How Bout You Aint Never Wrong
December 28, 2014, 10:05 am
Filed under: Human Potential

The voices try to pick on any weakness you have, so that you feel wrong. They told me just now that i “just cant get it right” (like i said humans, such as George Bush, cant in devil whirl) because i always complain about some stuff at the churches that shelter us, such as complaining about food or stuff like the wifi on my phone not working. They probably whisper stuff to produce a bad feeling, but also sometimes I see nice stuff  church people do (like packing two sandwiches instead of one in lunches today) n I feel bad about complaining, but you have to just feel how you feel n believe what you believe n stop interrupting yourself n doubting yourself. Our feelings mean something and are valuable n i (and everyone) should be able to complain n not lose big. Its called freedom n freedom of speech n its you uninterrupted and that’s God, NOT being agreeable n rubber-stamp nice n rigid n uptight n selfish with yourself for fear of people not loving you or being with you “no matter what.” The devil does not know continuity, does not know unconditional love, only limits n false ends, false ends of stories, lives, relationships.


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