Devil Incarnates Not Letting Me Write Here, Interrupting like crazy, so had to stop
September 2, 2015, 4:12 pm
Filed under: Human Potential

They need–theyre holding the type again. “We don’t know, we can’t let people go to that page. We don’t know, this isn’t good. Please say we didnt say this. We did. I have to let you use that. I don’t know I was trying to do that, i was trying to call you a nigger. Please tell what you just said… You said Kelle should die. It’s nothing you haven’t said…,” Bambi said. I thought heshe was laughing at Bambi, i just thought it didnt make sense if we wanted himher to die, too but heshe wasnt laughing like as if to say Bambi looked bad for calling me or trying to treat me like i was a “nigger.” “We are trying to move things around on the page, this isnt how it works. Can we get you to do that, hit paste n put something in this that doesnt belong n then it ruins it. This isnt good. This is me hoping… I don’t know what to do. Can you think of some thing to ruin this posting. Facebook is off n poppin as wordpress now,” Bambi said.

Breaking news, this just in Justin Moyer wants some exposure here on the news, some attention not yes. He wanted me to report on his new pics on his page which show off his bright blue eyes, dimples n at times reddish tan. Hes quite cute. Handsome. Um, he does look reminiscent of a leprechaun, he doesn’t look short but he has reddish hair n round little cheeks. Mmmwha/kiss you on the cheek, Justin Moyer. Care to comment on anything? “No, i just wanted you to mention me,” Justin said. Justins saying his true blue like mine is Matt is Shukiya. Oh. Thats okay news. Onto other news. Okay, well, back again, Everybodys gotta be likeable to somebody. I’m just kidding, i like to make fun of Shukiya for being so slippery, like she tells a lot of fibs. Not a killer, though. But Justins not really my type. I’m not sure why she’s gotten two lookers. Not really sure what she looks like, but this is important to her to have a mate she looks good with, so, we could maj e fun of that but i won’t. “No, we don’t want to tell you what I just said as a spell under my breath. Yeah. Could you say it, idk… I said it’s less than to be mean like you were… I said, Please stop being mean. We don’t want people to be mean nice,” Bambi said.

But i guess it makes sense Shukiya needs–they were holding the type just then–someone a little peppery mean like Justin. “I’m a little like AJ, he’s black. So am I, please say that. She needs a little black. I’m what she needs that she didn’t know. She knew, she didn’t know how to ask for it. She’s hot for me on my page, it’s crazy. It’s that i need you to be my friend now please. I need you to be there for me cuz I’m losing, I’m not doing good, I’m w Rebecca still. I don’t want to be a bad person… But whatever, I’m here for you,” Justin said.

I wonder what it means that all Shukiyas men are working class. I wonder what it means to be working class. “It means we won’t sell out for money… Shukiya said you were less than for that, Marla,” Justin said. Yes, i heard her. I’m really good at this, i got my response here: Youre gonna change the world w a working class nigga, not the way I will or could. Evetything has it’s advantages or disadvantages. I should put it this way, I find this attractive, it is a weak spot or a vulnerable spot but he, the man for me won’t white hit the spot for me without this. It’s been described to me as one who wishes not to be or who wishes the image enhancement that comes w money. An, as Justins saying, is a little of both, n he is n I did think a man in construction management would be hot as a career holding I found attractive, manly. But i said w Will Bearden, an opthalmalogist, that this choice translated to me that he was someone to me who wanted the best of things, wanted to be idk one seen as reaching for the highest achievement. The devil incarnates are trying to interrupt, it’s weird. They’re not saying anything to quote, just saying, Can you stop n talk to us n We don’t know what to do, Marla. It’s weord, i want them to leave me alone. Usually I’m able to write n do this kind of thing I enjoy, you need things you enjoy, you need comfort. You need the stars n pretty things, diamond rings n ding ding ding a kings. They’re commenting on it now. You need the things you want. As the book A Course In Miracles says, “The separation never occurred.” Here we are in a place that pretends it does, but the truth is the truth no matter what. “They all could be rich here,” Kelle said as I was thinking of Mark n Matt n AJ. You don’t need to sacrifice what you wish, shiny things. You just need your Betty. Here I’m is n the others, too. We’re here for you. I leave it up to Shukiya to… “I’m sayin I need a hood nigga. I need one to die for mine another day. Youre such a loser, Marla. You said you would win in a war, let’s not war though, well battle some other way,” Shukiya said. The devil incarnates said they were hoping we’d war. But Justins a good writer, so, they’d probably do Okay. Before I thought that, i was saying me n Shukiya could battle like real housewives of Atlanta. Everyone should think his choice the best. Isnt that what rappers do. We don’t need to concede, just be conceited n something be okay w it like Remmy Ma. I can’t remember how the lyrics go that i want to reiterate. But to want to be better is to not feel sorry, or see someone as lesser, so you battle, you dont want to be the lesser n you argue for your own mind n the other. No, i know what I want. AJ was a little too not Richey rich w the construction thing n outdoor thing, he wasn’t quite white enough in a way. Gotta let your dick lead the way, this is better for me. I don’t particularly want a hood nigga. I have a bad boy in mine, so I’m okay n AJ is one, too. Kelle keeps saying “I don’t know what to do” n just now, “Please stop typing.” They’ve made this menu thing I did not click on come up twice. I font know what they’re doing. We’re not even talking to them. Shukiyas saying she wants my husband, my future husband. “For a night or two or three. Something’s saying no. It’s me not, it’s him. Hes saying I’m not good for you, not. Hes saying I’m nasty for him, I’m bad. Thats what I deal w, i have to have to have a hood nigga to deal w me. So you said I’m losing. I font know how to lose, not. I’m okay. I want yours, if you want mine not, i want yours,” Shukiya said. I said this is flattering. But i also said Justins hot. Itll be clearer what it is I want when were all rich n Justins a writer, etc. We all need a soft side where we fit or cling, where we need a thing to be our thing to hold onto, someone to hold onto us, I’m saying. I was gonna try to make a poem. Mine is easily manipulatable to be someone othrr than himself, so he needs someone who looks outside less. Yours looks outside less to makr up for you looking outside more, so he’s more like me in a sense n you’re more like mine in a sense. Idk. We fit together certain ways. It’s possible I’d look outside more to be pleasing in bed but idk msybe not. “I say that’s okay, Marla. This is Justin not but Matt. He finds that attractive, he says he can dominate in bed. So I’ll take you or, i can’t dominate in bed not, i can n i can’t, loser. Dont tell Shukiya what you just said. I’ll tell her it’s fine if you tell her this. But this is me, Justin can’t get through, you’re Justin is a Matt. They keep taking the capitilizatio n off but it keeps fixing it, WordPress, something. But were gonna be friends on fb n I’ll be dominating for you. How about I be a sensitive man, would you like that. I’m David,” Justin said. The devil worshipers are slowing down the type now. Kelle said, “We don’t know what to do, we have to stop this.”  But I’ll consider that, sensitive man, it’s better than you dominating in bed. I think how we are here us that we are paired according to us recognizing very clearly the things that shine through no matter what, idk. I do like whrn people can b mean n can fight, you seem–theyre messing up the type again: em–But I just battled to be able able to type again. “can we just do thid agsin n not be so horribl” bambi said–theyre meszing up the type agsin:e,–I’m struggling to write right now they just moved the cursor, they moved it again.oe–

They need to leave.


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