are we human?
December 26, 2014, 10:10 am
Filed under: Human Potential

Just heard in my head n one song i heard for a long time in my head as a schizophrenic (schizophrenics hear a lot of songs, the devil worshipers just tried to get me to write hear, “devil worshipers” instead of schizophrenics, they manipulate your mind, so beware, “they” is really one devil that poseses many bodies, i THINK for now), anyway the song says: “Are we human or are we dancer?” Ill find a link n post it here. I remember one singer of the song, seeing him once try to answer a question of what the song was about n the guy didnt want to explain, probably for fear of offending people by saying what it means. What it means is that people are fake. Fake, or “keeping they (true) self to theyself” is how the devil wants people to be in order to make them suffer n to hide his “minions” or “decoys” or aliens among them. “Decoys” n “minions” are words voices used to describe aliens or bodies possessed by the devil that are disguised as real humans, at leadt that’s my interpretation. The song is based on a quote by a writer, i cant remember his name, ill find it. Heres a link to the song (“Human” by The Killers): http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=RIZdjT1472Y

The quote inspiring the song is from writer Hunter S. Thompson, who said, “We’re raising a generation of dancers.” I couldnt find any context for this quote in a google search, but I find it interesting that things do seem, when I consider some famous sayings n tidbits n quotes, that things are suggested to be getting progressively worse ad time goes on, despite what devil whirl says and despite looking at mere facts of history l, as devil whirl presents them.


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