devil incarnates trying kill me!
September 1, 2015, 2:20 am
Filed under: Human Potential

The devil incarnates keep attacking me. They blocked my fb access. I’m not able to use YouTube. I can post here but I’m not that excited. Just now Bambi was saying something, they were hoping to kill me off. They’re pretending in my mind that’s extreme. Maybe I should call the police or something. They just keep agitating me. I normally do report stuff they do on fb, which they grew so intolerant of that they blocked my account of seven days for something thst wasn’t even real. They said I posted something containing nudity. Heather Nicole Smith of Delaware is saying something like thry dont know what to do but if i post this its over for yhem. Heshe is just saying this ill feel like its hopeless or something. It dors feel like im trapped somrwhere w/o a phone or something w/o Facebook. Heather just keeps saying now, We dont know what to do. Theyre really going too far n get away w too much. Tjry took my car multiple times n still have it now, all my stuff i had in the car, my vcu lothes, money, now theyre trying to make my apartment noisy n they are acting like thry can go b atshit crazy doing shit because I don’t have access to Facebook to report what they’re doing. They do stuff like loud noises to wake me, i can jusy tell they feel they feel they have some advantage since they got me off Facebook.

The posts were just text/ prose, written words, yet i was reported n taken off Facebook, they keep messing w the text now so i cant write here.

They’re doing stuff like making noises to wake me up, the apt is increasingly noisy, keep getting me to imagine myself being hit n such. They’re also blocking me from talking to anyone else. They’re saying they don’t know what to do. They keep trying to keep me from writing here, making the type not show up or the cursor not move to where there is free space to write n one time they moved the cursor behind some words as i wrote. But it feels very uncomfortable w/o fb access n they’re acting really crazy.

I do pray or talk to the nature or wild living of our reality, whatever you want to call it to ask for help. We’ve had to live under their rule too long. Thry try to take everything they can to keep us from protecting ourselves from them. They’re saying now they can’t do it any other way.

“We don’t want people to keeping doin these things… Someone is reading not,” Bambi said. “It’s not true, someone is reading, it’s her,” Bambi said talking about the blogger who writes on a blog called exactly or something like from the gutter to the stars. I was thinking about her blog today because I thought of it in relation, the words I said then trying to describe this difficulty I feel at times considering or looking to the high life or my happiness, thriving n dreams when i feel my survival is threatened n I’m being attacked. I am in attack mode trying to protect my life n I’m angry n these dreams or things i want seem, idk, it’s weird, I’m trying to figure out what it’s about. I want to live, we need our dreams to live n survive, at the same time fight I g seems like it conflicts w or this discomfort we face having Been attacked n downtrodden as I’ve been by devil world, it feels like it ditties your dreams for all kinds of more out of this world things like sex or romance in unlikely places, outside the races, outside the ages n hidden pages of who were supposed to be. If–the devil worshipers are forcing words into my mind so i can’t write w rhymes by following the words that naturally come to my mind. “We don’t want you to write poetry, Marla, it makes us look less than, can you understand, that’s not good,” Bambi said. “We don’t know what to do, this can’t post, this is Target,” Target CEO Brian Cornell just said. He put me off Facebook so peoplr could keep shopping there instead of not because of things he’s saying on Facebook page. I outed him as a Serafin, a drvil incarnates thing. It’s supposedly an angel that sided w the fake God, the devil instead of w man n Christ, manifestations of the real God. Man, his true self are really angels, too, but theyre good angels, including th he writer of that blog. I feel like shes reading this now. “Well take th hat feeling, please. Stop writing what we say, please. This isn’t good, we were hoping you wouldn’t write anymore,” Bsmbi said. That blog, i did say it felt heavy in that the writer seemed restricted in what she said, omitted name’s of People, she also talked a lot about illness, the kind of surface level, not more in a way so as to transcend the pain. “Tha  s what we wish,” Bambi said. Thats Bambi Jureyea Gaston, another devil incarnate that got me put off Facebook.

Here’s a link to my fb page:  https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1453983971&tsid=0.8205382127780467&source=typeahead


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