Soul mates n who we choose no matter what

This is the post they were trying to keep me from posting. They’re slowing down the type. This is what i recorded using talk n types, Karla, others say its like a recording, you hear or feel a voice behind the words. But we talked here about soul mates n who we choose no matter what:

up to order of hello but anyway so yeah but this is all very interesting it like to be more to the bottom of this looks is he was this person and you should look like that an older than all sticking out and stuff like that why are you saying that let me knowhow to bleed if they gave her the looks you want it not that we aren’t they have Mel’s what I want something that was more natural look so I was a little if I was to like a natural look that you would have filled out who you are my love to me is one who fits me to what he and then see where I am to you am I not I don’t know where I was I don’t know I was looking for these things you not like that I am Italian and I don’t know what to do oh my god you saying you don’t need that yes to some degree but I did also say it to mark is as well you know what to do it but I did find in the bedroom so that’s why I am definitely not for the bedroom isn’t the dance in the bedroom Marla I don’t know it will you meet me at no more than I do not knowyou have a few -7 degrees we are some different degrees of together and not me though still want tell me he wants he really doesn’t he says well who are black as s*** and I need this now I do when I doesn’t I need my models left her who will be there for me is one who will see you I am is OK to matter what I need to say it is that you marry me is one you got your s*** not but who is white black yellow white black and away is that I need her to be in order for to be a politician is going to end the world and so is it is what we see if we do you continue the wall in this direction and do it the right way so that is what we have is these things that say who you are it’s okay though he is a president who is your husband and that’s what we did it in the land they were going to do it right me one of said he would marry you here because of who you are to him and he has some like he loves you he says I can’t be without my mother teach you your smile is he isn’t that yeah yeahshow me and the author of halfway between the gutter in the stars were discussing my choice in my mate and him being someone who I’m I had something to some degree of war with the greater with you another land in that everybody has this one who is you know what to some degree of me know the most more of what they are looking for what is within them some satisfying or something probably reciprocation of what they have in themselves on someone’s bound perhaps suggesting some words that are for me here to describe this no more live wasn’t doing that so this is when you don’t want to talk to you okay so I’ll just try to go from here because the devil worshipers descrided interested when I am trying to talk to someone else and I do feel like I am able to talk to others some degree greater than before like yesterday so that is better we wish that not I’m just you or is that why we just wish people would leave you alone and see who you are is okay. Is over we want to get out of here you said you woring so we have to work on the weaving this alright so I’m I did want to talk to AJ where Zack and he does seem to be somewhat disappointed he seems like he seems like he saying or feel like I’m saying that he is less than 2 but less than 10 me compared to you mad and I don’t want to compare them as such that one is less than what I am saying something like well these are some things I see in him and I don’t see these things in AJ I don’t see like certain things that I for example one thing I was looking for before was why he didn’t have my laugh I wouldn’t share the laugh and I had Marshall a fan turn out me and Matt to share the last until I’m I do doesn’t me to find a lady to come to find someone that shares he’s laughing tequila his soulmate you’re was saying that and heat it to you find someone who was like her will occur like that seems somewhat more like mark likes it he you know cries and he seems you know I kind of like sensitive and also mark did say that he has a heart for helping people and I did not see that expresses he does those little Wayne things on his page to I called the hospital and stuff like that and so I don’t mean to be rude but it really see that express I didn’t see that to some degree degree but I do see the sensitivity so probably is better than that wellI did not occur to me that this was something that mark also I’m possessed until I thought of something that Mark said one day and I put it here he said that he has a dick that is as big as his heart you know we know if he was trying to tell us lol on how big is dick was even though my love there’s not aso I do prefer to some degree to have something other than this to use to do the recording but they are not the devil worshippers are kind of attacking my use of the page and I know it will do the voice recording here but the kid I know that he doesn’t to help with homelessness but it’s not something that resonated in me as I know that I believe him that he does I did find that attractive but it did not go resonating needs I just felt that that was something that was an atty didn’t know if you were trying to help me but I didn’t find it felt that I’m mad Marlo know what you don’t know what you’re doing it in the world from the other things I say things not until we are doing that again and we don’t know what to do with that but to interrupt the people need to have weed is out and get rid of us we deserve to die uh no Andrewrecording a video on Facebook when he was here so want you to this morn. But you whatever you wish you’re saying with this keeps going down and up and you do feel you have more control when you are typing anything this to some degree I need it when it was good we said what we can touch you can talk and types of their air is not good because the time is going slow not but because you can see if someone’s voice behind the word that was what we did so why are we to do something now that they will this is Zack talking in Jackson some nyquil can I please just getting behind usually won’t interrupt but I want to say something like well can I please tell you who you are is left and Marla I can’t and I can’t but you can tell me to some degree but I’m less than as a child and tell me some like will this is who you are as a child is he can’t do this exercise and so this is something that tells me who I am as left and not even think I’m like well with the black and you want to come of age. But something I can think about how to get around and that was what I did and you said and I quote I like this not do when I go then I want you to do something like to be yourself no matter what I think I’m like well I can’t do that now but I had to do it with one you will be there for me no matter what and there’s not you not you will do something to be there for me to say I’m not sure if in not but did so why is that man you were saying that do you really think that there’s nowhere else is erupting out no I don’t we think that but it wasn’t even wearing it was okay what do you think of the therapist you going to know I know they’re not anything with you I’ll put my life on the line for you and that’s really lame. But you don’t say things like that for people like you did for Kelly not but for Jennifer called me said she doesn’t know what to do but to be there for you tomorrow and she can see that and who you are is someone who will not let her go and you say something like what she’s so pretty she’s so perfect for me I’m not to be able to let her go and that is something that does indicate see who the person is this one you can let go of not know what time that I have with you not put it to some degree greater than mark night I had and I didn’t I said and I have something more from you not buddy but did say that they can I please be with use of the other than myself to some degree so I can see you I am is okay with you and that was what I did I would not be myself with you not I would and I wouldn’t and that was what was here who is going to be rich post and the other than that you would waste and then you said something like wolf why don’t I do this not why don’t I see you as someone other than who you would be here or not you’re sinking like wall now I have to be you and I have to say you are okay. But they say it was okay to me some other than myself. And that was good to you did see these things and I was an inspiration she doesn’t agree but I need you to know that what I did with Abel this is Huan Ying to you so you can be a valuable Orbeez to you and that was all dream one day that well as I love with you I do too I’m going to clean her and I was I stupid like that because I will try to say I can’t see who you are is mean I can’t see you you are going to want to be any more like in season urs to want to be around United a day in and day out for that was you who wanted to Leslie you want to see me how Cindy or inside heart and I’m home because you said who have here is a reason not to attack agrees not work for who we is here is less than that the child that was what I was here was looking at the child and I don’t want to go into that now but you are doing that now are you saying something like well why not you was just something I said something and not and that is what you’re doing. I think that William is left and here’s to not be with you isn’t that what you’re doing buddy I hate you and I hope you die you stupid little buddy against and you and I wished for you to lose all of your hair. But how about if you have a huge dick to be forced into pussy and then you cannot live not anymore not how about that mother we don’t know anybody in such as necessary for screw the heck out of the Duke lost him all the time is he where you going to do but the screw the heck out of your self in all that is not what you going to do tomorrow in Christthis industry will screw this team like there’s no tomorrow in a team with a something like well how did we do this year that we came in and if its the other than that sells with you never said there was anyone here to screw the team it is a team. They never knew who they were I was needing a cheerleader such as yourself into it with the end and that was what they did they sendevery evening up as often as I can with this black chick from some elementary school. But from some black holidays with a did Missy was one sheet she can was another my love they did and they go and they do this thing where the f*** the s*** out of them and get your finger out that she did do it to you later now I am I supposed to know this isn’t goodhe thought I think but not but notwe don’t know what to do because that is how she was that picture we was just got to be showing their nose was not ugly as f*** so can we please go on now and save the number guru we were was left then you got something does happen such as that they said well this is who we are and then I’ll and who would be with you not putting wood from the greedy with this under switcheroo zoo they switch relay switch the two baby with you baby with who they do the things they do the true they do the three they do the movie do the you and we we we go month you would think through its notI think someone around someone this long hair or something Kelly know Kelly isn’t her throat just leave her alone it probably is Kelly it is that was just saying I need someone blonde hair like you said and then I said we hate you stupid or watch you guys know but you decide when you go see the Duke lacrosse team hey hey don’t come away with it was at me don’t want you to go see them how about that and it was Heather I wasn’t sure it was you were talking to you stupid hoe will you die movie guy horrible death in the world war apartment and you never see anyone he wishes he ever again little boy no one will you knowclean it which does he not have anything other than what would wish you’d if so whatthat was nasty it is you want to be messy Mya know what did you do today can use these where is that means in the here not in the land and no one knows all the lingo what are you talking about it and now and thenI’m looking for her to say she want some white me a white man who would be with her no man and a handstand and that’s what I said I said you paid the dude look up staying the full name of this is an ass because you think I’m a nasty stuff in the funeral has like why don’t you do a one x two and why don’t you do 3 for me and then of four and five and arrow that nastyyou know why are you lying on your bed looks as if you want medicine your butt in your pussy or something so we can eat it up for being up is that what you want nasty you please cover up your butt know what since he was a teacher at all no not exposed and demons hide. How are you doing that you want to talk to me some more than amatter what that’s right up your favorite cheerleader this is Matthew are my favorite aren’t you over Missy please tell me the way to do nothing okay okay I mean it because she was sayingthat’s why you’re so chipper as well not really but no she’s not they went bowlingI don’t know I don’t know busy question tell me who it is who we saw he said it was Heather Heather blonde the one with the yellowyou wish to be with Heather Graham is that like with me no more let Heather Graham is my pussy what are you saying that hey Graham Graham is herself she doesn’t do anything but yourself another land not in that is who she is his to be single and say I wish for a black pussies and that’s all I am is who would prefer to be with a shemale not put a female a woman’s left let you know you’re trying to figure out what isn’t that one who is Ian Ian Ian with your newest you know I am jealous you know universe universe or whatever it why are the trouble with his name why I spell out of pronounce that I will be there when do you say something nasty to her hole through that door not fordo you have a small dick not it is Asian and not but did say oh my god you don’t watch the television he sings with it isn’t it’s not intrude if they were small dick for you if you going to be trying to fish for who you would wish in the Asian pearl you dumb bitch so that is really sad we don’t know what to do but you say you just love that with a supercross team uh oh no I don’t want me to do all these big dick motherwhat you want say what for someone with dark skin and long hair like me you won’t leave find her until you look right she is right you are sobeing and indicate was nasty and stuff like that he wasn’t wasn’t only doing that for you not like yeah and then he’s at can I still be a rapper or not I’m a rocker come here are you Aaliyah rock or noare you black bitch in a white n***** body and that was what I said 280 not but see him tonight and then was my phone me and that he was the one that use no matter what not here not I told him when I knew who I was with going to get to 280 pounds and let me know as I told him when I knew it what’s wrong with you tomorrow what do you say it said no no no I got Kelly mother I don’t know if you say thatnews of the weird oh my god he blackRiverview so crazy she was doing what you doing my lovethings that is nasty bitch. But do and then people say something like well why did you say like my little better is if your white bitch. I cant cuz I’m black and s*** through through and I don’t know what to do what you say AJ today has to stay in something other than self not what to do in a way that he is here for me and it is somebody is a blonde hair. But when he did say with who I am and ok with my little brother they need it they will listen to AM terror so this is who I am and is and it isn’t it’s him in a way that would say to you will this is Neil Keenan this is me who would be here at the one who is expecting me so what other than himself I left who wasn’t he wasn’t he was like that his mom did say it was a big up pussy loving bitch you know what to do with it just working everything else no that’s not trueno more that we don’t do that here no I told you that did suck your dick so that would we did and he never did anything with me today he did he told me what he might pussy but he didn’t he didn’t need to just messed up with his dad isn’t that what we do why America is easy as he was on the other than ourselves we are nasty as s*** no no I’m not taking any family alsobut they are building up those who are doing incest but it is like totally not what we expect on my god behind closed doors totally I totally surprised I would never have guessed never love someone saying because people don’t understandthey will know cuz this is less then we don’t know what to do what to be listed as a bitch you would never do that s*** then you keep on doing this s*** to people face and s*** what the f*** is wrong with you you don’t know it’s really crazy think that you be okay if people know how to say this but we are okay to herself in that we have to lose but that’s not true cuz we do need each other to say we’re okay so we just are insisting that rules in system issues but I believe it makes sense that we try to explain but it doesn’t make sense to people so we just keep explaining explaining it never works anyone knows who we are thingy thing other than less than as a bitch so we love to do now anyway so let’s go on to talk more about this interesting I’m cuddling with this super black rubberblack Kelly Rowland and AJ AJ AJwhich I let me go with my Richmond Kelly and leave you alone done bitch he was done so done wants to meet you earlier and he said to be hot for him he’s going to f*** the s*** out that pussy oh nomessage you wanted that to the bank account yeah but I don’t know how to make sure I don’t think that link to my groupies but this is an okay so you know is wrong with you it’s not because the other than yourself well as I had set a long time ago was that there’s really nothing wrong with me from the other yourself exactly are the other than ourselves all the time but this is a different degrees you know when we will hear and Evelyn we are we we learn new things and we only learn the truth we learn things about ourselves and until we do we are something other than ourselves and then we learn who we are as those people who have learned those new things we are something other than I sell the two we work the day before and then when we are in this you know we are with a person who is maybe crying and we are not crying but we are heat who was crying some other time than the present we are familiar with who is who is crying so the other than ourselves as he was not crying now and then who we are is the for him to his not crying in something other than the soul food you know we would be into you know we begin in our cells to relate to him I’m trying to get to fuse but we do this all the time you’re something up in our cells we do play roles at their finals we’re going to do he was probably is he there anywhere to play these roles in this is really hard and here’s this master and slave or whatever is a black woman and or black man or whatever know what it is that I don’t know if there are things are not always probably going to be the submissive big heart baby this because I don’t know but probably not but you know its not please leave us alone bitch we hate this s*** will play a role something of themselves because it or whatever it is we are we not do that to some degree we have an outfit on it to say when I have this outfit is to some degree does look and I will do it like this if we do we do single this is this look in this book is a romantic look so I wear this now and I were out of this car now it will look look look so I make sure I wear heels now and you know sometimes this is not maybe they look at you no matter what but something I want you choose to play with now so I wouldn’t even let you use flax now but we do it all the time when we do we would and it is fun and so is there something as simple as putting on an outfit Marlins what you’re saying is that you would not normally wear but you can be something other than yourself and it’s one to wear shoes not with no heel and that is like that what can I say the different in this is Kelly Rowland and I don’t know what to do if you say it’s not okay for me to say horsey I didn’t say it was okay I’ll just saying you was tellin just a little bit I don’t know something other than myself know what should I say this to people can you please say this was okay not well I didin search of this to Kelly and they say things like if you don’t know the date somebody like that not like seeing you because this into my candy now alias are not saying I don’t want to do it now but then you’re saying something like well you don’t care so I had to make it harder for you to say that is that is that I did she is really pretty but we don’t know how to know this. We do this to be true and they were too who would be together no matter what but when did something like what if I came in the child will you still screw the s*** out of you said she would so what we hope you have a marvelous day I stopped anywhere really care about what kind of you usually doesn’t do you want him instead because we could Perry with him and not that that’s alright I meanfind attractive that you would be if you were something other than yourself perhaps I’m not the most social or not but you are the most Ozark you sound like seem like I was also and stuff like that I think that’s attractive itat eight years he’s too little to do 20 year 36 that’s what I’d the difference not really known as please a 16 year old because his mother right now I’m in love I’ll be older than 15 she had him I was I was sohappened with peanut butter and stars with thank you something about people being able to choose their they’re made something like that so can you please think that’s what we did here we shold are made me some help he will be able to choose had this tournament for who will be right for the night we’ll see you again from bears I am kind of interested to know what what is a JC and Kelly and things like that you guys know nothing about that maybe she sees something like to say the waitress name EE sexualwhite black but she said she was black as s*** I am an American I like ya white black Styles another myself and I that’s the sad people wear because it with the s*** and you can wear your phone died and I was saying that was hot as s*** I will wear that s*** but I’m black as s*** I don’t know to do but to be myself here not that’s not what I did not I said some like will I’m going to be black and white of s*** the same damn time bitch that is why what why you talking like that can wethat’s my let me knowI probably have to know you’re not loser we don’t want people to say things like this to make everybody look to the left them so that was it will happen to have anything its all flock to her and will not at all over this thing everybody you just have a little bit probably will tell me what you want to feel like that yeah I don’t want to be that kind of super sorry yyyywho heard about with this right thing and she said everyone to support the team but I am really waiting right Google messages lolI’m sweet and innocent alright Kelly said you have to do two things at the same damn time I want to know if Kelly is going to be so black and white the same time what am I to make sure that’s not so polarized hello Marla nobody wants you to


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