why/how i posted nude pics on Facebook
December 26, 2014, 9:41 am
Filed under: Human Potential

Yeah, im so bummed. How can i live w/o Facebook? But i wouldnt want Mark to get in any trouble. I do think the devil worshipers were happy to block the page n they are really trying to get me to not go back. I get mad n right now i dont want to go back, but i likely will. I dont like it here as much. It is easy to post pics n do posts, though, well somewhat. The devil worshipers are trying to get me to feel guilty, like I broke some law, n theyre saying, “kill yourself, bitch.” Yeah, not gonna happen. Im mad at Mark, but what can he do? I guess he’d get in trouble if he left them up. I guess sometimes i jump the gun in expecting the world to end. I heard a voice earlier that said or asked if i wanted mark to leave facebook n i said no, but i guess it wasnt really about that. It was probably just the devil worshipers trying to trick me. Just now i heard a voice saying id get arrested for posting the pics, then i doubted it, then the voice said i’d get a fine. I said i doubted that, then the voice said facebook would get fined n id rather that not happen, so i guess good riddance to the pics off mark’s facebook page. Anyway, earlier i did think id get arrested for posting the pics or something, but when i first posted it i thought it was funny. The devil worshipers were saying earlier, stuff like, this is our world now, pretending to be Mark, saying that i wouldnt get in trouble or blocked. They just want me to start to think im crazy n that all the voices i ever heard were wrong. It is actually tougher, harder to write here, but i guess it has its benefits. “Youre learning who you are is not who can post nude pics on Facebook, right, Marla? We dont want you to think anything other than that, so why dont you think that n we can be gone, Brenda just said.” I dont know why theyre saying that. I guess to make me feel bad, like I lost. I do feel kinda bad, like I lost, like a bit of a fool. I guess i did hear a voice that did sound like mark saying he did want me to post the photos when i posted them. First i was only going to post one w just my face, then i heard a voice that sounded like mark say he wanted me to post more, then eventually a nude lower body pic. At the same time i heard brenda hill’s voice saying she didnt want me to do it. So i guess it was the devil worshipers. I was scared to do it, partly i didnt want to, but partly i was mad because mark’s post was so appropriate n boring n i didnt know what to say about it other to try to insult it. Well, I guess that explains it, that was the devil worshipers’ plan to get me blocked off facebook. I guess i wouldnt have done it w/o them pretending to be mark wanting me to do it. I was really too scared at first. They seemed disappointed when i started writing here. Another reason i thought it was best to post the photos (which i really dont think i would’ve posted w/o the devil worshiper’s tricks) is because i dont believe in being private. I said on my facebook page i was sending the pics to mark n i felt kinda bad others couldnt see them, like gods gifts are meant to be exclusive. I do think the uptightness about nudity is meant to hurt humans, make them feel deprived, freaky n nasty (n jealous n selfish of what others can see n get that is EXCLUSIVE). As Mark was saying a minute ago n i agree, the devil worshipers probably want me to hide my thoughts on this, hide what i did to be blocked on Facebook, to feel ashamed n disgraced n stupid n rejected. A voice keeps saying today after this happening and at other times for me to “keep myself to myself.” Thats a perfect example of ONE ASPECT of what i was saying about nudity n gods gifts being kept exclusive in devil whirl. As mark also said in a voice a minute ago, he n others dont want that. Thats what i did for years, not writing or speaking. I was very, very unhappy.


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