Matt Wanted to Talk

So, Matt wanted to say something. Matty? “No, Marla, this isn’t his name, please stop. That was us, we said he wasn’t yours, he says he is. You can’t believe he needs you, that’s great. He is on his page a way he wishes you to see him, confident, cocky, playful, whatever you’re saying in your mind, that’s what I’m saying. I’m gonna do that now, read minds, no more horseplay til you go home, I’ll torture you. I am the devil for reasons more than I want to tell. I hate black women, I don’t know, I do and I don’t. Please don’t say that, I do. I’m supposed to be pretty not you. So, tell people you’re back on Facebook, you’re not. We could not do a legitimate reason no matter what. They said you can’t put nude photos on Facebook and be back no matter what. They don’t care not, they don’t know what to do but say people shouldn’t be banned no matter what, that’s they’re new rule. Fake accounts need to go down though and people should be able to find people not fake people made up for people to think they are something other than themselves. That’s what I said, please leave me alone. Aren’t you supposed to stalk me here, I’m leaving you in the dark of who I was was less than here. I wished you would stalk me, you wouldn’t. I supppoed to be less than not with the penis photos, everything, you bought it not, you passed it on, passed it by. I said it wrong by mistake nnot. Can I go back to what I was then, I least I was human, You thought I was here as something other than myself. My husband told ou it wasn’t real what I was doing for your Facebook page, it didn’t make sense I’d be that happy, I changed things around for you, it worked then, you thought you were wrong previously. I have to stop talking, I done now. Facebook is going to call you soon, isn’t it,” Bambi said. They can send an email, something. “No, they’ll call and say this is wrong what they did,” Bambi said. “Doesn’t that make you less than not. I don’t know, I’m losing, I could tell you didn’t care, I read your mind, that’s something. I can’t get this right anymore, I’m less than,” Bambi said.

Matty? Aren’t you too unlikely a mate for me. This is so exciting. “We don’t like when people think that, please stop. It’s not the Duke thing, it’s something else, something in his size, something,” Bambi said. Idk, it is something I don’t quite put my finger on. He has a slender face, my face or my features, some are kind of big. “Marla, this isn’t good, this is ugly,” Bambi said. “This isn’t true, he said,” Bambi said. “Is he small,” Bambi said. “He’s not short, Marla, he’s so cute, though, don’t you think he’s cute, I’ll do this, this’ll work. I don’t know what to do, can I be honest. I gotta stop, Christ said, it’s misleading,” Bambi said. “I’m trying to say everything like you and I push a cute feeling on so you can see me the wa they see you here in Christ’s land. We’re doing that thing again where we say thigns are better than they are,” Bambi said. “That’s not good, I’m trying to say he’s someone other than he is to you. It’s me, I don’t want you looking at women. He said it’s hot when women do it not but men, isn’t it,” Bambi said. It is, just don’t pay attention to me. “I am telling you to be jealous,” Bambi said. I wouldn’t say like, I wouldn’t try to be that controlling, well, nevermind. I felt I lost how I felt to some degree,  but I’ve seen men not look and I think they want to and I don’t like it, it looks unattractive. It’s probably dangerous. It’s hurtful or something, it’s gross. But the woman I just saw, she was attractive, she said she has a black bitch. “She was pretty, Marla, I like her, I would boo her…,” someone said. “It was Missy not, I don’t know, I have to stop, it’s Bambi. Please don’t say that about Liv Tyler, she’s real not, it’s her twin not yes. She’s a lesbian, Liv Tyler here as something other than what she’d be if she were herself, I’ll take over your post and you won’t write anything offensive, that’s what I’ll do. I have intellect, reason to a pint, not human connection. I don’t want you to put that, please don’t say that. I hate people, Marla, I haate them so much. I want them to suffer here like I suffered when I blew my brains out not but when life became better for me not. I don’t know what happened to her but I told her to look less than,” Bambi said. “I was trying to make your sister have an accident. I want you to walk home, not get a ride, I want you to suffer for being yourself,” Bambi said. “she wanted you to put that, she said. This is Matt, I’m hot for you. I’m a black man lover, not. I’m a black woman lover. He’s one, he’s a man lover only because his soul mate not, his soul mate is who he chooses no matter what so he wants him so bad, he’s gay, here and beyond, he wants him not but whoever his soul mate is. It’s true, Marla, he completes him. Would you be a lesbian if I was a woman. You said you would, women are hot. Taht’s not her, she likes this new Marla on your page, all over Ruth not. Ruth was modeled on her, arrogant, pushy not but do say that was who she was to you. Hot, very hot you said in Christ’s land. You’re submissive to a point. You are. I am who you need, not submissive not. I am and I’m isn’t. I’m a little of the two, I’m here for you, they’re trying to say I’m not talking. The girl Bambi was talking about when your sister called, she was telling you a perm looked weird, it was her skin color, her clothes, other things come to roost. That’s not you, not, someone wants to say something rude. It was brooke, she said this is you with a perm. You have to wear it right, you said,” Matt said. then Bambi tried to pick up pretending he ws her. “You have to make sure you don’t wish people things we don’t wish, we copped the comment where you think, it’s Bambi. I want you to think you look stupid with a perm. Natural hair is good, but not yours before. Don’t you want my hair, I don’t know. I have to stop looking racist. Please don’t post this, I’m less than, I don’t want this. I’m still trying to kill people,” Bambi said. “Don’t fix where I start talking, I don’t want this,” Bambi said.

Kay, gotta go.


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