Parents Just Don’t Understand Not, No, It’s Bambi. Humph. What were we thinking…
September 1, 2015, 5:44 pm
Filed under: Human Potential

By blowing her brains out Bambi became one who has no way to relate to people. Heshe doesn’t understand that stuff is annoying, etc. “I did, that’s what I did, I killed the you that was in me, Mark does it not, he cries, everything else. He told them not that you were crazy, but he did if you believe it for the reason that was said him, that he wanted public approval too much. You told everyone to hate him not but be mean to him. He thinks it’s funny. He thought it was funny then not but now he does. He understands why, he needs it. Everyone wanted to be mean to him not but did,” Bambi said. “Can I do this, I can still read minds. Some of us were meant to survive not, I was one. I was one based on Antoine’s wantings not, but ased on who he was was less than to me if I was here, that’s what happened, isn’t it and other things like that he wished me to be myself above all else to be with me. He was one who was going to tell the truth here, I didn’t like it. He’s out on his page like a bitch. He tells about when he first met you, he loved you. I disconnected myself from him, that’s what I did. I was able to be someone here others liked ecause I told the truth not. I ws tying to say it fast, it didn’t work,” Bambi said. “Mark’s so impressed, Matt, we mean Matt. You love it, Marla, we take it. We say sn’t that too much affection. He heard that, that’s him, he’s very affectionate, you and Miss Trotter like that photo of him holding the girl up by the titty, we try to copy that, we don’t get it, wrong color. He was trying to show you who he was. Don’t you like this, this less than not, he said. I was trying to say something else, he was trying to say we get to be slaves, that’s not good, Heahter’s not here for you, Marla. You said die, bitch, I don’t care. Nobody wants to be slaves not. We don’t wanna be less than, we don’t know what to do. I can’t come back, no one can, but John. You’re relieved. John kills not, we do. He told you he loved you that day, you were the shit on his page, on your page, you told him he was okay to be gay. That’s it, lose me now,” Bambi said.

Kay, kay bout to to eat eat a san san wich wich bitch, bitch. Don say, you want to eat one too too. I don’t know why. Bye. Or brb.


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