the devil incarnates harassing me, acting cray
August 31, 2015, 11:22 pm
Filed under: Human Potential

so I tried to load something using I used talk n type here. The devil incarnates just messed w the font size, its really big on the screen now, theyre going cray, hopefully they leave soon. I used talk n type for this:

  • the voice recording gear and it didn’t work baby said she didn’t like it I did Marla this is B NB I don’t know what to do but this so I can find my piston be really annoying at all those other things to do so I have to lose that means it when I come out my page tomorrow or whatever time I do I have to tell them I’m a devil worshiper warenty night whatever is he was saying I don’t know what to do with a I can’t keep talking like that because the person said don’t use my voice so yesterday neverAston Villa to say they’ve never go to page again if you get approved on the Duke lacrosse team teamiit sounds like it’s not true its not I don’t know what to do but to make up these things for the reason I did what I did today it doesn’t make sense that I did it I said I should I can’t take this person is moving. And I’m losing and I said what was close and personal beautiful to me more and when she does it will be the end of the world and is here so they not its if you post to Facebook not an idiot.

What to some extent somewhere I’ve been with the right now he was going to bed I am getting everything you don’t know something say something reallywhat is a with the couple peoples names does it make sense that you were saying what I’m saying that we don’t know what to do this is very strange you’re saying that I do not but it is very weird doing with the thing is disturbing that’s what time to make a vegetable we going into your brain or something on the side just really weird like what is this that I just want to disturb people we just wish for people to see you like this is what they would go through they were less than and so we say things like this is that who we are as the devil not but we are so don’t talk to youyou can’t use the phone these things that come up yeah that makes sense well why is this come up but I can’t use it it was going to say we repress Napanee I’m saying why is just arriving on the phone with the person can’t use it and now I’m just going to see you cry so dumb and I don’t know what to do with this is saying what are you doing here I’m sure the he doing these crazy things that really go over we’re not let me when you need to leave we do so we don’t do this if eggs are you expecting to do this black and Wednesday for page you don’t know either we just couldn’t take him to someone’s losing that I wasn’t trying to do that again where I could get ityou f***** and I was like did I told her I told her I was here for her in a way of then I would know was that told her I was when he would be there for her as one who would make her feel like she could be okay with me as one who is gay. But to go both ways so as I did was tell me that you guys had sex right now only did not but I just like we can I pleaseyou can give me a ride to something that you want to meet my buddy said when she hasn’t talked to me she means you were feeling bad so we’re not do that anymore we doing getting be there was hoping to 300wonderful. U words nice and level while giving it to her that she can be writing to pay them you said come please because you’re not here as we do on WordPress not with facebook everything with it doesn’t make sense you can’t because you’re courting to get you anything but these things that you can control isn’t that more than we can control. She using voice recording that doesn’t make sense of she can’t because I’m sure where he was with his name yeah I think it doesn’t make sense either because these options come up and such as that the phone all those things only you can you be used to this thing and when it comes up. I’ll try again but


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