December 26, 2014, 3:00 pm
Filed under: Human Potential

Maybe the racist pieces of shit running this country should end racism, instead of saying racist speech or hate speech is unwelcome. How about racism is unwelcome? Black people are dumb, less than, a different species practically here. And really, other races stick to their own kind and are separate like a different species, too, BUT they arent treated or labeled or DEFINED as less than by test scores, income, rules of APPROPRIATENESS, etc. Really Arabs, Jews, Asians and Latinos, etc.are a different species, well, theyre aliens. Theyre not real people, theyre foils here to disguise racism against blacks n separation of black n white members of the human race. The aliens (voices in my head) are tryin to tell me I could get banned from Facebook, that the Facebook page i have is being looked over n seen as having violations of Facebook’s policies on speech, such as some comments i have that are considered as racist. Well, I dont care. Appropriateness matters here ABOVE ALL: ABOVE truth, ABOVE freedom, ABOVE racial equality, ABOVE love (appreciation for who people are, what they have to say, what they want to be). Do it. Go forth. I’ll find a place to speak somehow. It may take a while, whatever. People are dumb n enjoy walkin around bein dumb, bein zombies, so whatever, as long as i dont have to be one of them n can stay away from them. Everything seeming okay is SO MUCH more important than everything BEING okay: its the American way. SMILE, dont say bad words, dont say racist things (blacks arent dumb, they just have low test scores n are just different from everyone else n that’s okay!), etc. Go forth, be great, be appropriate! Its THE WAY to be, no matter what!!! Yay!!!


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