The Other Races Beyond Black And White

Most of the stuff I write is heavily based on how I feel about people, places, things. I don’t like to travel, that means something to me, like that the United States is the only real country here, the only place with real people who are not decoys. I don’t like transgender people or people trying to look like women when they are men, so I believe these are either not real people or they are somehow representative of another species from another planet, a species of people who are here to attack earth and undo people by encouraging them to reject themselves, like transgender people reject themselves as man or woman. I like gay people who are confident, I have had two (and a half) gay crushes and I read a book about a gay love affair that I so thoroughly enjoyed, so I believe gay people are real and have belong in God’s world.

Now, what I came to write about: I don’t feel much affinity for the other races other than black and white. I just feel like people of races other than black and white are confusing (Asian, Middle Eastern, Latino, Indian, etc.). I feel like I don’t know why they are here. I think they are here to intentionally mislead black and white people about why they are here and the reason black people and white people are here is to overcome the belief that the human condition, ways, beliefs, etc. can be categorized as good or bad, black or white.

When I say “black” or “white,” I mean that I believe, for example, that all people, not just black people, have it in them to be murderous when the situation arises. Some times are right times to kill. Some times are wrong times to kill, but that right and wrong is NOT something you will find in a book or even in a set situation, such as “premeditated” or not.

To do things out of obligation, for example, I have said is wrong. But that is not set. I sometimes find it arousing to think of sex as an obligation to satisfy a mate’s needs, I’m thinking of my future with my soul mate, of course. It’s appealing to see this as a “need” that I would satisfy, happily, enthusiastically. The thing that would possibly (and probably) make it wrong would be fulfilling such an obligation with an ulterior motive in mind, like fulfilling the obligation because you want to keep a husband or because you want to have a baby, but having disgust for the person and the act of having sex with this person. It would be hurting yourself as a way to gain a thing, an object. It would be self-sacrifice.

I have seen in movies before and know of people who have had sex with a spouse they despise and found the person and the act disgusting, but went through with it to conceive a child and thought of themselves as right in this. Sorry, but that is disgusting and it’s robbery of the true worth of yourself and the other person who is a despised, worthless object in this act. This is Satanic, self-sacrificial sex. And the product of such sex is an unholy product, a spawn of Satan.

A possible way to see if a thing is insane or misleading (i.e. causing the insanity of others, as this world often does) is to look in a person’s heart. Does the person know what he is doing, is he intentionally hurting others? Does the person have hate in his heart for himself, but is taking it out on others? Does the person feel he has no other choice but to do a thing? All these things show the right or wrong of an act is hard to determine, not set in stone. Having appreciation or love for yourself or respect in your heart for humans in some form, however, would mostly likely exonerate you in whatever your actions are in real reality, which is not presently here in devil whirl, at least not in mainstream attitudes, customs.

Anyway, back to the other races… I often see black men with Latino women and I think a lot of times: He just wants a white woman but is ashamed to date one. Or I see a white man with Asian women a lot of times and I think: He just wants a black woman but he is ashamed or afraid he can’t get one. This is pretty much my point about why the other races are here: They are here to keep blacks and whites from coming together.

So, yeah, I feel kinda fucked up about thinking these people will someday be done away with. I go out and see Latino people or Middle Eastern people and they seem nice or kind, or just some other regular people living life, spending time with their families, etc. I’m sorry but I don’t think they’re gonna last past the end of the “whirl,” devil whirl. (UPDATE: A voice just said that these non-black and non-white people will choose the side of Satan in a battle between those who choose to be against humanity and those who choose to be with, i.e. accept humanity.)

Anyway, I believe these people are irrelevant, a spare tire that does not need to be used. Basically all the other races (Latino, Asian, Middle Eastern, etc.) are like the same as whites.

They are all more socially acceptable career-wise (tend to have the “American” work ethic, unlike blacks), they tend to be less “violent” and otherwise more “appropriate,” and they all have straight hair. African Americans’ hair is almost always viewed in an unfavorable light. Another curious/strange thing is why some black people (like the Aboriginal Australians and Egyptians) have straight hair. They originate from climates where they need their scalp protected supposedly, just like Africans.

I believe the reason why is that evolution is a lie. Their hair color reflects that they, just like whites, chose somehow to hide themselves. They are here as deflectors, deceivers about their true nature. A voice told me that these other races came here specifically because they chose to deceive, they had a choice and that was what they decided. “They thought it would be funny,” a voice told me once, funny to be “better than black people.” That’s basically what they are here.

Anyway, looking at the “interracial relationships” I mentioned above, like between white men and darkskinned Middle Eastern women, you can tell that this decision is a COP OUT. Someone desires something different and they take the “safe” way out other than being brave enough to go after that “forbidden fruit.” I saw a Middle Eastern dentistry student whom I knew from her working out at the gym where I worked out at a fancy grocery store with a white man and what appeared to be his white mother once.

I said hello to her when I recognized her and she ignored me. These people don’t like black people. They are snobby, they are rude oftentimes. You are not helping racism when you marry a Middle Eastern woman who hates black people. She cannot love you. She hates humanity. True racists (who are only the CLOSETED TYPE, not open like Donald Sterling) cannot love another human being. Stop being fake. Stop pursuing fake love with people who hate black people.

When they hate black people they hate the true nature of human beings, which is not wanting to work pointless jobs, wanting to express oneself freely, including violently when it is what is what’s in his heart. Don’t take the “safe” route of marrying a white person in “ethnic” clothing, disguised as Asians, Middle Easterner’s, etc.

These are entities that rejected being rowdy or “naughty” or accepting the natural “naughty” self, just as whites did in coming here, yet they are not here to overcome that biased view. They are here to deceive and deceive only, i.e. make it harder for those who are here truly to learn to truly love another human being.

I don’t know what these entities would be if they are not real human beings. The voices do not tell me that, only that they had a choice to come to deceive or not, just like Africans (not the same as “African Americans,” i.e. black people, whom I have read are NOT from Africa, but from Israel). Africans are here to deceive others about what it is to be black. They conform more easily than blacks do, that is the main thing we are here NOT to do. Blacks are a lesson for humanity, they are here as saviors. But their white soul mates can “save” blacks, too, as they are oppressed and hated by the world, yet whites turn their backs on them and choose these “acceptable” mates.

Whites are more likely to be in positions where accepting a black soul mate will mean tearing apart their white “family,” like a marriage with children, or even going against their white disapproving parents. They are more likely to be in career positions where they are concerned about their image. They have to overcome these societal opinions that say that “breaking apart a family” is like murder. (The voices call me things like, “tramp” and “homebreaker” because I pursue a white, married man who is my soul mate.)

Whites have to overcome this concern with appearances more so than black people, although black people also face societal pressure to marry and “stay with” their own kind. And homosexuals, especially black male homosexuals, face pressure to fit sex roles as men or women that do not fit.

I had a voice tell me that Biggie Smalls and Tupac Shakur were homosexual lovers who killed themselves because they couldn’t be together and that others covered up their suicides to make it look like they were victims of killings related to their east-coast-west-coast feud. People covered up that they died together by spacing out the so-called shootings, which I think happened really close together in time.

I kept asking again and again for a while what their deaths were about and this is what it finally told me recently, maybe yesterday. That they had sex and then killed themselves. I’m sorry. Can’t you see what could’ve made them do this? Their identities so wrapped up in their masculinity. I couldn’t believe they were gay or that they could create such good music as they did while hiding this about themselves, but if this is true, it makes sense. Gay gangsta rappers who loved each other and couldn’t be together surely might kill themselves.

There is a reason for everything. Nothing is cut and dried or black and white. Nothing. That is what this world is meant to show us, to abandon black and white. To be together once and for all. To be humans once and for all.

That is what it is about to love someone regardless of skin color or sex. It is about wanting to be loved as a human being and about loving a human being.

I love you my Soul Mate and I know you love me. I love you, human being, who is neither wrong, nor right. Inside I say you are black, meaning an original human, and outside your skin is white. It is something for me to overcome seeing as who you are, although it attracts me very much, perhaps because it calls me to see beyond it, beyond the history, beyond the societal barriers, beyond the hate and anger and rejection I have faced. I hope to see you and be with you soon.



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