that doesn’t make sense. Can you just delete this n not post it. I need you to do it, not me. I keep moving the cursor, I’m not allowed to do this. Can you make sense of it such as that…” h eshes saying something like so that it makes sense thst it happens but is then trying to hide heshe is meaning that n then made up false main reasons why. “It is distracting w this keep coming up,” Bambi said, adding, Can you stop, somrthing like thst heshe took the words back. For the third time heshe has moved the cursor behind letters.

But anyway, back to the thing on people pretending racism didn’t exist after Obama was elected. I can’t remember what else I wanted to say but–“I didn’t want people to say that video was okay not, Marla. Youre saying I’m some government official, this is embarassing. I was saying you were gonna get a roach in your ear n then I said we csnt do it. This isn’t good, Marla, i wish to put a roach in your ear. Can i put a roach in your ear. Sylvia reading your page a lot. Isnt that embarassing thinking that, thinking other people are reading uour page. This isn’t working in my favor. Hey, put the dot dot dot, loser. Isnt that what I’m supposed to do. This is embarassing. Please dont put he tells me this is gonna happen… I try hard to decapitalize letters, it’s not good I’m doing that. I try to make it look bad, your page, so people… think they’re dumb for reading it n I give them the embarassed feeling… I make lots of asides, Marla, this isn’t good, i decapitalized yhat m in your name. I don’t know what to do. Earlier I said, please don’t tell people Christ said people won’t believe me about who i am on my page… I try hard to decapitalize your I’s, other things… I just tried to change that to I’d. Can we put the roach in your bed now so you can stop doing this. This is not good. yes, there is more than one picture w a roach in your bed… I said I was going yo take it. The spelling errors don’t matter, I was trying to take the capitilization away,” Bsmbi said. “Noooo. Please stop,” Kelle said. “Okay, we have to stop, the computer is,saying, this isn’t how it works. No, i don’t want you to tell people that. No, we have to go, this is embarassing,” Bambi said. The phone auto capitilizes after the period n i think the “I” n the wordpress–“okay, we don’t want this said. You did capitalize the o. That was me, i made the o lowercase n i took out something else here. No, it put it back, the capital things at the top of the sentence when i took them out… I tried to be like someone else here, Brooke, i can’t do that anymore. No, she was my friend, i stole from her. no, please,stop. We’re talking out the capital is. Shit. This isn’t good if you tell. No. No. No,” Then Heather said heshe was trying to make me feel–[This text placed in fromtbof the vursor, i dont know wherevit came from, Heathers.saying it was my text from somewhere else on the page: aj I don’t know what to do if]– Okay, they’re going b atshit crazy messing w the text n my mind. At one point, Heather said, this isn’t good if you tell this, meaning all they’re doing w the text, decapitalizing the i’s. “We don’t want you to go back n say that text is what we pushed ahead of your cursor,” Heather saif. “We were saying things we cant to make you mske you miss what i said….Shit this is not good. Okay, okay, we don’t know what to do” Heather said. Then they put the cursor behi t do dot dot dot as i wrpte, theyre doing it again w the next letters. “Please stop saying were doing thos, tjis isnt good. Okay, okay, this isnt goid… Please stop saying were doing this. Nooo. Kay, were messing up letters now… Can you stop posting,” Heather saidc. hrndj,



Just gonna stop for now. Too much malfunctioning.st


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