Was Having Trouble Loading Facebook, And On The Movie Warm Bodies

The Facebook page I use isn’t loading. Guess that’s a possible occurrence when the world is ending and you’re saying stuff that reaches the masses, letting them know to wake up and be human and not zombies following the status quo. Anyway, I was going to post this (below) there, so thought I’d pause and post it here, rather than move on after being rejecting, i.e. not being able to load the page.

I do feel the need to make a stink over the lost access to the page. I don’t think there’s a reason to handle problems by leaving people in the dark. If they’re undecided on whether to freeze the account, leave it be until you decide. If they’re freezing it, then they should somehow let me know. I think most people “in charge” here are just dumb as fuck. How else would this world be so fucked up and rules be so fucked up in favor of kissing the asses of entities that would rather see humans suffering and as walking dead? Facebook people, Twitter people, they are dumb as fuck, yo. [Update: Now the page is working, so, but duh, why wasn’t it before?]

Anyway, here’s what I was gonna post:

“Just watched Warm Bodies online. It was okay. I think it’s symbolic of this world, though, how people can be kind of walking dead and how true love can make them come alive again. Hmmm, maybe this relates to me learning to not look down on Br*d. There were some moments when I had to awaken from my conditioned mind. Very interesting since at the time I had no idea that that’s what I was doing. Guess that’s how real-life stories go.”



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