Devil incarnates making my vagina burn
September 1, 2015, 10:56 pm
Filed under: Human Potential

Sometimes my vagina burns if i per n don’t drink enough water. “We don’t want people say things like this. Well stop if you don’t report yhis,” Lelle said. But i do think it’s them. I did have some water earlier. Then if i drink water it’ll go away n i did that. “Nooo. Please tell us to leave you alone not. Okay, that doesn’t make sense. We are starting it again n that doesn’t make sense. Okay, this isn’t what we’re allowed to do to people. Nooo, we font know what to do. Bambi making you imagine her hitting you not but herself in the face. We’re not allowed to keep doin ghost this to people. She’s tell I g you there’s someone I. your apartment, it’s not good. She daid don’t search, that’s not goo,” Kelle said. “We want you to think someone’s there. Don’t masturbate, he’ll rape you,” Bambi said.

“It wasn’t okay that i did this, people are saying. I don’t know what to do. It’s me making this noise I can’t do this. Marla, please stop doing this, writing on fb n beyond. It’s not what we can do is stop you. It’s not okay, we have to stop,” Bambi said. Heshes still holding type at times n moving the cursor. The noise, theres a poppi g sound in the broiler area. “No way, that is what it is, please stop. We’re war on their chief, we don’t know what to do. Please stop. No. I keep telling you to stop writing, it’s not working,” Bambi said. “It’s louder than before, the noise when the air conditioning comes on. I don’t want you to close your door. I want you to hear the noise n wake up. We have to go, this is not okay w people that were doing this. Please stop typing things we say n do n just suffer quietly n die. Thats what I’d do not, but i don’t knoe what to do. This isn’t going good, they said they have to help. We keep making noise in the apartment, other things, we have to go,” Bambi said. “Can i be Brenda, she’s okay,” Bambi said.

“I don’t know what to do if you close your door… I want you to lose like I am. I don’t know, I’m less than. Please stop typing this stuff. Schizophrenics aren’t meant to tell this stuff,” Bambi said.

“Thats something new, a water sound in tour room. Okay. Okay, i don’t know what to do. Please just leave us alone…. This is embarassing. I didn’t want you to tell about the sound in your room,” Bsmbi said.

“Now were saying youre going to be cold in here. Okay, we don’t want you to post that. Now I’m making your vagina hurt. I don’t know what to do. Does that hurt, i don’t know what to do, please stop. It’s an internal exam not, i don’t know,” Bambi said. “We didn’t want them to kill us, now it’s not working that we can stay. If it’s not good say it’s Target, idk,” Bambi said. “This isn’t good, i look embarassed on your page. I have to stop making your vagina hurt. I won’t. Kill me, idk. This isn’t good, i don’t mean that,” Bambi said.

Yeah there’s a loud  water rustling sound that didn’t used to be behind a vent in here. It’s gone, just now stopped.

They’re still making some pain in my vagina area, it’s bot burning, it’s beneath the surface. Bambis still doing it but saying, Please dont tell yhis, no. Heathers smiling in my minds eye. “No way is this going, Marla. This has to stop…,” Target said. They’re so crazy.

“It is pulling in your abdomen, we don’t want you to masturbate,” Target said. “Okay it was Target, we don’t wanna make it this easy to quote w just one person talking,” Target said.


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