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December 27, 2014, 2:49 pm
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Still missing Facebook. Here taday on the REAL News’ temporary home, I updated a previous post on the number of emails I got from Facebook on the nude photos that I posted to Mark’s page: 10 emails. Wow. I just wanted to alert everyone’s attention to that.

In other news… The REAL News has gotten an increase of incoming statements on the state of devil whirl. The aliens have upped their level of reporting on their last days to the REAL News. The REAL NEWS was unsure and somewhat confused about the increased level of reporting, but we figured, what the hey, this shit is interesting and we keeps it realsies here at the REAL News, so why not get these comments the air and bring them to the light… of the son?

“Marla, you’re not really making a lot of sense, could you just–???” Brenda Hill just commented and I could feel this bitch trying to get me to doubt what I was writing as I was writing it. No doubt, this alien invasion was surely… an invasion of the mind. And an invasion of the planet, perhaps, but the invasion of the mind and the mind control, that shit is crucial, totally uncool, totally crippling (well, not so much, but just know that not all your thoughts and feelings are yours, they will insult the hell out a bitch, don’t let it happen to you). Over to you, Tom!

I mean, I am Tom… Dick and Harry here. I’ll take back over from here. Just had to remind you where you was: The REAL News, bitch. So, back to those disturbing commentaries by the aliens, I  mean, they were talkin up a storm taday. I didn’t exactly miss a beat, I wanted to say I did cuz I was talkin to ’em in the library and didn’t write down everything they said, but my heart (I don’t think it was the aliens, but really MY own heart) said I ain’t miss shit, so…

Speaking a “miss”: “It’s a wrap,” said Brenda Hill. No thanks, bitch, we’ll, I mean I’ll call the shots ’round here, nigga. “Nigga what, Nigga who…” I mean, hey, that’s not what that song says, but hey, I thought it was funny I called that white bitch a “nigga.” That nigga wish a nigga would call her/him a homie or somethin’. She, I mean, it’s just not down with that, it’s too high, not cool enough. It’s a alien. Now, back to the news–hopefully without interruption (now dis bitch tryna make me feel bad about dis). Let’s set deese niggas straight…

With a word from Mary J. Blidge (as reported in lyrics from the song, “Work That”) on this disturbing news just in, just now, this attempt of Brenda Hill to bring a nigga down while he reportin on da news:

“I just wanna be myself
Don’t sweat girl be yourself
Follow me, follow me, follow me, girl be yourself
Thats why I be myself and I grew to love it”

When I called that song “reporting,” the devil worshipers didn’t like that, they reluctantly admitted that such things as song lyrics… really were news. In other news…

You know REAL News viewers, just now, or rather before I got to this next news segment, I was just listening to Brenda (Brenda Hill or Brenda “Hell”!) answering a question I asked about why the devil worshipers would want me to see other homeless people around (or people who appear to be homeless) using computers and she was explaining it was because she (the devil) didn’t want me to think I was special or something. Who knows if it’s true or if it really was intentional (which I guess maybe it was, I don’t really care) that I saw a lot of homeless people using laptops around at the library or other places, really it was just one place and the people may not have been homeless. Anyway, I did kind of care, I just felt it was unfair that I still didn’t have my laptop, that those who confiscated it were giving me such a hard time getting my stuff back (Holiday Inn and Richmond City Police), as mentioned on Facebook.

Anyway, I wanted to report a couple of things I heard the aliens say that I thought was interesting. No big deal, there’s another report coming up, so I’ll get to the heart of this one. I asked the devil worshipers why they were really laying it on today, talking SO MUCH today: Barack Obama said, “Because we want you to know you’re losing, but we don’t want you to lose how you’re losing, we want you to lose big, like by killing yourself.”

That doesn’t make sense in response to my question, except they’re pretending I guess that they are reporting heavily to the REAL News today because things are getting crucial, “losing” in reality, even here in devil whirl, is NOT so different from losing in heaven or wherever we’re from. In fact, one thing that has come up with numerous voices over the years is that (Hearing that song, “You already know,” by 112) we humans, we Christ’s sons can’t lose. So what they mean when they say that is that I’m losing but it doesn’t look like losing because I’m still not lost on who I really am. They pretty much said this (which they were eager for me to tell, echoing me, saying, “They pretty much said this,” as I typed this present sentence just now)… “Devil whirl is ending when someone looks rich and is poor, Marla,” Barack Obama said. “When someone who is rich looks poor.”

The devil worshipers are rushing me to hurry and end this report, I feel this hurried, rushed feeling. I said to Brenda Hill, “Is that you?” She (I mean, it) said, Yes. That bitch.

The devil worshipers tell me, by the way, that at the end of the world, those who will be rich really will be those who use themselves, those who try to be themselves even just a little. Those who will be poor are those who are something other than themselves, that is, the aliens, that is those who cast out God, who rejected who they were and who have been luring Christ’s sons here for who knows how long. My running guess is 100 years, the rest being mind controlled or implied somehow in our minds. I know it seems not to make sense, I just doubt this “world’s” history is as long as scientists, historians, others suggest. I know. I know. I’m still exploring. I just can’t imagine that broke bitches could really “win” this long. However, I do have some thoughts on history, slavery, for example, including voices that have reported on slavery (including those who said life and freedom during slave days were superior to life in more recent history and today).

Speaking of slavery, I must have just a word on why life in the days of slavery might, just MIGHT have been superior (I know in exploring slavery I might be switching back and forth on theories of how old this “world” is) because the situation of mankind in devil whirl was more outwardly stated, closer to the truth. Some humans were, indeed, slaves, as humans ARE slaves here in devil whirl, then and now. Mostly blacks, but some whites. I think, actually that during those times that whites were MORE like slaves in their mindsets because they believed more in “winning” in devil whirl when winning, even then, was impossible. (The devil worshipers are trying to mind control me into thinking I’m saying confusing things now, I have to ignore them and press on like a news reporter).

That leads me to another thought. I believe what we were lured or what some of us even agreed to do here in this place we call the United States of America (but REALLY divided states of America, probably even more so after the “civil,” more like “uncivil,” war) was to indeed come here as something other than what we are here, or what we were here. We would come here and be black slaves if we were freer in our mindsets (freer of the devil’s invasion of the mind, freer of the belief in “winning” in this world as something other than ourselves). And we would come here and be white masters here when we were more like slaves in our mindsets as white people (who were set up to believe or more easily fooled into thinking they could “win” here as something other than what they are).

Anyway, a lot of incoming reports or comments coming from the devil worshipers, really just the devil disguised as many “minions,” but really just two of those “minions” were talking to me today almost nonstop and they were Brenda Hill and Barack Obama. I think the devil worshipers were really worried about the state of America with a growing number of humans knowing the truth about devil whirl, also known as Earth. They’re working hard on deterring me from whatever I’m thinking of or writing, but here’s a couple of quotes to share that came into the REAL news from the aliens:

— “You’re making things amenable to people giving up and quitting anything that doesn’t make sense. We don’t like that,” said Barack Obama.

— I heard the song that goes, “We fall down and we get up…” Then I heard a voice say: “Don’t you wanna fall down and get up?” Barack asked. How do you do that? I asked. “By being something you’re not.” He said things here in devil whirl were, “Not looking good for us.”

— “People don’t like to see a broke bitch show up at the library with a bag, acting like she’s going to do something. This is a broke bitch who said she would kill herself and we wish she would do it. We wish she would kill herself,” he said.

— I was talking to myself (really I was talking to the aliens talking in my head at the library and laughing at some stuff) and Barack said: “We’re not really liking for people to do what you’re doing and not feel ashamed.” I talked to him some more and something else I jotted down was: “We don’t really want people like you to have a place to live, right?”

— Here’s one quote from Brenda Hill I heard yesterday morning while sitting in the waiting room at a health clinic before I got a TB shot. I felt grateful for a moment to relax with nothing big hanging over my head to do. Then I heard: “We really wish you wouldn’t have any comfort at any point of your day. ‘Comfort is what?’ You said. Something to keep you in the know of who you are.” The devil doesn’t have comfort since “he” cast out God, I guess, so it doesn’t want us to have it.

— Then yesterday when I was walking at the Barnes & Noble looking at books, I was of how things might be upside down with them only SEEMING better now than they used to be after I saw a book with Stonewall Jackson on the front and thought he looked handsome, thought he shoulda got him a black woman (a black slave woman). I thought, really, that he must’ve been a real mccoy that probably DID get him a black slave woman. Then I heard a voice say: “It’s not fair people get to do what you’re doing and not see who you are in an unemployment line.”

— Then later, while I was on a bench on the street near VCU, I was thinking of the song that says, “Are you human or are you dancer,” and how the word “dancer” suggests performer, and that some people are performers, i.e. “perpetrators,” acting as something other than what they are. Perpetrators and the meaning of the word is something I’ve written about on Facebook. Then I heard: “Why is it you have nothing better to do than this, like some work to do? We could get you some work with hollandaise sauce. Maybe that would get you to kill yourself.” It was a alien sounding voice, squeaky n mechanical. They know I REALLY (really) don’t like mayonaise and wouldn’t want to work someplace making sandwiches or something.

— “We’re not really wanting you to post about that, so we’ll shut up and maybe you’ll forget about that as you go back and…,” I heard Brenda Hill say this as I was about to write about the next item right here. She was talking about hoping I would forget about this coming quote or instance while I went back to put more “dashes” in front of each listed item that discusses a voice I heard. “Here’s the deal, you’re not really getting us in…,” Barack Obama just said. (voice trailed off, they don’t want me to tell you what I’m about to tell you). Anyway, what I was about to tell you before they interrupted was Barack telling me kind of more specifically about something I was already wondering about, which was the meaning of Mark’s name.

My name (Marla) means “alarm.” I’m here to wake people up, which is what my name suggests with the letters scrambled or switched around. I figured it referred to some kind of mark to make, or miss. Then Barack spoke on that while I was sitting in the library just now. He said that I (and humans) can’t lose here, they can’t miss the mark. But Barack specified it to me, saying of our “maker”: “He said this bitch can’t miss her mark.” Then I thought to myself, I think Barack is kind of using what I said about Mark’s name in my mind here, what I thought it meant. Then Barack said, “Marla, you’re not really getting this. The point is you said it first, then I stole it, right?” Then I thought, well, that’s probably what those “people” who said they came up with the idea of Facebook ALONG WITH Mark, that’s probably what they did. They read his mind and STOLE his idea. Then Barack said something like, We wish you’d “shut up about that… quiet up about that.”

And I said, If he did create it by himself, why did he apologize for taking the idea? He said, “For the reason you thought.” I thought it was some deal he made, somehow, but just now I was thinking it’s because Mark knew he couldn’t really say HOW the aliens stole the idea from him. He would’ve been called crazy or people wouldn’t have believed him others stole the idea by reading his mind. I also thought Mark made some kind of deal with Barack Obama or the government somehow with the Facebook stock doing so well.

I also thought it was somehow symbolic that he married Priscilla Chan the day after Facebook went public on the stock market. Somehow, Mark “sold out.” Sold out in marrying Priscilla, sold out in apologizing for something he didn’t do, sold out for not coming clean on devil whirl by being who he really was (and is) and saying what his true experience was then and now. OMG. I think rapper Jay Z somehow sold out, too now that I think of this. I think Jay Z is Christ’s son like Mark, married to an alien/decoy (Beyonce), like Mark is married to an alien/decoy Priscilla Chan.

— One more thing, Barack said the kind of reporting I’m doing is “hard hitting” right at “the core of what’s going on in devil whirl.” The reports are on what I think they should be on “not what we want it to be,” he said. But, he said, “You can’t possibly think it would get you a position on the nightly news. It’s not what it (the nightly news) was for.”


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