Racial Motivation Behind Facebook Hacking Top Driver for Attacks

“Were not letting you post what i said,” Bambi said. “No, please stop,” Kelle said.

They’re not letting the copy n paste feature work after earlier I couldn’t get type to appear in the page to post here I went to type what Bambi said in text message. I didn’t want it to post here,” Bambi said. “Can we let it post now n say this never happened that i tried not to let it post,” Bambi said. I said no n heshe said, “I wasn’t letting it post…, but i have to,” Bambi said.

Ill try one more time. “No, please stop typing,” Kelle said. Bambi settled on saying heshe couldn’t let it post. Heshe said, “I can’t.”

Heshe was holding the type again so i wouldn’t say heshe was saying, wo uhh ldnt quote heshe as saying heshe couldn’t let it post, but then said, Please try one more time after letting the text heshe was holding up on the page go. That type appeared n i tried n here’s the quotes of stuff heshe was saying about the Duke lacrosse team thing. Just a quick explanation, i write about having sex w the Duke Lacrosse Team on my Facebook team, most recently I said it was a part of my humanitarian n integration goals for the planet.

But here are some quotes of Bambi from just some minutes ago about me posting on the team n my hopes for me n them n the devil incarnates hopes, err, goals to stop my plans/goals/work in meeting w the team.

“Please stop posting about the duke lacrosse team, we dont know what to do but that,” Bambi said. “…We dont want it known this is what peoplr can do n be okay. Them, too for rscial reasins n beyond,” Bambi said. Bambi said the racial motivations behind what theyre doing to get me not to post on Duke are kind of the most pressing. “They are,” Bambi said. “It’s important here that people feel race is who thry are n not to intermingle. Blacks need to feel less than, others as well for wanting them. This is embarassing,” Bambi said.


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