On Mike Will Made It And Miley Cyrus (Reposted From Facebook)

I kept hearing “Mike Will” (meaning the rapper Mike Will Made It) today and then saw photos online showing him with Miley Cyrus, who he’s apparently been dating for several months. (Mike Will Made It sings the song, “Buy The World,” which I really like and heard recently on the radio. I looked up the song yesterday afternoon and kept hearing “Mike Will” today).

Uh, I like seeing interracial couples and thought Miley seemed so fond of black people that it seemed fitting for her to date a black guy, like a rapper (fitting for reasons other than the fact that we all have opposite-race soul mates), but something has to happen for this opportunity to be opened to all and that hasn’t happened yet, that’s how I know this is not soul mates together.

You would have to truly be yourself to find your soul mate. It would seem two famous people who are artists are themselves, but somehow I’m not sure why that’s not happened. You would probably have to reveal something unacceptable, like maybe an interest in a married soul mate (like I have done with my married soul mate).

I feel that writing about my struggle with how I see interracial couples has probably opened up the opportunities to others to see what’s going on behind the scenes that maybe stops more people from dating interracially. That’s rare–to hear people talk about the personal experiences and emotions that keep us from seeking opposite-race mates. In fact, the former twin sister told me multiple times that she didn’t want me to talk about how I felt ashamed of my attraction to white men a long time or how I felt it was hard for me to be okay with that, open about that with others.

I had it come up a lot and it wasn’t until more recently that I started being open about it with black men or individuals. I would mention it here and there on Facebook. In what I’m doing now I pretty much have to say it or what I’m doing would make no sense and I’d have no thing to say, This is why the world is ending.

This world is all about keeping apart the races, centrally it’s main purpose is to keep apart the interracial couples who are soul mates, soul mates who I believe choose each other before they come here so they can end devil whirl, but apparently most times they never do what they intended once they come.

This world is based on not loving yourself, seeing yourself as bad for any number of reasons. Inevitably, it could only last by keeping out true love, which endures all things “good” and “bad.” This world is based on rejecting and being ashamed of the “bad” self and hiding the “bad” self. That’s not loving.

That keeps people apart, that keeps races apart as people choose same-race mates because they think same-race mates will most likely accept and understand them and who they think will make them most acceptable and lovable to others. Or they choose to settle because they think love is impossible, as the world tells them. Or they stay single like me, always hoping for true love.

I’m the “loser” here for this, single at 35, pursuing some married, white man, whom I know is my soul mate, even though he seems not to be this perfect thing I thought he would be. He’s not rich, his teeth are imperfect in some way I can’t really tell, he’s not super successful or popular (with a lot of friends), but he’s rebellious or a seeming “bad” boy (not mainstream or straight-laced) like I’ve always looked for. He’s honest and not self-conscious (or self-correcting, like me), which makes him look rude at times.

I will explore this more in other writing, hopefully soon and I’ll link to it in a comment to this maybe and separately.

Another very important thing to know your soul mate: Soul mates are usually people who will be unavailable or seem un-havable or impossible some how. There will be barriers to them that devil whirl has deliberately put in the way, things like decoy spouses and decoy children the decoy spouse purposely conceived to entrap the soul mate.

Brad Pitt is likely the decoy “spouse” in the relationship with Angelina Jolie, imprisoned with decoy children (some possibly decoy children, not all, I’m not sure). The decoy spouse can be a man or a woman, my soul mate’s wife is a decoy. Angelina’s soul mate would likely be a black man, since I believe she’s predominantly heterosexual.

(NOTE: This was previously posted to Facebook in a status update on the same day published here. I post several things to Facebook, some of which I repost here. See my Facebook page (I’m Marla Luster in Richmond, VA, which is where I last had a permanent address in June): https://www.facebook.com/marla.luster)


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