duke men’s lacrosse making their name available for public comment, discourse on sex, other issues

tomorrow so this is the new things letting you know I said the Duke Duke Athletic Association and so I thought something like whoa why don’t you just tell people that this is ok to use our likeness and even more famous people did you see that we areyeah it was here earlier and I live alone and I said watching fights and core to see this is a violation of mine right you know who they have all of these who follows me all of your right to the right right don’t stand so that we are you know deep hard in the face of a new and interesting you know what’s a car you know name is trying to you know quality noted as we don’t have any called the fighting back and its all that you’ve done here with these laws and things will try to take these things away that work or do you need to fight back against you know whatever we were facing on a personal level and governmental level we have this to be able to alert the public sewer problem or distress that was needing the public’s attention so I guess I’m assuming it was down and not seen it was really stupid that we said these things could be taken away in case they are tasty and they were things that we needed and a little protect ourselves and you to protect our rights you know I think that my experiences are you know you know and you know really thought we have a good examples are of the same solid but really he was Gary Anderson head scary examples of your what can happen when we take people’s rights away and then we are acting like American exceptions person is going to be considered by us not by themselves to be even with all these levels of these rights that make people feel OK to some degree to say will this happen today this person has this recorder this is such that happened today but then this is our principal and so I don’t know how what does deception some shopping but there are things that happened in our world that make us feel like something is wrong and me saying all the things that wrong right because we do have these rights to say we do that even things here we do when we doesn’t week we do when we’re there on the spot and probably face with some of these things I probably would you f*** raw Steven other than one Facebook he sings and Rec will this is how I would handle this I don’t say that because somebody to my attention or something for me just tell them to their face see the worst thing you know if I don’t like it there’s a will there’s nothing I would be curious to why this person because with me feel and it was when I was sending will beard in those let her do things you know I feel like why is the person not able to respond on human level why does it have to be this thing were automatically this person and I’ll cook anything on Saturday any of my letters anything were things that where are you know I was trying to steal from this person I was trying to send this person is scared of personality and I said was something scary is that was nothing 200 recognize with Brad when they’re trying to say I was being from the farmers market for the other side to hear more about him on my facebook page I was I don’t understand why did you see where he was he was Santa told me that has weed or without the farmers market and so you did with the nature of it was in a week left then another kind of brutal and I kind of like walked away no it wasn’t real but I was kind of shocked we start up and yell me whatever but I was saying all this is really an unlikely you respond to someone who was done what I did on Facebook that said it’s really humid of the human person just a human being who I was just you doing you know what they would do just doing what I’m using doesn’t so you know it just seems like some of these responses that started because of responses or not in proportion to relax you’re not introduced into who we wish to be or who we are as human beings or M people hereZzzso it was a little mistakes in here in the name of saying okay but I’m trying to take it from the top so like this is when you laying that you always linked up with some things in this life you really not going to do more stuff for Facebook they’re just trying to take over all these things in this is not how they worked not really people in these positions these you know we would call him to use here and I can try to make it sound of that we have these people and all kinds of positions and now all the all of the everything just kind of training on its head to some degree but then the world supposed to stay you know saying where we don’t recognize these things I’m saying well things are going to happen to a bar because our expense it is no cable from the able to see my video I did take some pictures of the world of the reports on unity and I had no nudity on my pain at all and so if I did have to contact I don’t know what could happen if I did have to contact you or something it will be clear and looking to take down the things that they have show me the farthest to the post it’s going to be really crazy and we don’t know what to do people can I find a lawyer all this thing in the world will know what to do but so people to act like the world ever attended in this is an okay so we’re trying to do is an hour trying to say aren’t you the home n***** oh my god this is so crazy the people that I’m saying this in the trash talk about other somebody who talks like who you think it doesn’t want to go to there are located just talk to it and it sounds really stupid right now so I have to go because it is really crazy that things will start to really bizarre I have to keep a log of things I don’t really have no good reason that new book notebook I should get one like I have God’s will I know because help with you when I saw this is that are all my notebooks I had like 3 I’ll go when its like this is crazy this is crazy this is how you’re able to but here it is I would be really embarrassed I will go to some degree I’ve been embarrassed with how we treated people with the other respects you know the so-called child molester that was when I was there okay this is really embarrassing they have all these things to release hunt and her at this person is considered the world this is okayyes you deserve it or notnow on their Facebook pages you saying this is no cable this account is stolen or it said to be something other than self which is a civil rights activist and so we are saying things like what civilization is able to say these things as they would have sex with his team and it was saying stuff like this wasn’t reported this was something that bothers you when the evil stipulation is that when people are reported they have to be one who has arrived and they harassed so we don’t know what to do what to say this was over some other way that we were left in plan having kind of talk that’s not what we wish not but now we wishes and good okay well


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