devil incarnates warring through fb n beyond

So the devil incarnates keep reloading the page when i open windows on the internet (on my phone) n i don’t get or have to wait for the chance to choose which page I want to go to. They’re doing it so i lose work she. I go to one page n come back yo a previous page. “No, we are,” Kelle said about them reloading the page. Heshe said it as i wrote. “Isnt us writing this. Nooo. Can we write something other thsn this,” Kelle said. “Nooo. Please. I was just saying that cuz that’s what we sound like. Can we sound like something else we’re less than. No. I don’t know what to do, I’m less than. Can you stop sayi g this is okay, wgat were doing not. Please say it’s okay, the pages, not but your car, they said we can’t do it. Noooo. Please stop. Please stop saying we’re less than. I’ll steal this if i can, it’s not fair we have to listen to this. No, it’s fair. He knows you see him as home, we don’t like that,” Bambi said. “I know you think I’m home, i like th hat, dummy. I said I’m gonns beat that pussy up, bitch. I love you, Marla Rose Luster, you’re my bitch n I’m yours,” Justin (really Matt is his name) said.

Yeah, that Justin kid, I like him. His name is really Matt in another land. But I wanted to reveal here that the devil worshipers made a fake page for him. “We’re letting it stand, Marla. It’s fake not. It is, we don’t know what to do, we don’t know what to do,” Bambi said. I was saying FAcebook needs to change their policies and just do some things to protect users more from the devil. “We think so too, I said, not now though. We’re the devil we don’t wish to be protected against, we wish people to think we’re okay and then we can [attack] them from behind. I said attack, we took it back,” Bambi said.

Bambi was saying, “He has a girlfriend, please go away, this is Justin’s page not, but it isn’t. Please go away, leave us alone. There is a fake page and we blocked you from his page not, but we won’t let you find him. As of yet, Facebook is on our side, Marla and that’s what you’re saying. That’s not what we want you to put here. Please leave and leave us alone. We need man to be here so we can live not and use their life, they’re not allowing it but we have to stay no matter what,” Bambi said. “Okay, we can’t let this post. Can we refresh the page, they’re saving like a bitch so we can leave you alone, you’re safe here, they said,” Kelle said.

Here’s the fake page for Justin Guterding, with Duke Men’s Lacrosse, he’s my boo, he said he would marry me here, but the devil incarnates made this fake page for him and won’t let me go back to the page of his I’ve visited before. It says the page is not available to me and I can’t click on the link to his page on the messenger window. “We won’t let you do that, we don’t know. He’s hurting himself, Mark is, so we don’t know,” Bambi said. “They said you can get that [the message I sent Facebook telling them to outwardly choose the side of mankind or the devil since it’s allowing it’s site to be used to hurt people–“No way, it is, please don’t say this,” Kelle said.] back someplace other than here called the end of the world. We have to end the world, we don’t want to,” Bambi said.

“He’s allowing Facebook to be warred upon based on nothing he’s done not. He’s not with Priscilla but that’s not it. We don’t know, we’re lying, please stop,” Bambi said of Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook. Mark’s my soul mate who was meant to be made for me, but we both choose others to be the one we’d be with no matter what here and beyond. I don’t know who he chooses yet.

Here’s the fake page for my future husband, Justin Guterding (He’s really cute, a Duke Men’s Lacrosse Team member): https://www.facebook.com/wama112?fref=ts


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