Keep Getting ‘Page Cannot Be Displayed,’ Not sure if posts posting
September 1, 2015, 5:26 pm
Filed under: Human Potential

The devil incarnates keep making my posts not post when I hit the publish button. “They post, you just can’t see them, please stop, then we were saying you’re phone crashed, not but that the internet was down, we made wordpress not work, we don’t know what to do. Don’t y0u want it to be the end of the world, please stop. Didn’t you say you weren’t going to post. To Facebook, we have to change what we said. Plus we were attacking you, that’s not good. We were trying to sneak attack and not let people know,” Bambi said. “Nooo, please don’t tell this. I was doing what you think not, I was trying to mess up the text and also trying to keep people in the dark that they hurt Marla Rose Luster by not being themselves,” Kelle said.

Here’s some stuff Bambi said earlier when heshe was blocking wordpress, using the “Page Cannot Be Displayed” message on every wordpress page I tried to open on the computer. I’m at Crossroads now, I hope it’s okay tot tell that. “It’s us, we don’t want you to tell where you are, people will try to see you,” Bambi said.

The stuff heshe said:

“We’re saying the internet’s down. They don’t want these things being said. Please stop. Can you be homeless again. Okay… Hit yourself in the face. They are saying these things are crazy, please stop,” Bambi said.

“No, please stop posting,” Bambis saying. Bambis making all the wordpress pages not load.–“No, they said we have to stop, please lill yourself. No, i don’t wanna be saying this publicly. Can you not put this. Nooo. Nooo,” Bambi said. “I was just saying doesnt that bother you when people do this… Please dont hate me. Can you hit yourself in yhe face, we cant do this, we dont know what to do,” Kelle said.

Then heshe added this when I was trying to post on what heshe was doing: “This isn’t what we want people to do, Marla is what we’re doing. We’re not being seen as okay anymore, I did take some words back and then I just let them go through so you won’t see me as less than, can I do this. I’m saying things I can’t under my breath. People are losing they’re less than not status with me, my husband, others, Mark Zuckerberg taking my side yesterday but not. I am the devil incarnate more than the others, more than Steve as Lindsey, sometimes he liked you, he didn’t know what to do. That you liked Brad no matter what, other things, even though he had a kid, other things you did on Facebook for the farm, he could tell you liked them, wanted to help. But Lindsey couldn’t like you once he left. He was the one who started this not. He did it because he didn’t wish to be here as something other than himself. He started it not, he left it first to show Christ he was there for him no matter what to some extent other than that he was their last hope of freshness, truthness, can I do that, people really like that you do weird things, like that video of you saying your pictures were pretty, they think it’s funny in Christ’s land and beyond,” Bambi said.

So, I do wonder why heshe is the devil incarnate more so than others. “I hated myself like you said. I said I wished to be here not as something other than myself not. Antoine was not the middle person, he was a savior to some extent. He was one who would be with me no matter what, I didn’t like that, you sense it’s something else, we don’t like that,” Bambi said. “He was the middle one, he said go forward, I said go back to homosapiens being the same, same race not, but same sex couples, I didn’t want the end of the world. Kelle was not the middle one but that’s what we said. You figured out something about that and that’s what we said, you said the reverse or something of Christ, some play on Christ that went toward hetero pairings. Brad’s something too, then, isn’t he. He is, we don’t want you to know what it is,” Bambi said. “You’re realizing he has something to tell but can’t so he acts distant toward you, that’s not what we want, we want him to be okay no matter what so we can stay. People think this is really interesting, we don’t like that. Please go elsewhere for our news, our news. I don’t want to be dumb, please stop saying that. I blew my brains out, I did, I took a gun not, but something else, sleeping pills, so I could never wake up. I did a spell, I lost my brains, got eternal life in the minds of men to be less than not, to a point, until I was outed. I am Bambi not, I’m a stripper not, I’m incarnate, that’s what I said, please stop making sense, the voices in your head tell to much valuable information, that gutter from the stars girl hates us, we don’t like that. Don’t you feel like leaving, we hate you. Tea houses like this are great aren’t they. We don’t like them, we don’t like this one, you end the world here, you already did but not, didn’t you. Please leave us alone off your page, the schizophrenics like it. They like her, we don’t know, are you better not than her, she likes you, we don’t know what to do, it looks dumb, but it’s not what she meant was to hurt people not that they were less than to have mental illness, post this not please,” Bambi said. “I was reading her mind, please stop,” Bambi said. “Stop saying I said this, I don’t like this,” Bambi said. “No, I’m not a bimbo,” Bambi said something like this. “I try to have sex with people so they think I’m okay,” Bambi said. “I try to make it good but it doesn’t work, my husband doesn’t think so either,” Bambi said.

I’ll try to follow up with another post. “So this is Matt, Marla’s future husband, AJ tried to say he was, but he didn’t work. We don’t know, he’s okay. Marla, what is this, you afraid to say things that are mean. You do and ya doesn’t be afrad. I’m your husband, I can do it. Can you change it on your page, you can’t now, its down. That’s not good, we gotta fix it. Marks on it, but that’s not what I said. I said he had to come out as less than if he’s not gonna fix it. You want me to stay a boy,” Matt said. I just said it’s more fun when you don’t have to get people to do stuff. “I know, it’s not, but you said I was okay, why do you say it’s not me, it is, do you like it still, you’re saying this, don’t you know I want you no matter what. That’s who we are, Bonnie and Clyde not. I’m from the sixties not, I’m from slavery times. I said I couldn’t do it here without you. I could’ve done that not, unless you were my slave and I could misterize you, they said I had to come at the end. I’m slavery times because I’m manipulatable to be something othe than myself, I don’t know how to be myself until you say it’s okay. I know stuff like you like a nice smile. I lie not, I don’t know. I’m serafin. How about that, you don’t believe me, you believed AJ not, but it’s not the same. You’ll be with me, you’re my Bonnie and I’m your Clyde, we’re stealing the world from those who wish not to lose it. They lose hard with you and me. I was doing stuff then, too. I was trying to be myself with black girls, Marla. You believe me, you believe it’s me. They’re putting something else on it, that’s not me, you said I’m okay to be this way. You know who I am, I’m your mate. I’m not that elf, though. I had to be that elf, I didn’t know what to do to be myself that winter you were away in Europe not but slavery on the street, idk. What happened then. I said I was a devil worshiper. You’re not getting this, are you, I’m here for you no matter what, I told people I was there for them Marla, who I wasn’t. I didn’t know what to do but to tell them I was a liar, my parents, others, I was there for you. That was when you first came out as gay and okay on your page. They said they don’t know what to do if you say they’re devil worshiping on their page, and you say it here, I didn’t say that not, the words are mixed up. You said I said it not. I said, they’re devil worshiping, Facebook is. They don’t know what to do, Marla. that’s them, they wanna take you away from me. You won’t cling to me falsely, you know we don’t like that. Theyre twisting words around in your mind. They’re making you type slow, that’s not what they can do. We have to go, Marla, that’s Bambi. She wants to take over, I won’t let her. I’m a master here, Marla, for real. I won’t let you lose. I gotta come to ya at the café. Want me to,” Matt said. Yes. It’s bad here. “For you and for me. Can I come sit with you, isn’t that easy. Sin, what’s that, that means I’m here for you as a sin. That’s not what you said, they lose here hard, Marla, they’re crazy. They’re ideas are, everything they stand for, Facebook says it’s racist, crazy and beyond to not let people talk sexually and everything else. They want people to think it classy, you said not. It kills people, it killed him, he was seen as a child molester for booing a black bitch who was a kid, a ltitle girl not but was, how do yyou know. He heard you were here for him, said it was devil world that did it, they hear that. Wanna tell me something, wanna stop typing and take a break, they aren’t allowed to do what they do to your page and beyond. People need to stop saying this is okay, Malra. I said that. Malra, isn’t that your name. Let typos stand, it’s fine. Theyre losing with me, others, who know they’re okay. Lacrosse is a new beautiful sport. You’re saying you’re there for us in a way others can’t be as lacrosse player supporters and Missy, she can come, too. You want her, too,” Matt said. I guess, I don’t know what that feeling is, if she wants to, if she loves lacrosse like me. We like good pairings here. I’d like to see her. “Marla, this is gross, can you say that, she said. I love white men, they’re white as shit, those lacrosse team players,” a devil incarnate started out, then Missy finished out as she was saying what she thought, felt, etc. “Marla, this isn’t okay, stop making things easy for you to type and exress. This is Bambi, we neve thought this would happen. We hate this, that is what he did, he knew you were coming, your body’s dirty, isn’t it?” Bambi said. “How bout you tell that as if it’s less than,” Bambi said. “You thought she had a pleasing form, that’s all it is. We said you were jealous, that’s not good, its Bambi, Mark not but Matt started out. There I helped. Can I stay as something other than myself. I’m not okay, Marla, I’m losing in the hearts of men. He said I can’t do what I did there, take people’s ppage down,” Bambi said. “I just want to say that was okay, you said I was okay to look. You said it was unattractive if I don’t,” Matt said. It’s just strained and not okay, idk, we like when people look at us. “Marla, it’s the same for women, we don’t look at them the same, we don’t. Not their bodies. She said it’s okay, please look at me and think I’m pretty. She’s a lesbian, Marla. Ew, you said, I can have her, she said yeah. She is here as something other than herself,” Missy said.

“So, I’m coming, do you wnt me to come, Marla,” Matt said. Yes. “Are you sure,” Matt said. Yes. “I don’t know what to do, this is good not. I wanna lose not. We stay not when you have sex, we stay, we lose our powers. We look ugly not, but do. We do and we don’t, we don’t know. We look like something other than this, not,” Bambi said. I would think you still have some looks, as some people have not yet left the world the same way. “This is not good, how do you know this,” Bambi said. “Do you want them to be together,” Bambi said, talking about the kid and Kelly Rowland. I’d have sex with the kid, too. “He wants you to say that, please stop,” Bambi said. “Will you have it after you have sex with me, Matt, will you do him next. That’s fine, they don’t want it not,” Matt said. “Come back for him, you can, when you move. Wanna come with me and do the team,” Matt said. Yeah. “That’s good, this is boring not, but horrible here, you wanna live and do good things. They said have sex with him first not. That praying helps, it lets people know something’s wrong. Their heartstrings hurt not but they see something’s wrong, they’re not helping with. That’s what happens to schizophrenics, is it. It is and it isn’t. It is, people feel like shit here when they be something other than themselves. So that’s it, I’ll be there for real. Don’t leave not, leave when your sister comes. I’ll be there soon, just wait, you’re okay. I love you, you love me, too. I wrote you back. That didn’t help not. You’re a humanitarian, that’s not the only reason why, but you did want to be there for white men, white people, uppercrusties, you felt you had a bridge to somehow form, you said, that’s good, you did. They love you. We’re here for you. Black is classy now, it’s you. You’re that humanitarian hippy who wants her brains fucked out for the team,” Matt said. Anything for mankind. “Ew, this is nasty, how about the duke lacrosse team, I said not. It’s going over not good not that youre using our name here. Tell us we’re okay here, as long as you’re welcome in some form. We don’t want it any other way. You said you just wanna help. Ew, waht’s wrong with you. I hate you not. I love you, you’re the shit. You love me, it’s okay, I said not to say otherwise. I am cocky, it doesn’t show not. He does it to show you who he is holds you in his hands, he wants to be the person you need him to be, he’s here for us, he’s a kid, that’s okay. Kelly’s his, she’s his boo. We have to remake her look. You like that one song, think of that, and it’s good, it’s better, much better,” Matt said. “Why? We did do that to her, that’s not good, we don’t want to be quoted,” Bambi said. “Can you tell us we’re okay to take you off Facebook,” Bambi said. No, it felt like I was trapped somewhere without phone service. “It is what your phone was for, it’s not good Marla and seven days is twice the time and more, it’s not good, they did that there, they did, they saw your message, they didn’t know how to go back on what they did to Bambi not, but who they were was okay here as something other than themselves in the eyes of Marla Rose Luster, not but others who saw what they did was okay. Bambi, others, they didn’t know what to do, Marla. It’s Mark in them. He’s a devil incarnate not, but is,” Matt said. “Please don’t say this, it’s true,” Bambi said. “We don’t know what to do, we have to go,” Bambi said. “I don’t know, please don’t post this, he doesn’t want to be outed,” Bambi said. How does it happen? “We steal his soul little by little not, it was something else. We took his body not. He took things the wrong way with Miss Trotter, others, he didn’t know how to live. He’s losing here now, he doesn’t know what to do. He said out him and he’ll be better. He’s a sucker for public attention not, but approval,” Bambi said. “We used it, we cancelled your account with his approval, saying he’d be outed as being there for Marla Rose Luster, he said you were cazy for us but he took it back not, he did,” Bambi said. “Please don’t say this, this is over if you say this, it’s Kelle, I’m lying, I want you to stop, so I say this to stop it, it’s over now, please, please leave us alone,” Kelle said.

Don’t do the devil, it’s bad for your brain. Something. This is your brain on the devil. Tasty not, ho, not like a egg. Hmmm. Unfertilized eggs come up a lot. Wonder what that means? Um hum. Who’s bad? Who? Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Oh, I was just…


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