Call From Ashley Furniture
September 1, 2015, 12:31 pm
Filed under: Human Potential

Ashley Furniture just called saying i owe them a payment. Idk, i did try to get a new mattress there, i thought things were going to be different here. The devil incarnates are upset im writing this, saying, “Nooo, please. Will you not write it if we say this not. We’re not allowed to do this now, we can’t take this person’s money the way we were. Fuck, i was trying to take the words back. We don’t wish to be here as we are… less than no matter what, so we fight this way. No, it’s him, he’s saying it’s over. Can you go to sleep,” Kelle said. “We dont like that people are saying this isnt what we can do. People said you should be out of it now with this, the end of the world. They can sue you for payment, cant they? We lose hard now, we dont know what to do. That is what she looks like. We look like you not, we look like serafin. We couldnt deliver your mattress the way we were, we were saying we wouldnr give things like zero limit. Yes, no, no good, we have to go,” Kelle said. “The Ashley Furniture person is telling you were doing stuff we cant do, she tell us this is what happened, we don’t tell you,” I don’t know who said this. “It was us, we don’t want to be different. Over tome we came to look like how we do now, snake like, were like the snake, we need you to say we’re okay. We see ourselves when we listen to you say who we are is less thAn. They said we can’t do, they said we have to leave you. Moo. Please, okay, we can’t. They said we can’t take you pay not, we can’t make you pay for the mattress, we have to stop calling he said. She said it was less than, less than as a bitch. We don’t know what to do, we have to go. We were trying to say something we can’t. We don’t know what to do. Please. No, that is who we are. No, we don’t like this, being friends w people not on our page n beyond. We want you to think others are bad not us. Hit yourself in the face, aren’t you bad. We deserve this not, right, we are waning in who we are is okay here. They said it’s less than to do this the way we are…,” Kelle said.

But yeah, i need maybe a lawyer w that furniture thing, other things. I guess the tides are turning. “They are turned against us not yes. You can get your furniture back not, you can get your money back for what we did,” Target said. I was going to get the mattress, but there were starting to be unfair things, the additional money I had to pay here n a two hundred dollar deposit for the gas bill, things made it so that it was once again revealed it would be untrustworthy here n it felt to me like i could not get the mattress the way I thought, that it could be Willy nilly, untrustworthy like other things here. There were other signs I shouldn’t get it but i wanted a mattress, needed it n thought things were getting better, things seemed to be turning up, i thought, i felt Lind of happy. I thought eventually I would get more money, too, i do have a lot of law suits, Ashley Furniture could be one. They kept asking for more stuff n were acting so sleazy, rude, that’s how I ended up keeping the mattress my sister gave me n finally decided just not yo get the one from there. But i really thought i would get the mattress, but things are shady here, too crazy here, too monstrous, warring, crazy. Tumultuous times, they should result in a change here. This upheaval can’t last, it’s really crazy here now. “No way, nooo. We don’t want to hear this, we want to say it’s normal, it’s not, we can’t take people’s cars, anything else,” Kelle said.


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