Devil incarnates keep reporting my posts to enforce segregation, to make think the duke lacrosse team is the team from that news report years ago reported for that raping that girl, Facebook’s helping
September 1, 2015, 8:23 pm
Filed under: Human Potential

I had another post reported for nudity. The devil wordhipers are trying to keep saying i havr nudity on the page when i dont so they can close down my page or something. I have notified Facebook three times about tjis, dtill havent responded. Like this isnt okay for some thing to hack into your account n they pretend they cant do anything. This is whack, yo. Go home n stop pretending you have something more important to do, like set people up to use the site like its idk okay for people to use, legitimate, n not broke as shit.

“We dont want people to look at the page, Marla, were trying to get it blocked permanently,” Bambi said of my Facebook page.

Bambi was saying that heshe doesn’t want  Using the Duke lacrosse team member’s names. They want to keep people living in late last land where race n class substitute for personalities that just don’t mesh. It’s a Moran that, err an illusion that this is who people are, their race n class n political affiliation or whatever. Race n class are the thing in the rape accusation case against the duke lacrosse team members years ago. “Can you believe they’re doing it,” Bambi said. But it’s not even a legit report, Nudity In Any Of The Posts, Its Not True, Or Anywhere On The Page. “It’s not, it’s not them,” Bambi said.

The devil incarnates are determined to make their story line of black people being less than to others fit no matter what. “N people that be themselves, that’s it, that’s true,” Bambi said n heshe moved the cursor before text as i typed. “No, we don’t want to report that part,” Bambi said. N they also keep moving the page to a position so i can’t see the type as it appears on the page n now heshes making my throat hurt. “We dont know what to do, please dont post this,” Bambi said. Heshe also said heshe, err, they were embarassed for people to know they were racists orchestrating the racial n other divides. “Please stop sounding so smart,” Heather said. “This us so embarassing for you know who. Yes. We don’t know how to do it any other way. This is not good,” Heather said. “This isn’t what we can do, it’s not stopping people,” Bambi said.

I could probably sue or  something, they’re trying to find fake reasons to block the page, to pretend others don’t want me to say stuff n to pretend old divides or false illusions that people want racial n other divides really exist. But freedom of speech should be protected, as well as other rights, but theyre not here.



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