Blocked From FB II
August 31, 2015, 10:26 pm
Filed under: Human Potential

Still not able to get fb posting access last time I checked. This is cray. I’m gonna try to load a video from the phone to here. I’ll report back.

I went to a sushi place earlier n was typing here. When open a new place/page to write a post This Waiting Or Loading Icon Comes Up, It Takes Too Long To Load A New Page. “This will be the new thing we do,” Bambi said about the pages here loading slow w some on hold thing going “bee bop, bee bop.” “We don’t know what to do, we have to stop this, can you stop,” Kelle said.

But anyway, the devil incarnates–right now theyre holding the text from showing up on the page– I see no text. I leaned over to show my sister the phone that no text was showing up, it automatically or suddenly showed up. “Can you hit yourself i  the face, i am accosting it when i say it,” Bambi said. Why are you saying this? Bambi said heshe thought it would make her feel better but heshe has no feelings. Yhey kerp moving the page so yhe cursor is not in a place where i can see what im typing. “Thats what it does, but does, we dont know what to do. No, people think im less than. You cant report to fb so we dont know why this matters to people. Can you…,” Bambi said. “We have to lose hard n say this never happened that you got blocked, we can’t do that, so we have to end the world,” Bambi said.

Yeah, this is cray they do–they keep stopping the text from showing on–“It’s our phone, not yours. No. You don’t have anything here, we have it,” Bambi said. “We dont know what to do. Can you not say i said this… Im hurting, please leave me alone,” Bambi said. Just go away n I’ll not post cray stuff you’re saying. That was crazy, this is not my phone. “Can you not say i said that,” Brenda said. “I didn’t know what to do, i was less than so i needed a come up. And you exposed me, that’s why,” Bambi said. Okay, thats weird, though, your phone. “We dont know what to say but thats why, we dont wish…” something,


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