A lot of hats, no place to go
December 27, 2014, 6:51 pm
Filed under: Human Potential

The old lady here i like, i told about her on Facebook, she has a lot of hats, not fancy ones, ones to keep warm. She has one that is like the neck of a turtle neck to wear over her face n ears n head, like a high-reaching turtle neck. She said she got it from Walgreens. Today she’s wearing an orange one, yesterday a pink one with a ball on top, the sheath/turtle neck thing is pink, she has a black one she said is warm that she got from seven eleven. She wears different ones different days. She has a cold today. Poor baby, old lady, she’s so cute. That one time i talked to her a while, n she told me she never really found out what her talent was, she also said something, that she was a jack card or something like that. She explained n i walked away thinking she was a jack of all trades n she might have said that n i just dont remember her using those words. Her name is Alison. I tried to talk to her today n she seemed not to want to talk, she kind of slowly or somewhat slowly but busily turned around in her chair while doing something else. I had asked her if she was sick, just trying to kind of talk n just, idk, she just looked sad, so… anyway, she didnt say she was sick, i dont think, she just said bad things happen to people. Another time i asked passingly, a few moments earlier n she said it was the chemicals in the air, she complains a lot about chemicals in the air n sometimes wears protective goggles to protect her glasses from the chemicals. One time kristy was laughing about it a little, she said it was funny. Alison said she used to be a exterminator. Yet she once kept a pet cockroach. Anyway, I think she was sick like w a cold, her eyes look smaller than usual n her face a bit pale n her voice nasal n she sniffles here n there. Still havent gotten around to asking to take her picture. She’s not the easiest person to get to be friendly with you, there’s another woman here who’s a real mccoy who is like that, too. Loners, i think a lot of us are loners, odd balls, persona non grata. Kristy is a bit of one, too: persona non grata.

I think there are six real mccoys at the caritas shelter out of forty women, four white, two black, including me. I want to figure out why the majority of homeless people are black, but the ones that SEEM human are mostly white at the shelter Im at now.


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This post, i visited enlustered.wordpress.com n didnt see it as the last post.

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