Being Nice N Being Too Nice, Fake
December 28, 2014, 8:47 am
Filed under: Human Potential

I have to poop, didnt want to go at the church where we just were. There’s one girl thats getting on my nerves right now, lies a lot, tries to pretend Kristy’s her girlfriend. Its annoying that Kristy is too nice to some people that are aliens like this girl that seems to act attracted to everybody. One day the “girl” said some guy somehow tried to get her to have sex w him, she said it after Kristy said she liked the guy, a nice n awkward older black man who said he was a crusader for the homeless. It seemed like just something to say for the alien disguised as a girl, like she was only saying it so Kristy wont like him. I really did not like that. It was extra annoying that after that Kristy said, I dont like him then, if he did that. Kristy is brainwashed n tries to be too nice, this girl seems downtrodden, was turning / prostituting to get shelter or something. Kristy said she felt bad for her.

We’re at a church in Glen Allen this week. The food is okay so far. We had fried chicken from Wal Mart last night, it was okay. My wifi on the phone doesnt work in the area we’re sleeping in. I think its probably a devil worshiper’s spell. The aliens have been talking a lot again, so annoying telling me to be myself in another land. And that im the end of the world walking, why dont i walk off a cliff.

One thing i didnt tell about when i was arrested in October, that they mentioned today, was that they (disguised as police officer Mathew Segal) tried to say or ask if i was on any medications, trying to say i was acting unusual or something. I was asking how they got that idea, all they could come up with was unusual behavior. That was strange in my opinion. The voices said today they wished they put me in a mental institution then.


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