recording on Mark Zuckerberg as dictator and Victor and devil world at the same damn time not
September 1, 2015, 10:21 pm
Filed under: Human Potential
  1. Mark Zuckerberg my writing is a piece of s*** tell people about what you were saying people even know who we are dealing with Mark Zuckerberg we hate you Malino I think you just afraid of the public backlash that he’s never quite come so I was going to give you somedid I don’t know what he did but I was hoping that you know since he was 2 video of Facebook that he could make sure that it was going to operate properly for the people who uses it he keeps up you know someone who keeps farting on this page about the 1 billion people on facebook but you would have to make note of the people being able to use it properly in order to celebrate such what to do because it’s embarrassing as f*** that we’re doing these things are the same times a night out Facebook in this scene with a billion users all of this only works on losing over cuz you weren’t even if the satisfaction out of his recording your voice but it doesn’t quite work that he’s just say with this is stupid so great and then you don’t know in the United States community you know it was reallyit was that your bullying others will be reprimanded for for their bullying in the NBA said something like f*** it is me and it’s hard being me and she’s able to bully me and then also use Facebook to it till shut it down by my calls or my I was saying before when people are able to let others know but they are being hurt it is kind of like some kind of public response work I just makes people feel better life for people if they are in the public paint place and they are being attacked you know and what they did was to take away my public forum and that’s really not ok Marvin we don’t know what to do we did something very wrong and we did try to feel your feelings Justin mark feels all four wheels were what would happen to your page and now he does realize you are trying to get your peach shut down and taking off the internet or of the wall or whatever and that’s not we can do there no its not well we don’t know what to do because we were saying earlier that he said we couldn’t take your account down and we did so we don’t know what to do not only that but it outside of the standards are like what what are they were able to do when able not to do but these things are good they’re not supposed to be able to do on the second day countdown for 7 days and doesn’t even in there was anything this is crazy so we don’t know what to do this country is under to ask if you will need to know the old democracy is long gone and we have a dictatorship will try to hold on any way we can and I was putting those images in your mind you want me to stay here of him being a dictator and he was better than you because he had money in that was what I said Marla and you’re staying now on your mind will this is stupid because you sold it to him and you may try to make it on his cell with all these times we could have this public it is where he was a good person and everything in there any people you want people to like it and you know you don’t need it money to always call doesn’t think the people would like him you know he wasn’t that I was saying who was you know calling the people you know that you know whatever gas in the right of you didn’t people to be heading and all of this you know he wasn’t one just to fight the no people who were fighting the powers-that-be you supposed to be a good guys movie good person and that’s something you wanted here and you’re supposed to be helping him to get that but now you’re not saying now we can be this dictatorship guy you know you’re right I mean this isn’t quite what he will head the pressure of it is you know when you’re here and I’ll world has one who was going to be you know someone who could be manipulated or turned around and that is with the white male with a white person it seems that that is their goal is to be with individual who is you know two people who they wish to be they don’t wish to be this person to people hate you know they don’t consider himself while he’s not even Seraphin but he was saying I don’t wish to be that person to people who is a bad person you don’t want to either so what do we do now you trying to sell it for market he’s a bad person needs indicator shipping it’s a good person or not but the good good for something because he has money we don’t know what to do because this is laying of s*** that she was doing this now what she was saying things like it seems to do you this make sense to you that’s what the spell and you’re saying all this doesn’t make sense to me because this is what he wished not wish to be a dictator now but to be a person with a bad here in this will send me that you were able to twist his arm and every witch way to get him to do all these things because you were saying while he went to be handing them be a bad person you see you wear it again now I have something to offer you know someone here that would support you offernothing you got people come out there if it in there you go into positions you know it’s Chris Christie Joe Biden Body Works and Social Security ugly people in these positions and there’s never been there heat they’re trying to attack people with you know try to block your Facebook page and everything else is OK theres John Kerry target or Brian Cornell is not with the group of government but you people were like a super kind of government people that their opinions and they’re behind us United States government owes me so much better and you know Mark Stevens that statement on his page he was trying to protect the Facebook page of the people here from the US government trying to say you know that they wanted more information for the only people that which was a suggestion as far as I understood that the governor was trying to shut down my Facebook page now they have it shut down so we’re saying what are you doing Mark Zuckerberg but you know things aren’t really bothering you being a person that you wish to be one he would you know what he knows who to protect the humanity of others the rights of others who are you this isn’t someone is doing things that are human and he’s acting as a human being about us back to make sense to other things likeeverything is you want me to say what about station stop at the recording that out she want me to say cuz I’ll tell going to sell sleeping so I didn’t want you to say that because I’ll make you sleepy but I’m not I email isn’t if you saying you’re tired she going to take an adverb of bed and I don’t watch that show last student that I don’t know if its true or not but it was about to go to bed so alright good night and I’ll take that won’t my nose early and I will remember you want to the floor every witch know what that I probably wouldn’t do that when I visited the difficulty and I went with my universe make a good impression right before I wouldn’t think that you know if I will try to make heroin something that will never really grow your hair out of the nightI didn’t we wash my hands after what he did that’s pretty gross but if we go to sleep now alright goodnight everyone goodnight Duke lacrosse team alright and Matt alright

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