the devil incarnates declare war
September 1, 2015, 10:52 am
Filed under: Human Potential

Heather Nicole Smith, a serafin, said something like this that follows, i used to n types to record this: we were trying to say you are previous post did not save and you did not like that that you abandoned it with our changes our changes said they were less than to read this and that was not with me to do so we are less than here and we wish not so we wish were not but we will war to see who we are is ok and that is what we are doing with your page we are changing it and not we are trying to get you to change it to think you are less than to do what you did and you have to change then use not but you say that you could be okay here is something other than yourself as devil and me and you devil and made you ok and no one knew who you were with okay. And now you know who you are it’s okay not with another night and we wish this not so now we would do something other than be ourselves in another land and we did this already but we will do it more and more until others see who we are is ok and that is what we will do and we will lose not is what we are saying but we will so we don’t know what to do now but you fight… wherever we can in this page is one place not but did say it would not do anything but be there for Marlow Road Leicester so we have to leave.


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