Schemes On Facebook posting relating to stalking Duke Lacrosse, We thought stalking was the end, there are layerz, stalkers of stalkers, stalkers werent so expendable unnoticeable wall flowers after all
September 1, 2015, 9:54 pm
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“We dont know what to do to stop these things from posting. Its not working, what were doing,” Kelle said. “We dont know what else to do but block it, it’s what we do here in this country, block things that don’t work. I don’t want you to stand out not, it’s what we’re doing. Please stop, i don’t need the not,” Kelle said. “Yeah, it’s not working, he’s [Mark Zuckerberg] trying to get people to say it’s okay, it’s not working. No, he’s not, it’s us. We’re telling him people are okay w it, they’re not. We’re lying, he’s not w us. Kelle n Bambi talking,” Kelle n Bambi said. “I don’t wanna be quoted, please stop,” Bambi said.

But  yeah, someone (I think Korrinne Rowe) wanted me to mention that it’s supposedly important–Bambis holding the text right now. “I am… Noooo, please stop,” Bambi said.–to Facebook to protect freedom of speech, getting attention for helping people in foreign countries to fight oppression there through like stuff they do on Facebook. But, there’s a culture of restricted speech that Facebook is known for n that’s peoplr being fake n promoting the view they have happiness in the devil world through segregation n working for a living (really for a killing of ones self n others who are less than like rebellious kids or retarded individuals). Theyre pages are encouraging suicide, smothering of the life inside people that looks upon duch things n sees the seeming hoprlessness for themselves. Theres narrowness n segregation n rigidity all around n on top a whachamacallit layer of fake smile n rejection of what is negative n inappropriate.


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