deep cover: going deep on the real news
December 27, 2014, 3:35 pm
Filed under: Human Potential

So, in other news… I pooped today. It was a relief as I was feeling constipated yesterday after having a not so awesome poop the day before. I really report on this kind of thing on the REAL news to let you know what’s going on with me, the things deep down no one’s supposed to report on. Here’s where things stop being nice n start getting real.

You know, back to a tidbit on our previous report because, as I was closing out, I heard Brenda Hill say that I “stole” from Barack Obama. She (really “it”) was suggesting he made more sense out of Mark’s name than I did. I don’t believe he did. I feel he only elaborated on something I would’ve gotten to on my own. He overheard me thinking of it, and overheard me realizing Mark’s name wasn’t scrambled, that it meant flat out, “mark,” mark as in something to hit or miss. And Barack elaborated on it, or seemed to. As I was walking, Brenda explained (after taunting me for a while, trying to make me think I stole Barack’s idea) that thats what they do, they take your idea from your mind, take it a step further n try to pretend it wasnt yours. But she also said that they heard another voice, really of the self I am in heaven (that sometimes i hear as a voice n sometimes I don’t hear) saying exactly what Barack said, which was, “This bitch cant miss her Mark.” But he already knew I made sense of a voice I heard a long ago saying my downfall was a fear of losing. And he knew (the devil, who is disguised as humans, including children n women, such as Brenda Hill, here who are all possessed by the devil) that I was thinking of and considering the definition of the meaning of the word sin, which is to miss the mark. They try to steal everything to make you feel empty n useless. They try to steal your endings n beginnings, so you feel lost n confused, rootless, like you have no center, like a donut.


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