I talked to the devil on the way
December 28, 2014, 12:29 pm
Filed under: Human Potential

On my way to the library, I heard a voice n it was the devil. It didnt sound like Barack. Then when he finished Brenda said, “who was that you were talkin to?” And i thought in my mind, the devil. And she said, “It was.” He was just saying what happened, nothing memorable now, but some confirmation of what i’ve been putting together with voices of our Christ land selves n maybe voices even of some people here, i dont know how it works. Of course, I do hear the voices of aliens/devil worshipers. Anyway, the devil sounded really angry, kind of telling me he’d been found out by us, I guess. He sounded defeated. Sorry I cant think of much he said specifically. Before hearing him today, though, I was unsure the devil was an actual entity aside from his minions here, im more certain now he is. He possesses his minions, which are soul less copies of God’s children in heaven or Christs Land and God possesses us, or is within in. It makes sense why the minions try to copy stuff we do n think so much, it is the way of their leader. A voice that sounded like a black man who spoke before the devil offered a lot more memorable stuff. Another voice said he was someone who lived here before n who died, but he sounded like someone who was here now because he seemed to know what was happening here. The devil said he was one of ours, men, man is the same, he said. But the black man just was saying that people were saying to some health officials or doctors or something, “How do you explain this: A schizophrenic who makes sense and been off medicine for months” (since June, really before then, but they forced medicine in a hospital stay in June a couple weeks after I started writing on Facebook). The black man was just saying that the new “medicine” is me writing on Facebook n he said it was great or something like that, better than prescription meds, based on what he read me writing on Facebook. Then he said (and i felt the thought arise before he said this because mankind shares the same mind) that it was the best medicine because it helped me n others, too, which meant it wasnt exclusive. And it didnt cost me dependence on it to sleep and have an appetite, didnt cost money, doctor’s visits, low platelets or low white blood cells or anything. He also put together some things or seemed to have a new understanding of things i said before. He said, what i was saying was that here, with no endings or beginnings we are suspended in time, stuck, lost someplace that doesnt exist, no where. I talked about some kind of suspension before to describe our place here, just to explain that the “fall” of man is a good thing, a settling of scores or a settling of mankind stuck or thrown up in the air, I was considering something symbolic, I dont remember what. Devil worshipers are still trying hard to confuse me, whispering that i dont remember anything the voice said, not even anything about the voice of the black man whom another voice told me was me because he was man n i was man. I wrote a post once a while ago titled “Going Nowhere.” It was good, but i hadnt discovered this was devil world. I will link to it: https://enlustered.wordpress.com/2012/03/19/dead-end-new-beginning/


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