and know the place for the first time

I was just wondering about what’s going on. What time is it and what time and what mind we are in, is it the begin or is it the end. And how would we know but because it was the begin. Again.

I said should I call the police maybe they can help me now. And I felt I could but I like to have some context or some purpose to the things I do so I said well what does it mean for me to call them now. Or something like that I thought and I said something like, Why now, something like that and somehow I was thinking and I just had the thought that that this is where we were when this started. We were being attacked in Christ’s land. just now I heard Bambi say we were, she’s saying now that she meant you were as in we were who were the humans or the angels who were not Serafin. Bambi’s saying, We don’t want this to post, Marla, this is true this is what we were doing, we were walking with you because you were yourselves and we couldn’t be ourselves and so we said, Can we be something other than ourselves with you and you not know it was us? She said we said no and so they said we had to go to another land to see if they were okay, something like that she’s saying. “That is what i said, please stop saying i changed it in your mind,” Bambi said. That last part sounds true, we probably said, we’d still know it was them if they were to be something other than themselves in anotger form, such as an opposite sex of their sex, we probably said we’d know them apart from the angels or others who were not serafin, like them/their kind who did not think they were okay as themselves, their sexual orientation, race/skin color, etc.

Yes I don’t know I don’t trust Bambi, but I’m saying I feel this is probably what’s happening now is that we are in a situation where we know them apart from us like we did in the begin (I feel I want to use this form, not the full word, something poetic), as in the beginning, when this started that we somehow decided to go another land w them. And we are in a situation where we know what to do now. We did not understand maybe or know that we would have to do something such as kill someone, or werent sure that was the only way was for then to just not be there anymore, something like that. We did not know this was something that we should do because we did not know about death. Now we know about death here, that this is death here they wish on us n have wished on us from the beginning of devil world to wish us not to be ourselves. “That was what we did then wasn’t it. I don’t want to help anymore,” Bambi said. “We don’t know what to do, we  [I think heshe used “I” not “we” here] don’t want you to call the police I’d this is what it means,” Bambi said. I wish I could ask Christ a question but they try to make sure I can talk to him.

Bambi was saying they won’t let this save, they won’t let this post. I was trying to save a draft of this here, tapping the save draft button, but as i started writing the page reloaded to save.

So we should be at the point now that we know they have to go, we can’t be w them no matter what. They won’t let us live or be. Things were supposed to be different here. Things were supposed to be sexy, things like slavery n some of the tension there was over race/skin color here.

I think I might be hearing fro the girl who writes that halfway between the gutter n the stars blog. “It means we have to try too hard here to win. You said, Didnt we think it was different before now. We did but we didn’t, some people knew. I’m a man in another land, I’m here for you. No, I’m you in another country, whatever you want to say, serafin not, that’s what they were called then n not, we didn’t know what to call them. They’re outed now, they have to lwave but they won’t. They’re saying that youre breath smells bad, i don’t care. You did really like that one, he’s here for you to some extent the others aren’t but not, he said he would marry you here, that’s no big deal, he would do it in the dark not. He tells you you’re okay in some way other than the truth not, he tell you you’re okay no matter what. Dont you wanna tell about that, the duke lacrosse team, here, its not here yet. They’re [the serafin] doing that, making you constipated, they can’t do that. But I’ll say about what I said before. Yeah, he’s here for you, he said, Do you wanna get married, that’s not him [AJ. He’d do it to get out of here but he didn’t know if he’d do it, no matter what, Marla. The other one does, Matt, his name is Matt, he’s hot. They’re more suited to you, the ones who will marry you w discernment, he lacks discernment still, the kid,” the writer said.] He [Matt] needs you more than the others not, but did say he wanted to change the world. That is how he looks in Christs land, he’s hot. He’s a feeler like you not but he knows who you are is the truth. But before I said something like I don’t wish for you to say who i am is okay not so I’ll go to another land. There are a lot of us not but do tell what you just said, it’s not fun w just a little bit of people, so well be okay here not but we will soon. They’re saying you’ll be hot now, feel hot, so you do… Yeah, I told them I didn’t want them to be here at all, they should leave. Yes, we were sure to be killers not yes [if we killed the serafin in Christs land. you have to trust yourself, w didnt. I did but not. I thought I could be myself not n still win. he thought they should die n you did, too,” the blogger girl said, who’s here as something other than what she’d be As a white man w a black woman soul mate. “I date white men, i hate it,” She said.], we didn’t want that. We had discernment not… We talked about some other things, please put that here though, you choose aj not, not the kid youre w not. Matt or Justin, whatever his name is. Thats discernment, you have to choose yourself, you cant be given, you have to choose it, your blue thats true, everything. Thats why i had to go to a foreign country because i thought they [the serafin] deserved to live not. We are richer there, I rish (Irish), [Spannish, “We take up big space, we can’t live small,” the blogger girl said.], all that means something. No, that  [Russian] means something, they rush in on a hoe, right. [They date black women more, German’s do as well. “Germs of who they are is okay, we dont know unless you tell us not, thats what it is,” the girl said Of What German means.] That “right” makes that seem less horrible to say. That was who we were, we couldnt say we was okay to kill. They were too okay, they were disgusting. I told you because you realized this yourself, that’s the only way I can tell you the truth, here or in Christs land, we have to tell the truth no matter what, so we wait for others to see it or we do art so others see what we see, they take art here on purpose from us. Yes, little by little things got worse. They saw it was helping us so they took it. Will a Cathers here for you, you’re friends in Christs land n lovers… No, you said why is she writing kike this to hurt people, no, that didn’t entertain us, they knew they were gonna be better, they didnt wanna be less than. They don’t want you to tell him he’s okay cuz they know he’s here for you when you do… In the foreign countries, that’s who we are is we wish them to be no more, even Iraq. Some were smarter, they were them, us, Christs sons redid not. We were more aware they had to die n everything else. They said, What if we come as something other thsn ourselves, would you know we were okay over them, they knew they were killers, Frank, your mom, others. They Cant take Facebook away, this isn’t war not. No, they hear people saying this isn’t what they can do, they go batshit crazy for that reason because we’re saying war is upon us in our hearts n they don’t want it, so we have to go, i won’t help you w that last part. Thats who we are, these fables n things, that’s why we like them,” writer on the blog halfway between the gutter n stars said. “We don want this to be so everything it is… Please dont post it,” Bambi said as heshe moved thw cursor before some letters already typed.


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