Devil Incarnates Blocking Still Blocking Posts Page
September 2, 2015, 2:57 pm
Filed under: Human Potential

“We dont know what to do, Marla. We cant let things post,” Keele said. “We can’t keep doing this, we don’t know what to do,” Bambi said. “…No, please stop! Noooo!” Kelle said.

The devil incarnates aren’t letting me go back to the page w all the posts so I can see which posts n which are still as drafts. “No, please stop… Oh god,” Kelle said. I tap on the link for all posts or it maybe it says blog posts n it goes to this page to write a new draft. They were holding the type again between the lsst paragraph n this one. “We dont know what to do, we cant let things not post. Can we give you a headache. I gave you nauseau, im not okay to do that… I said, please just leave me alone,” Bambi said. “We were gonna start to say you were quoting us wrong. Our quotes dont work, our jokes dont work. Please leave us alone,” Kelle said. Please leave us alone. Kelle said something, they cant, idk. “We dont know, please stop…,” Kelle said.

Yeah, my stomach kind of feels a little bubbly, it’s not bad, but it feels like something’s wrong. But for no reason. I did feel like this, too before I ate n I felt my appetite had gone although I’d been hungry. I had some burps like I had heartburn. I ate anyway. “Isnt that it, it’s not. Now I’m trying to give you a headache again. You have to go. You have to go not, we have to go. I said that. They Cant take that away that we did yhis w the car n everything else… Please stop telling them we did these things,” Bambi said. “Please say you did them you abandoned your car, didn’t you, w all your things in it… Boo. Can we say that for ourselves… I was trying to say it makes sense not for you to leave them [my things that were in the car when I got arrested] at one point here. Can we work together. It’s not good,” Kelle said. But, just to reiterate, as I’ve already said, No way can they stay. It’s so obvious now they should leave. Die. Put them out of their misery. Maybe we could starve Mark. He is from a made up Jewish family, maybe a one man concentration camp. Didn’t they have to do some gross stuff at Geronimo bay. Of course, he could avoid all of this if he would take a stand against the devil n for humanity! Hooray! “We don’t know what that disappeared, that word hooray, i just wanted to do something. We’re saying noises encroach upon you now, along w the roaches. We don’t know, we have to go. It’s thunder anyway, but we want them to make more noise, your neighbors…,” Bambi said after having made the word hooray disappear.

I wanted to mention also that Bambi earlier took the flavor out of my bagel that had a pieced of–theyre holding, they were holding the type here n then made the screen look blank a moment–but my bagel w a piece of melted provolone cheese on top, they took the flavor out of it. N gave me a sick feeling. “We don’t want you to survive,” Bambi said. Thats so weird that we tried help in coming here, but idk, when they say that they sound extra just pathetic n disgusting, that they want us to suffer n not survive, etc. when we had or had done this to help them. But also that thing where they try to like enforce this rules looks so lame considering they’re not welcome, n esp considering what’s here isn’t theirs. N then they’re no longer offering what they said they’d offer people here, people being okay or less than not as something other than themselves here. This government, things operating here, companies seem broke as shit for what’s happendd n been exposed. Everything meant nothing to them to preserve or uphold anymore, no order was untouched as corruptions not is if meant losing, if it meant they’d have to stop making people stay on here past the point agreed upon that they’d be released from bondage. This is slavery we have here n one person tells his view of things like this n they tear everything up to stop him from saying his opinion on Facebook. “This is embarassing, please stop,” Bambi said. It’s not what any of us,stand for is treating people like this, but here your name is next to these institutions n banks n such looking like this is what you could going to work for everyday n showing your face in a place as one who lives here against mankind living well, being treated well, here in Iraq but pretending it’s something else, something other than what Iraq is to people n that is okay.


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